Haunted House Escape: the passage in detail

Among puzzles of the game genre especiallystands out with a wonderful story and interesting missions Haunted House Escape. The passage of this project is not limited to banal key combinations. Here it is necessary to apply logical knowledge, the ability to unravel the puzzles and concentrate attention on the surrounding objects. Ghosts will constantly interfere during the adventure, because any user may need help.

Description of the game

Players unanimously sing from the category of logical games Haunted House Escape. Passing the plot gives an excellent warm-up for thinking and does not take much time.haunted house escape The game is installed on mobile platforms andhas a campaign of several hours. The hero is to learn all the secrets of a house with ghosts and learn an incredible secret. Society does not believe in these supernatural beings, and therefore it is necessary to collect evidence and stay alive. This is the main task for the player. The house seems to live its own life and will not simply give up its secrets.


At the beginning of the passage of the game Escape Haunted Housewill open the front of the house, in which all adventures will pass. Look at the inventory, where a pick and a card showing the place of the key from the door will be revealed. The backpack allows not only to store objects, but also to make them together, to consider in more detail, to divide and choose.escape haunted house The map shows the place near the tombstone, there standsApply pick and pick up items. At the front entrance the road will be blocked by a skeleton, so go in from the side. In the corridor a blade will be found, which should be taken to the inventory. On the floor of the next room, take the wire cutters and go to the right. Here it is necessary to turn on the light bulb under the safe with the combination lock and enter password 274. Open the door to get a hank of tape, and also do not forget on the floor a balloon with an unknown substance. Next, select the blade, cut the dummy on the top shelf and take the key. Cut the chain with a pliers and put a ladder in the inventory. Next Escape Haunted House Windows Phone (the passage described in this article) provides for the use of the received items. Put the ladder under the stepladder and climb into the attic. Take the gun and the missing part, unite and kill the monster in the locked room (look at the card, the key from it in the inventory).escape haunted house windows phone

Second phase

To Haunted House Escape passage of tasksDo not put you in a dead end, take away a chair and a bunch of hay in the room with a monster. In the attic, turn right, freeze the skeleton with a balloon, select a book and a video cassette. If you break a chair, you will get a skeleton and boards. First apply on the door in the center and enter the lavatory, where you will see a broken wire from the safe. Apply the electrical tape, and also switch the lever and take away the stone. The videocassette on the TV will transfer the player to another room with many things. The password from the safe is 14582437, and in it the key with the pentagram and the clock. Unscrew the bulb and pick up a leaf in the blood, then go back with a TV. The diary will show the player the recipe: boards, hay, and a spark from the stone with flint will give a fire. Go left in the room with the skeleton, and the passage of the game Escape Haunted House will lead straight to the wolf-guard. Step up the stairs to climb the tower. Choose a crossbow, a cartridge and kill the evil animal. The code on the chest of drawers is 9743, and from the clock on the wall take the ring. Code to the top shelf with a hammer and a gear 1010. In the very first room of the attic, build a fire in the fireplace on the recipe mentioned above. Fire will find new items in the Haunted House Escape. The passage of further puzzles depends entirely on the user's care and ability to seek the application of the found objects.escape haunted house 2


The game of this genre has a number of clues,on which it is necessary to pay attention. If an object can be divided, then its parts will be needed later. Weapons must be loaded and used only on enemies. They do not attack, but they do not allow them to pass further. If you pick up a thing, then in the future it will certainly find its application. For example, a key with a pentagram opens a lock with the same pattern. In this case, the marks on the star should be in one row, and they will have to be scrolled several times. Any location has its secrets, and if you do not know which thing to apply, then try the right ones in turn. It is worth noting that the first part became very popular and the developers released a sequel. Passage of the game Escape Haunted House 2 does not differ higher complexity, but it causes the same interest in fans of logical thinking.

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