Handicrafts for February 23, dad, school and kindergarten do-it-yourself: photo and video workshops

on 04.12.2017

February 23 is the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. And even if not all of your beloved men (no matter how old they are) served in the army, for you they will always be defenders, the stronger sex, so you need to congratulate them. Simple and cute crafts with their own hands just fit for this occasion.

The main thing in the article

Handicrafts for February 23 Dad

Helping your child do such an artwork, convince him that it will be absolutely unimportant for dad to see small errors in work, because the main thing is that the kid has put a piece of his soul into the work done.

Cardboard mug on February 23

Such a product can be used as a stand for office supplies, or interior decoration.


  • Cut two rectangles out of cardboard:yellow - 15x21cm, white - 10x15cm, and also a pen.
  • In the yellow boxdraw lines, departing 3 cm from the edge. Bend the edgesalong the lines in the inner side.


  • As a decor, cut out colored stripes, measuring 21x2cm, and circles. Decorate the yellow rectangle with glue.
  • Glue the handle to the white rectangle.


  • Now glue the edges of the yellow cardboard to the white rectangle.
  • Attach the label from the tea bag with a string to the inside of the mug with scotch tape.
  • On the back of the cup write a wish.


Card with the wish for February 23

A gift card is a classic of the genre, and will always be in place.

  • For a basis take a cardboard of light blue color.
  • Help your child make blanks. To do this, print out the car and the sun on a color printer, cut them out. Templates can be downloaded on the Internet, or they can be created in any graphic editor.
  • Clouds cut out from a sheet of white paper.


  • Glue first the sun, then the clouds and the car.
  • Cut the grass out of two-sided colored paper, making the “bottom” longer.
  • Then bend the lower part of the grass, retreating one centimeter from the edge, and glue to the card itself.


  • Print a beautifully decorated greeting on the holiday, stick it on the card.
  • The interior of the craft is ready, so it will look like a spread.


  • Now decorate the front part, approximately as in the photo. You can choose a different design.


You can make another interesting postcard:

For more postcard ideas for February 23, look atthis article.

Crafts for February 23 to school

Gift ship by February 23


  • Cut out the details of the ship, as shown in the photo, glue them. Close the joints with paper with patterns, it will also serve as a decor.
  • Two parts of the nose of the ship glue together, attach to the ship.
  • Cut out the cardboard partitions and place them on the ship's frame as seats for the crew.
  • Cut circles from colored cardboard, divide them into segments. Then buttons attach to the ship.
  • Strips of white paper on the red, it will sail. Thread it through a toothpick, and stick it in one of the seats.
  • Before the ship paint in the form of a dragon.
  • Make a paddle from pieces of cardboard and toothpicks.


Crafts for February 23 in kindergarten

Application "Airplane" on February 23

Such work will be feasible for children of preschool age. Then it is quite possible to give such an application to dad, uncle, brother, etc.

  • The teacher mustmake airplane patternsThe children will apply to colored paper, cut, and cut.
  • On a square sheet of paperneed to draw a frame.
  • Thenneed to cut out all the detailsas in the example in the photo. It is not necessary to make blanks of the sun and clouds, so each child will have his own special work.
  • The window in the plane can be made by circling the "bottom" of pencil glue.
  • It remains only to glue all the details of the application.


Tie from paper to February 23

According to the above pattern, cut out a colored cardboard tie. Then you can stick it on a sheet of paper and paint it with felt-tip pens, or lay down a white collar to it.


Handicraft on February 23: ship on the card

Very simple and tasteful.It will take:

  • Cardboard (thick colored paper);
  • Ice cream sticks (can be replaced with medical wooden spatulas);
  • Glue in the form of a pencil;
  • Plasticine.
  • Glue the four wooden sticks to the colored cardboard., for this use a pencil glue (you can replace the PVA).
  • Cut outfrom cardboard of a different colorship sail details, on both sides, glue to them on a wooden stick.
  • Using plasticinevertically attach the bottom of the sail to the wooden base of the sticks,that pasted on the cardboard earlier.

Plasticine perfectly fasten the tree, because to entrust a child with a glue gun or super-glue is absolutely impossible for security reasons.

  • From colored papercut the stripesand glue them to the postcard,it will be an imitation of the waves.


Doing a sailboat on February 23

Here you can take any available materials as a basis:

  • For frameuse an egg container, paint it with bright paint.
  • Sail make from scrap fabric, secure it with a skewer, and stretch the jute thread.
  • This boat is already with the seats, so live passengers in it!
  • Alsoan option for the base of the boat can be an empty carton of milk, cut a small rectangle in its side - this will be the navigator's place.
  • And if you make a small boatfrom scouring sponge, on it you can easily start up in free swimming, on a puddle, for example.


Interesting crafts for February 23 favorite

Check out our article, and pick the right gift ideas for February 23.

As you know, sweets love not only women.And such a tasty hand-made article in the form of a tank will become not only a beautiful present, but also an excellent delicacy.

  • Caterpillars for the tank make of cans of carbonated drinks, corrugated paper and double-sided tape.
  • The core will be candy in a cardboard tube.
  • Cab make of small chocolates in a cardboard box.
  • In general, fantasize with options for decorating sweets, and present such a souvenir to your beloved.


Crafts for February 23 to her husband

Honey cakes for February 23


To gingerbread longer kept a fresh look - put in the dough instead of sugar honey. Sour cream in combination with honey ferment dough, thanks to which you do not need to add soda or baking powder. For a more porous texture of choux pastry (that is, it needs to be done) add alcohol to the other components. Proportions: 2 tablespoons per 0.5 kg of flour.


  • To startdilute honey in water and heat wellbut do not boil.
  • Furtheradd half the sifted flour and spices, carefully rub the lumps.
  • Leave the dough to cool to room temperature.and then just start to mix the rest of the products: sour cream, eggs, alcoholic drink.
  • Knead the dough for a long time, about half an hour.Then it will be homogeneous, and the gingerbread will turn out as it should. It should not be too soft in thickness, otherwise the pastry will “float”.
  • Nowcut the intended pieces from the dough to match the subject. The thickness of the figures - 0.5-1.0 cm.
  • Cover the baking sheet with parchment paper and place the figures on top of it, keeping the gap between them.
  • Put the baking tray in the oven preheated to 170 degrees, andbake for 20-25 minutes.
  • How to be ready - pull, andlet cool completely. After they need to color the glaze.


  • Combine water and sugar, boil, stirring ten minutes.
  • Mixerhammer in the egg white without stopping the device, slowly pour in the previously boiled syrup. Keep doing this for 15 minutes.
  • Divide the glaze into several parts, drip in each of them a few drops of food coloring of the desired shade.
  • Next, dilute the glaze with water, undiluted suitable for outline contours and small particles.

Glaze can be replaced with mastic.

Such gingerbreads do not dry out for a long time, they are saturated with moist air from the room.

If such pastry has dried slightly, place apple peel on top of it, wrap it in parchment paper, and leave it overnight in a closed container, for example, in a bread box.


Bouquet of socks for February 23

A wife is a practical woman, so first of all you need to think about the warmth and comfort of your beloved husband. In addition, an extra pair of socks in the men's wardrobe will never be superfluous. Make such a creative bouquet.

98You can also make not only a bouquet from socks, but also a tank:

800If we are talking about bouquets, then you can create such a bouquet of salted fish, well, is it not an odd job?

1361178744__lgipgquapcThe main thing that is not very costly for the family budget, and her husband is pleased.

Crafts for February 23 brother

Felt is ideal for crafts, it does not crumble, keeps the look and shape.

Passport cover made of felt on February 23

  • Take a piece of thick felt fabric, more than one centimeter thick. The color scheme should be the brightest and rich.
  • Attach an old cover to the fabric and circlea small piece of soap.
  • Alsodraw two rectangles that will be attached to the inside of the cover.
  • Cut out all the details, sew them with a stitched seam.
  • For a more spectacular designuse contrasting threads.
  • Externalside cover can be decorated with additional attributes, or the same felt details of a different color.
  • Strengthen the decor with the help of threads or glue gun.

For those who are not familiar with stitch seams:


In the same technique, you can make charms, insulation for mugs, and even creatively paint shaving brushes by attaching felt hats to them.


Soap "Star" by February 23

To buy a gift for February 23 from personal care products is trite, and no longer interesting. But to do it yourself is a good decision.

If you are fond of soap, thenUse these tips:

  • Slice the white soap base in small pieces.(120 g), melt it in the microwave to a more or less liquid state.
  • Pour in the base0.5 tsp grape seed oil.
  • Dripfive drops of tea tree oil.
  • Addfive drops of dyein this case, green.
  • All componentsmix welluntil the color of the dye is evenly distributed throughout the mass.
  • Thenpour the mold into the mold, the shape of which will then acquire soap.
  • After solidificationcut off the excess part from the bar, but do not throw it away, it is still useful (see photo).

The soap will consist of several parts to better adhere to each other - scrape the joints with a toothpick and sprinkle with alcohol.


  • Prepare a yellow soap massas previously described.
  • Pour it into the mold with cut out green soap.wait for cooling.
  • Nowcut off the excess yellowas shown in the photo.
  • From the remnants of yellow cut star, you can use the mold for shortbread.
  • Toothpick scrape the joints of the yellow part. Place in the form of all parts of the future of soap, sprinkle them well with alcohol.
  • After the green mass has been melted, the remains are preserved, melt them again, and fill in all the details.

The star should be in the center of green mass. Lest it float - hold it with your finger until it hardens slightly.

  • Leave the soap to harden, it is better to do it at night.
  • Remove the soap, pack it beautifully, and present it to your protector.

If on the finished soap there are traces of fingerprints - hold it a little over the tip of the boiling kettle.


Crafts for February 23 a guy who serves in the army

This kind of gift should be something that will cheer up a young man in the service. Then he will be sure that his home is loved and waited. By the way, such creativity can be created for both Birthday and Valentine's Day.

  • Prepare a beautiful box in the shape of a heart, put love notes into it,write how much you love and wait for your soldier.


  • Print out your shared photos, or just your own, addressed to memory (time of service).
  • Second layerfill a gift box with candyto make the surprise surely sweet.


  • Alsowrite your favorite letter, tell us about your life, let it be up to date.Decorate your message in an original way - fold the letter into a triangle, as the men sent their letters from the front. This will complement the theme of the holiday.

3You can please your beloved soldier with a box with letters "Open when ...".

Crafts for February 23: master class

There is a kind of gifts that are useful, and will be useful in every home. These include frames for photos. Here is an unusual idea to createframes in the technique of quilling.

  • To startprepare the base- it can be a fiberboard with a slotted hole, or a ready-made photo frame.
  • Take advantage of old magazines and color duplex paper.. You can buy ready-made strips specifically for this type of needlework.

Adding such a color element will make the product very colorful and bright. While the use of some magazine sheets will give the frame a gray tint. The choice is yours.

  • You can use special tools for quilling, but simple twisting with hands will do.

For those who absolutely do not know anything about this technique, we recommend watching the video for beginners:

  • Cut out long strips from magazine and colored paper.approximately one centimeter wide.
  • Bend them in half, align with a fingernail along the fold line.


  • Now start to twist to the circle, pressing the paper strip with your fingers as closely as possible.


  • Twist, alternating between magazine and color paper in one such circle. When the tape is finished - paste its tip to the cup itself.
  • So fold the circles of different sizes.
  • Using a glue gun, glue these circles "edge" to the base of the frame.


  • By the way, if you take an ordinary wooden plank as a basis, you can paint it with spray paint.

4Alternatively, try to create another unusual photo-frame made from pencils.00064641-650x522

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