Grants RFBR for 2018

The RFBR (abbreviation stands for “Russian Foundation for Basic Research”) is a fund that is funded by the state. This project was launched in 1993 and since then has been expanding its activities every year and increasing the total size of grants and the scope of their purpose. One of the areas of the foundation is to search and support promising young scientists in various fields of science.

The activities of the RFBR are aimed at strengthening the leading position of the country in the field of innovative technologies, innovations in various branches of science and ensuring the competitiveness of Russian scientists in the global market. To search for young scientists with a development perspective, the foundation holds contests involving grant support for various projects.

Main goals

The goals and objectives of the foundation are aimed at attracting new generation scientists to interact with the state through the creation of optimal conditions for their development, research projects and research. At the same time, young people get experience in managing research teams, a chance to work in a team of professionals, and a reputation as a scientist who has declared himself.


Directions of the program

Grants RFBR for 2018 include the participation of projects in a wide range of fundamental scientific activities:

  • exact sciences (mathematics, physics, economics, mechanics, chemistry, etc.);
  • the humanitarian sector (biology and a variety of earth sciences, history, ethnology, philology, philosophy, sociology, medical sciences, etc.);
  • the sphere of applied sciences (computer systems and information technology, engineering, economics, international relations and global problems of mankind, fundamentals of agricultural sciences, etc.)

A full list of directions can be found on the official website of the RFBR

Varieties of contests

All types of projects in which young scientists can take part are determined by the RFBR Council.

Scientist in the laboratory

In 2018, such directions will be:

  • fundamental developments in the main areas of knowledge;
  • organization of effective events with the involvement of specialists within the country and abroad;
  • conducting large-scale expeditionary and field research;
  • support and implementation of existing basic research;
  • publication of various forms of the results of scientific papers.

All these areas are divided into three categories of competitions on the scale of:

  • regional;
  • All-Russian;
  • international.

Research scientists

Such a wide variety makes it possible to receive grants under the programs of 2018 for specialists involved in various fields of scientific activity and working at different levels.

Fundamental rules

For those who wish to participate in the programs for receiving grants in 2018, there are a number of rules that should be followed:

  • The participant must be an individual engaged in research activities in the field of basic research. Since the support is provided to young scientists, the age of each participant should not exceed 35 years. In some areas it is possible to unite young scientists into groups not exceeding 10 people. In this case, the team selects one Manager who will be the contact person at all stages of the program.
  • A project presented for a grant must have a specified deadline for implementation in accordance with the requirements of the competition.
  • You must apply for participation in the program within the specified time frame.Applications are made in digital form on the basis of the information system of the Fund. The deadlines for completing the submission of applications can be found on the official website of the RFBR, since the registration in certain areas for 2018 has already been closed.
  • After the official registration of the project, you must submit a Declaration in the approved form, which is on the organization’s website.

Laboratory tests

  • A project participant cannot simultaneously participate in another competition of the Foundation until the expiration of the terms of participation in the first stage.
  • The materials of the scientific work and the project should not contain information that is a state or commercial secret.
  • After applying for a grant, the Manager cannot make changes to the project.

All forms and forms of the necessary documents are presented on the website in electronic form. Retreat from the specified form is prohibited.

In an online format, you can send a question to the organizers of the RFBR, if any moments of registration or rules remain unclear.


At the end of 2017 - the first half of 2018, the results of tenders for RFBR grants are announced. After the phased implementation of projects, detailed financial reports are issued,on the basis of expert evaluation, the support of each individual project is either discontinued or extended for the next year.

In addition to the work done, the Foundation focuses on communicating the results of scientific research carried out in the framework of the competition to those groups of potential consumers who are interested in such research and can put it into practice.

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