Horoscope 2018 for Taurus

2018 is just around the corner. He will be held under the auspices of the Yellow Earth Dog. According to the Chinese calendar, this is a calm, balanced animal that loves to work, does not tolerate vanity, has a wide open soul, does not tolerate deception and hypocrisy. As can be seen from the description, this is practically all that is inherent in Taurus, which means that this sign should not be particularly worried about for 2018.


Knowing your horoscope from all sides will help you:

  • to plan the next year correctly;
  • prevent unwanted moments;
  • time to find methods of counteraction;
  • to make everything so that the year went smoothly and painlessly.

Horoscope for Taurus for 2018

In early January, representatives of the sign should wait for some trouble. However, everything goes without any special complications. Taurus easily overcome all problems. The experience gained will be useful and useful in further struggle for a place in the sun.

Stars are advised to take a fresh look at their plans and make the necessary adjustments. Beginning of the year for Taurus will be slightly burdensome, due to unsuccessful large purchases. We'll have until April to slightly reduce their desires.With the height of spring, the financial situation will even out.

Assertiveness and energy Taurus will help move up the career ladder. It is worth thinking about entering into long-term contracts that will financially protect you in the future. By the end of the year you will become a favorite of fate, the respect of colleagues and the favor of the authorities will increase every day. A sense of responsibility at work will overlap personal feelings. Relationship with loved ones will go by the wayside.

In order not to unbalance family relationships, it is recommended to be more often a family and children. As a discharge from nervous tension it is better to find some kind of hobby. Control of the emotional state will allow Taurus to maintain family relationships and stay on the career ladder.

Horoscope 2018. Taurus

Male horoscope

Taurus man from the first days of the new year will experience a series of troubles. Solving them, he can make irreparable mistakes that will affect in the future. However, representatives of this sign, in any case, should not blame themselves for the situation. All the fault, the poor location of the stars. Taurus cannot resist cosmic influence.Do not despair, Yellow Dog has prepared for you and pleasant surprises.

During the year, Taurus will successfully run their business and solve various problems. Beware of law enforcement. Conflict with them can be fraught with additional problems. Carefully follow the legal side of your affairs. Male Taurus in the spring will experience a surge of strength. He will take on a lot of things, and everything will work out for him. Most importantly - do not lift up your nose and continue to act!

Female horoscope

The first months of the year will be quiet and measured. Bursts of emotion and excitement will be absent in the first half of the year. Changes will come with the arrival of summer. Everything will change and professional activities, and family life. Everything will depend on your personal involvement. The best time for marriage is summer. Romantic relationships should be planned in the middle of the year. As for the love affairs of the women of Taurus, they will turn out as well as possible. Especially memorable will be the end of spring and summer. Taurus woman will long be impressed by the pleasant and colorful moments of this pore.

With the advent of autumn, there may be some problems in relationships with others. Life situations at this time can fully experience your nerves. The pursuit of a happy life can interfere with:

  • intrigue competitors;
  • disbelief in the reliability of the partner;
  • women's temptations;
  • disappointment.

After overcoming all the trials, the Taurus woman will eventually establish relations in the family. Passion is ablaze with new colors.

Horoscope 2018. Taurus

Love horoscope

In terms of love joys Taurusov possible mass of options. Those who are thinking about creating a family can meet their soul mate. You should not get romance at work, especially with subordinates. This is fraught with great consequences.

Taurus will be at the peak of its attractiveness. They will be noticed, and they will always be the main ones at various parties. You can try to use this interest in establishing the necessary links that will be useful in the future.

In the summer among the family Taurus can spread rumors about the betrayal of one of the partners. Only you decide how to respond to such information. The main thing to keep calm and do not panic ahead of time. Keep cool and do not be in a hurry to believe, let alone start dismantling.It may happen that this is the machinations of your competitors, and your premature reaction will finally destroy the relationship with your loved one.
In order for family relationships to continue to be strong and cloudless, add some kind of zest to them. This will make the family even happier. Not bad if you prove your loyalty to a romantic cruise or traveling to exotic countries.

Predictions of famous astrologers

Vasilisa Volodina

In 2018, stars favor Taurus. Your current actions need to be built in the light of past mistakes. Global change is not worth doing. The result will be stable if you act according to plan. The year will contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge, and is good for fruitful reflection and introspection. The dog does not mind changing your image. You can conclude projects for the future. This will be a good start in the coming years for your stable income.

In private life you need to take the initiative. If you think that the relationship is stumped and exhausted its possibilities, it is better to open yourself to new feelings.

Pavel Globa

2018 for Taurus will be a landmark. They can be fully realized.They will be lucky as there is no time. This will apply to both work and personal life. Tauruses have every chance to become leaders in their environment. If earlier for this it was necessary to make great efforts, now they will do it easily and simply. Amazingly loyal and non-conflicting representatives of Taurus will be on good terms with everyone, including the authorities.

A great working capacity and creative approach to business will be appreciated by the management, and Taurus will rise well along the career ladder. As for finance, the year will not be stable. They can once again lend money and suffer from their gullibility. In order to avoid deterioration of their financial situation, Taurus is worth all the important purchases to be made until 2018 Year of the dog is good for investing money in real estate. It will be good if Taurus takes advantage of this opportunity. The end of the year will be very successful financially.

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