HDF - what is it? Application of HDF-boards

The use of composite materials for construction and design has increased significantly over the past few decades, largely due to the innovative dense wood fiber board HDF.

Instead of a tree

These new materials were developed as areplacement for standard wood products, such as plywood and natural wood veneers for flooring. Innovative material HDF - what is it? The decoding of this abbreviation, HDF, is High Density Fiberboard. It denotes a high-density wood fiber board that is created with the use of astringent organic substances, pressing the wood fibers under high temperature and pressure conditions.

HDF what is it

Finished plates have a dense homogeneousstructure, due to this the possibility of their machining is much higher than that of a natural wooden massif. What are the attractive HDF plates? That this is a natural coating, environmentally friendly, easily amenable to manual and mechanical processing, with considerable noise absorption and excellent ability to retain heat, it became known due to the approbation of the material.

Composition of HDF

HDF plate - what is it? The product reminiscent of hardboard was first made in 1898 in England by the method of hot pressing of waste paper. At the beginning of the last century, a relatively low density material was produced in Canada. In the early 20-ies of the twentieth century, the improved method of compressing the moist mass of wood at high temperatures resulted in considerable resilience. The production process of HDF board is a combination of natural wood fibers and synthetic polymer resins used for bonding purposes. These substances are mixed and then molded in a dry environment using high temperature and pressure to turn the mixtures into separate panels. This method of manufacturing helps to fasten the elements together, while maintaining a uniform density and composition structure. Wet grinding does not provide a high density of HDF boards.

Application in construction

HDF-plate is a universal material thathas the natural qualities of bonding, as a result of which it has excellent adhesion capabilities. The glue tightly grips the fibers without causing excessive absorption. It turns out a strong and reliable connection, which perfectly replaces asphalt, bitumen and other roofing. By the ease of these plates are superior to other materials and give less stress on the roof.

HDF plate what it is

HDF plate - what is this flooring? Floors are the most popular application of such material due to its high density in comparison with the wooden floor. Great advantages are the durability and stable characteristics of HDF compared to wood flooring or laminate.

Decorative application

So, the HDF-plate is what it is: decorative finishes or material for rough work? This material is also used for the manufacture of furniture decorative facades, as well as interior decoration in the form of wall panels, laminate floors. It produces doors with platbands, roofing materials, skirting boards, decorative slats, profiles, high quality countertops. Manufacturers of furniture have made a choice in favor of these plates as a material for the production of boxes, partitions and upholstery backs of furniture because of their strength and resistance to moisture. Manufacturers of speakers often use HDF to form the body due to the versatility of the plate as a whole and the excellent sound enhancement property. A variety of creative ideas will also help the HDF plate. What is this picturesque surface, which is popular among artists, has long been known. Creators work on it with acrylic and oil paints, but before use it is covered with gypsum or canvas.

HDF what is this decoding

HDF is one of the most important composite materials, which is often used instead of wood. Its properties are almost indispensable for decorating rooms, performing artwork.

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