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Glazing balconies do it yourself. Today it is possible to carry out glazing of balconies and loggias, using one of the methods - cold or warm glazing. To make the right choice, you should know the features of each type of glazing.

When cold glazed balcony or loggia will be protected from dust, wind, precipitation and to some extent from street noise. It is a fast glazing and inexpensive type. While it is warm, such a balcony will be an additional room for rest, a workplace.

In winter, a cold-glazed balcony plays the role of a buffer zone between housing and the street. Due to this, the room will be kept warm. In cold weather, balconies are successfully used for drying clothes or storing food: during this period the temperature here below zero does not fall.

The advantage of cold glazing are also very light structural elements that do not overload the balcony slab.

Warm glazing is becoming more popular.Thanks to him, you can increase the living space. A warm loggia or balcony can at any time of the year be separate rooms for any purpose. The possibility of this type of glazing depends on the condition of the balcony slab, because the structure is heavy. Therefore, the decision on the warm glazing is made only according to the results of the inspection by the technical condition of the balcony plate.

Warm glazing is a complex, lengthy and expensive process. Work begins with the dismantling of individual balcony elements (parapet, railings) and replacing them with the lightest. Much time is spent on the installation of new elements, the insulation of surfaces, the removal of electrical wiring, the heating system.

If the balcony has become part of the room, then you need to take care of installing energy-efficient windows to avoid heat loss.

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