Gifts to employees for the New 2018

New Year is a holiday in which you want to surprise all your friends and acquaintances. Gifts to employees for the New Year 2018 - a great way to improve relationships within the team. Presents will set the mood for the next 12 months and help avoid unnecessary quarrels. Details on what to give to employees for the New 2018 and how to present gifts to colleagues, see below.


Employee Gift Ideas for the New 2018

Employee gift ideas for the New 2018 are on several hundreds of sites. When choosing a present you should not forget about the age and gender of colleagues. All presents are divided into:

  • Universal gifts;
  • Presents for male colleagues;
  • Gifts for female colleagues.

The first of the types include:

  • Personal things;
  • Office equipment;
  • Printing products;
  • Useful stuff.

Representatives of the second are:

  • Electronic devices;
  • Toys;
  • Things are fun;
  • Accessories for the car.

Women colleagues are best suited:

  • Sweets;
  • Gift certificates;
  • Jewelry and accessories for them;
  • Hygiene items and cosmetics.

Universal Gifts

Universal gifts - items that will suit employees of both sexes and all ages. Such things can be purchased in bulk or ordered from a special company. The presentation of universal trifles will look right and colleagues, and the management of the

Personal things

Personal items - unusual gifts. The individuality of the attitude of the boss or colleague to each of the employees of the company is best emphasized:

  • Name card;
  • Photomagnet;
  • Engraved pen;
  • Photo Collage;
  • Album for good pictures;
  • Mug with a photo;
  • The book with embossed on the cover.

Office equipment

Employees of any office are always pleased to receive things that will be stored at work. Always remind about the holiday:

  • Plates for your desktop with funny inscriptions ("Do not touch, I sleep," "I will be in command of the parade");
  • Mouse pad;
  • Business card holder (red for women and black for men);
  • Hammock for legs;
  • Ashtray with fan;
  • A set of simple pencils;
  • A paperweight with a funny headline ("The Best Employee").

Printing Products

Printing products with the logo of the company, the image of Santa Claus or the symbol of the New Year are perfect for presentation to colleagues and subordinates. Beautiful paper presents will be:

  • Sets of pocket calendars;
  • Diaries;
  • Flip calendars;
  • Notebooks;
  • Corporate photo albums;
  • Gift certificates (“Savior of Russia” or “Driver-ace”);
  • Comic certificates ("On a plot of land on the moon" or "For one day presidency").

Useful stuff

Trifles that will be useful at work and at home will be especially liked by representatives of working specialties, as well as financially responsible people (accountants, storekeepers). As necessary for the life of the little things can be awarded:

  • Launch Box;
  • Thermocup;
  • Keychain with a flashlight;
  • Fur headphones;
  • Scarves (for women) or buffs (for men);
  • Car or desktop stand for the smartphone;
  • Blanket with sleeves.

Gifts to male colleagues


Fun things

Have fun man and add to the relationship with colleagues "highlight":

  • A pen that turns a jar into a beer mug;
  • Cap with stands for cans;
  • Mask with the face of a famous artist;
  • Sculpture of nuts and bolts, which depicts a person in the office;
  • Hangman for tea bags;
  • Piggy bank in the form of a rural toilet;
  • Cutting board with a funny picture.

Electronic devices

Faithful helpers men in the office and at home will be:

  • Memory card in the form of Santa Claus;
  • Energy source for travel (power-bank);
  • Portable speakers with own battery;
  • Ring holder for the phone;
  • Card reader for all types of memory cards;
  • Wireless call;
  • USB fan.


All men in the soul remain children. Representatives of the stronger sex to old age love to collect items from parts or to manage various devices. For this reason, colleagues will like:

  • 3D puzzles;
  • Plastic models of ships, aircraft or tanks;
  • RC helicopters and airplanes;
  • Collections of soldiers.

Car accessories

At the company, most of whose employees have their own car, men can be presented on the New Year:

  • Massage seat covers;
  • Statuette for installation on the dashboard;
  • Funny stickers on the rearview glass;
  • Sun visors;
  • Backlit ashtrays;
  • Avtovizizki;
  • Key rings.

Gifts to female colleagues


Jewelry and accessories

It is no secret that most women love to decorate themselves with various things. The pride of any woman’s collection will be:

  • Jewelry box for accessories;
  • Bracelet from a noble stone;
  • Necklace;
  • Stand for jewelry in the form of a tree;
  • A pendant with a semi-precious stone, which is selected in accordance with the sign of the zodiac;
  • Beads from labradorite;
  • Bracelet in the form of a chain.


Sweets - creative gifts and the passion of the majority of the fairer sex. Satisfy the taste of women:

  • Handmade candies;
  • Chocolate compositions;
  • Candy sets;
  • Jars of honey rare varieties;
  • English tea boxes;
  • Turkish coffee bags;
  • Cakes in the form of a glass with wine or a pen.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are interesting gifts for employees of all ages. Unlike gifts for relatives, colleagues can be given certificates for embezzlement of a certain amount. Women will be especially pleased with certificates for:

  • Shopping at a cosmetics store;
  • Massage session;
  • Mani Pedi;
  • Master classes on cooking homemade soap;
  • Cooking lessons from a famous chef;
  • Excursions in his native city;
  • Making mugs with an individual design and hand-painted.

Hygiene items and cosmetics

Hygiene items and cosmetics - small excellent gifts. Every woman will appreciate the offering:

  • Hand creams;
  • Handmade soaps;
  • Hypo-allergenic massage oil;
  • Conditioner for all hair types;
  • Moisturizing face mask;
  • Cream for removing circles under the eyes;
  • Shampoo for hair restoration.

How to give gifts to employees?


It is better to give gifts to employees from management at a meeting of all employees of the enterprise or one of the departments. Also a sign of respect for colleagues will be the order of delivery of gifts to your home. It is better for colleagues to present each other gifts openly, accompanying the offering with jokes and warm words.

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