Horoscope 2017 for Tiger: a woman and a man

You can be happy to say thatTigers in 2017incredibly lucky. Most of the key moments will occur precisely in the period under review, and, perhaps, will change the lives of the Tigers for the better. But in order for luck not to wag its tail, you must work hard, and not sit back.

From the very beginning of the year, you will notice that people will begin to need you. There will be a proposal for joint work or joint rest. Such demand will allow you to become a recognizable person and take a weighty enough position in society.

True, astrologers have seen the danger that will emanate from any one area of ​​life, so try not to get too carried away with this or that activity. Tigers should learn to harmoniously distribute their time and then they will have time everywhere, without causing harm to themselves or others. As for the love sphere, there is supposed to be complete calm here.

Horoscope for women-tigers

Horoscope 2017 for a female tiger

Women born under this star have always been distinguished by impulsiveness and speed. In 2017, we will have to reduce this activity somewhat and act deliberately.To avoid unpleasant consequences, try to simulate the situation in advance, “try on” many different moves - in general, be prepared for anything.

In the period under consideration, young girls are likely to finally meet the one with whom they want to start a family. As for the already married ladies, they should pay more attention to her husband, as well as children. In 2017, your loved ones will need your help every minute.

Horoscope for Tiger Men

Horoscope 2017 for a male tiger

Be prepared for the fact that in 2017 you will be offered to occupy a responsible post. The authorities have long been looking at you and see that you are actively working. In order not to scare away luck, continue to work at the same pace and very soon find yourself in a comfortable chair for the head.

It is noteworthy that in the love sphere, male Tigers will also experience the sweet taste of victory. The girl you have long sought, finally, pay attention to you. Do not miss this chance.

Love horoscope 2017 for Tigers

As the astro prediction says, the Tigers already at the very beginning of 2017 will feel an incredible craving for self-development and a desire to start large-scale social activities.Therefore, the partners of the Tigers simply will not have free time. Try to temper your ardor a little, otherwise by the spring you risk being left without a loved one, because few people will like it when they ignore it.

In turn, representatives of this sign will be greedy for intrigues and fleeting connections. Such “spree” will not bring much harm to the family, but it is better to try not to fall into such absurd situations. As for lone tigers, they also will not become unduly worried because they cannot find their other half.

Career Horoscope for Tigers

tiger horoscope for 2017In the coming year of the Rooster, Tigers can easily cope with any ordeal associated with their professional activities. And all due to the fact that their performance will be at the maximum level.

Such a sense of purpose will lead to the resolution of the most difficult tasks, besides, luck will not leave the representatives of this sign for a long time. Tiger people are not afraid to take risks, although not always risk can be justified.

Do not miss your chance to show off the skills of diplomacy, which this year will be especially developed. This will allow you to set up business in an area where you need to constantly communicate with people and negotiate on important contracts.

Horoscope Finance for Tigers

Tigers are very fond of money, so with the coming of the Year of the Rooster, they will try to find additional sources of income. To achieve financial well-being, you can begin to act against the law, which in the future, will entail criminal liability. Do not take rash risks to avoid future difficulties.

But deliberately to risk in 2017, the Tigers are not only necessary, but also useful. Stars predict success in money matters in this particular field. Play the lottery, participate in the prize draw, make bets - you will get lucky! If you decide to take a loan, first think carefully about whether you can make a certain amount each month.

Health Horoscope for 2017

2017 will be different from the previous ones in that the Tiger finally thinks about its health. Already in late February - early March, representatives of this sign will meet a person (or an unexpected incident will happen to them), which will force them to radically reconsider existing bad habits and get rid of them.

In the summer periods, one should pay attention to the urinogenital system - it can fail.Perhaps exacerbation of diseases of the bladder or the appearance of stones in the kidneys. Just do not get carried away with medication to avoid liver problems.

Horoscope zodiac signs for tigers

Tiger - Aries

Aries Horoscope 2017There is a great chance that Aries is waiting for a long-awaited career advancement. True, this proposal may not be exactly what you expected. You may have to change your occupation or even the address of registration. Before you make a fateful decision, listen to your inner voice, consult with your loved ones. In 2017, try not to show aggression, otherwise it will soon return to you with a triple force.

Tiger - Taurus

Taurus Horoscope 2017The stars know that you love to risk and go ahead, but in 2017 you should reduce your ardor a bit and think about the future. It is not necessary to commit rash acts, because they can lead to major financial problems. Yes, and the reputation of Taurus will be significantly damaged. Best of all, if there is a close person near you who at the moment of choice will tell the right path.

Tiger - Twins

twin horoscope 2017Want to live without the hassle and not know the financial difficulties? Then work hard in this direction.In 2017, every circumstance will be in your favor. The main thing is not to be distracted by gossip and intrigue that will surround you with a tight ring. The rooster wants to warn you - do not trust anyone! Perhaps even an old friend will want to substitute you in one case.

Tiger - Cancer

scorpio horoscope 2017The coming year of the Fire Rooster will give the Cancers a big surge of energy, self-confidence and agility. You will always be in high spirits, which will allow you not to pay attention to minor setbacks, but persevere towards your goal. In this way, Cancers will even win in front of other signs - the Rooster will not be so supportive of them. Entertainment will be the only temptation that representatives of this sign will face. You will literally be drawn to the festivities and “doing nothing”.

Tiger - Leo

lion horoscope 2017Despite the fact that the Rooster is a homebody, the Lions will not stay at home. You expect pleasant and exciting travel. They can be both for work and for your personal motives. Do not worry that traveling will make your colleagues forget about you or think that you have a lot of rest. On the contrary, they will become even more respectful for your ability to work.Stars advise Lions in a professional field to take less risks and not commit rash acts.

Tiger - Virgo

Virgo horoscope 2017In the realm and career, Virgos will be extremely lead. The authorities appreciate you for their work, and, perhaps, will offer a promotion. If you have long dreamed of changing jobs, then in 2017 there will be a very real chance to do it. In the spring, astrologers advise representatives of this sign to pay attention to the message of their body. As soon as you feel tired and apathetic, immediately postpone all matters and get some rest.

Tiger - Libra

scales horoscope 2017In 2017, many of the representatives of the sign of Libra will feel the attention of the opposite sex. This will not only increase the Libra self-esteem, but also help to achieve a good financial condition. Perhaps in the middle of the year you will meet a certain patron who will suit your life in the best possible way. Although Libra will not have problems with money, the stars still warn them against rash spending.

Tiger - Scorpio

scorpio horoscope 2017You shouldn’t celebrate the New Year holidays for a long time - you need to immediately return to urgent matters. A rooster will appreciate such zeal and reward you with generous gifts.For those Scorpions, whose work is related to business trips, 2017 has prepared a lot of exciting and productive trips. As for family matters, the second half will have to be entrusted to the reins of government - you simply will not have enough time for everything.

Tiger - Sagittarius

archer horoscope 2017With the approach of the Year of the Rooster, astrologers advise Strelets to not give up their favorite work. If you have some kind of hobby or passion, then there is a huge chance that it will bring you a steady income in 2017. Of course, the amounts will not be large, but the extra income has not prevented anyone.

Tiger - Capricorn

Capricorn horoscope 2017Capricorns should reject all the insults and make peace with friends who have long "gone" from their lives. Perhaps the words spoken in a temper have harmed the person, but he is ready to forgive you, just waiting for the first step. It’s not easy to admit guilt, but you can’t even imagine what a sensation you will experience after reconciliation.

Tiger - Aquarius

Aquarius horoscope 2017You are so tired in the previous year that the rest asks for itself. Do not ignore your desires - relaxation somewhere on a warm island has not bothered anyone yet. On the contrary, after this trip the Aquarius will be full of strength for new achievements.In addition, the financial situation promises to be not only stable but also profitable. Therefore, the journey of Aquarius can afford.

Tiger - Fish

fish horoscope 2017

Representatives of this sign in 2017 should be hidden. Do not make decisions too quickly, do not immediately answer the question asked to you, do not trust new acquaintances.

Let you trudge at the end - remember, the time will come, and you will receive your reward for such a wait-and-see attitude.

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