Gifts for the beloved for the new 2018 year

The aroma of pine needles, iridescent Christmas balls, champagne in glasses and the taste of mandarin ... For the chiming clock, I want to present a gift to my beloved for the New 2018, which he will remember for a lifetime! To help the bewildered women, we offer a list of original gifts that will cause genuine delight of the second half and will be the subject of admiration of his friends.

What to give your favorite extreme for the New 2018?

  • The leader in the ranking of the most popular attention signs is a man who does not think of his life without a drive and adrenaline, was and remains a parachute jump. Flying in an air chamber can be a good alternative for a cold season - no less impressive, but safer.
  • Descent to Zorb. Inflatable translucent ball with a man inside to roll down the slope, a length of 150-200 meters. The progressive system of fixation and amortization of the last generation makes the adventure safe and memorable.
  • Residents of the southern regions will appreciate the flight on the flyboard.The flying platform lifts the pilot with a powerful jet of water to a height of 5 meters.
  • Memories of a pleasant pastime will be captured in photographs and memorable certificates.
  • If the girl shares the sports hobbies of a man, a pair pass to the paintball club, go-karting, flight on an airbus, hang-glider, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, teaming with a husky, walking on a segway, etc. will be a creative gift.
  • Sport - the lifestyle of your chosen one? Choosing a present to a half, you should not concentrate on the sport in which he does. Expand its capabilities: present a footballer to a footballer, a chess athlete, a volleyball to a swimmer, and a punching bag to a handball player.

Boyfriend beloved new year

Gift Ideas for the beloved for the new 2018 year of interest

  • Your chosen avid motorist? He will be delighted with the portable car wash or the washing vacuum cleaner. Pleasant memories will leave the course of extreme driving, piloting a helicopter or driving a motorcycle. An adult sweetheart dreamer will like a cake in the form of a racing car or a model of a sports car made of chocolate.
  • You can order a key ring for car keys with the initials of the owner, car brand or its license plate.
  • Computer scientists will appreciate a personal USB flash drive, a wireless mouse of the original design, a hi-tech keyboard, a cooling pad for a laptop, a gaming joystick, or a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • This music fan wants to get the latest model of the MP-3 player with a predetermined playlist of your favorite artists. Musical idol boyfriend in the near future planning a concert in your city? The best gift on New Year's Eve is two tickets to the ground floor.
  • Craftsmen handmade create stylish watches / wall clocks from vinyl records of the Beatles. Why not surprise the other half with a rarity?
  • For moviegoers and serial lovers, the joke industry offers portable chargers for phones in the form of a favorite hero - Superman, Spider-Man or Darth Vader. A fan of the zombie theme is a comic "Survival Kit during a zombie apocalypse" or an extreme traveler "Indiana Jones Bag" set.
  • If the man of your dreams is musically gifted, the original gift will be a karaoke system, a vocal master class, a course of playing guitar or drums.

Boyfriend beloved new year

Unusual gifts for the beloved

  • Certificates of ownership of a star in the sky or a small piece of land on the moon or mars are popular. Visit this property is unlikely, but to have an unusual and even prestigious.
  • A present from the same series is a document about patronage over an elephant or zebra from a zoo. A true connoisseur of the exotic will visit his pet and bring in food.
  • By collecting 10-15 family photos of a partner, you can create a genealogical tree or pedigree. Gathering names, images and kinship together is not an easy task, so it will be awarded the highest praise.
  • If there is no time to compile a family history, this task can be entrusted to professionals of the genealogical center. In the list of other services, such bureaus issue certificates of origin and meaning of the family name, as well as probable family ties with celebrities. This gift is not only unusual, but also memorable.
  • Decorate the wall of the apartment or house narrowed portrait in the classical genre. Fans of modern art will appreciate their own image in the format of Pop-art. Such portraits look creative and unusual, therefore they will become an original accent of the rooms in high-tech style.
  • A person with a good sense of humor can be given a caricature.

Boyfriend beloved new year

Interesting gifts that do not have to spend money

  • Serenade. A musical gift with a Christmas theme is an unforgettable surprise in your performance. Ideally, if a performer plays a musical instrument, he can accompany himself. Otherwise, a recording of lyrical melody and your sincere words of love will do.
  • Collage of photos. Photos of childhood, youth and adult life of the recipient are pasted on a special canvas. Joint photos with parents and friends are welcome. The photos arranged in a chaotic manner represent an original interior item and a memory dear to the heart.
  • Video clip. Self-assembled video is a popular and soulful gift. Creating such a sign of attention is a pleasant and fascinating process. To do this, it is enough to impose a video and blend of joint photos on the guy's favorite music. At the end of the video you can add pleasant wishes of relatives and loved ones in the form of short videos.
  • All you need to create a gift video is a camera, a photo / video editing program and a bit of inspiration.

Boy winter

Live gift

  • A man who loves animals and sincerely dreams of a pet will be happy with a little lump of happiness. The list of popular households includes: mini-pigs, friendly raccoons, reed cat, piranha (or other fish) aquarium, terrarium with snake, spider, etc.
  • If a chosen one already has a pet, present a gift certificate to the salon of a paired spa, a hairdresser for animals, etc.

In order for a gift to deliver positive emotions and pleasure to its recipient on New Year's Eve, it is important to approach its choice with a share of creativity. A bright surprise will bring joy not only to a man, but also to you.

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