Gifts for February 14, 2018 for a boy and a girl

Lovely surprises for Valentine's Day have a special meaning, therefore, what to give for February 14, 2018 a guy or girl needs to be decided in advance. For some, it is important just attention, others like luxury gifts, and others - original, funny or personalized. In any case, the attention paid on this day will not be unnoticed and will make the relationship more intense and vibrant.

What to give to your beloved girlfriend on February 14?

Without exception, girls love to receive gifts, and on Valentine's Day, they are waiting for something unusual, memorable, touching. If you are not distinguished by originality and do not know what to give to your beloved, present pleasant trifles, which are always to the representatives of the weaker sex:

  • flowers and candy - let the bouquet be decorated interesting and unusual, and sweets will be in the shape of a heart;
  • soft toys - cute bears with hearts in their hands will remind of your love for a long time;
  • tickets - to the cinema, theater, dolphinarium, aquarium, water park and other entertainment will allow you to spend a few hours together carefree and interesting;
  • jewelry - the best friends of the girls, of course, diamonds, as well as any jewelry and high-quality jewelry;
  • cosmetics and perfumery - if you know your favorite tastes well, then such a gift would be appropriate;
  • cake with a romantic inscription - all the girls have a sweet tooth.

Original gifts for February 14 for the girl

If you do not want to give banal gifts, you can show imagination and prepare for the holiday in advance by inventing an original surprise that will be remembered for a long time:

  • flight for two on a hang glider;
  • a date in a limousine with champagne and flowers;
  • a hike in the shooting range, where you can shoot a bow;
  • a trip to some sights "with meaning" (for example, a holy source or a monument to lovers, where you can once again say about your feelings);
  • a trip to the planetarium (before that, order a nominal star and present it to a girl under a starry sky);
  • dinner with candles and live music in the restaurant;
  • A kitten or a puppy (if she has long dreamed of an animal, then such a gift will melt her heart).


Practical gifts for girls

Does your favorite prefer to receive functional or useful gifts? The choice of such surprises is great.But keep in mind that even if she is an excellent housewife and loves to spend time in the kitchen, the new pot will hardly please her. But your beloved will definitely appreciate your concern if you present a “cool” blender or other useful device to a girl on February 14 as a gift. For useful gifts include:

  • electronic measuring spoon-scales;
  • nail dryer;
  • original night light;
  • jewelry box;
  • cutting board with engraving: "I love you";
  • folding table breakfast tray in bed - be sure to present it with a promise to bring her coffee every morning;
  • certificate of attendance at a SPA or beauty salon;
  • soft blanket;
  • Mannequin for hanging jewelry and jewelry.

Cheap, but interesting gifts for the girl on February 14

Not always the budget allows you to make expensive gifts, but for every loving person there are available various kinds of trifles that are inexpensive and will surely please your beloved, tell about your feelings:

  • keychain on the phone with rhinestones;
  • a mug with a joint photo and thematic images;
  • decorative candle;
  • lipstick in the form of a pen;
  • musical surprise (box, card, "singing" toy);
  • bracelet with hearts (not necessarily expensive);
  • diary or notebook with a photo on the cover and a gift inscription;
  • original mirror;
  • bouquet of soft mini-toys or candy.

Bouquet of toysThe most inventive and skillful guys can make a gift with their own hands, which is also not too costly, but it is both original, and romantic, and doubly pleasant. To do this, you can use any idea that there is a huge variety on the Internet.

What a gift to make a guy on February 14

If you think that men do not like to receive gifts, then you are very mistaken. Lovely surprises and presents warm up the relationship and speak for you about care and love. Some men are even more romantics than girls, and they care about even the little things that were presented to the beloved on Valentine's Day. A guy can give:

  • leather belt with engraved plaque;
  • a mug with a thematic pattern;
  • nominal damask;
  • key chain with heart;
  • photo or picture of you two:
  • personalized tea or coffee set;
  • photo crystal;
  • blanket with sleeves for two;
  • a pillow with your photo;
  • romantic writing on canvas;
  • set of mugs "sweet couple";
  • personal kitchen apron (for those who love to cook);
  • love confession video;
  • medal with an inscription and a declaration of love.

Plaid with sleeves for two

Delicious gifts for a guy

All men love to eat, and if you understand his favorite dishes, make a romantic evening with a beautifully laid table and his favorite gastronomic delights. You can cook:

  • pizza;
  • cake;
  • pancakes;
  • jelly;
  • biscuit;
  • sushi;
  • chops;
  • pie.

No matter what you cook, the main thing is that the dish is liked by the beloved one. Be sure to decorate your gastronomic masterpiece with hearts from mayonnaise or sauce.

Original gifts for a guy on February 14

Unusual gifts can be bought in the store or do it yourself. The main thing is that the idea was original, and the gift really impressed. The category of original gifts include:

  • trip for two;
  • snowboarding lesson;
  • stylish wardrobe items;
  • multipurpose folding knife;
  • his portrait;
  • a poem of his own;
  • certificate for parachute jumping or hang gliding for two.


Ideas useful gifts guy

If your beloved is a very serious and business-like young man, he may be pleased with useful, functional gifts. As a gift the guy on February 14, 2018 can be presented:

  • a flash drive (in the form of a key, a heart, a pistol, etc.);
  • USB hub with mobile phone stand;
  • headphones;
  • laptop table;
  • wireless computer mouse;
  • mini keyboard vacuum cleaner;
  • camping backpack;
  • fishing gear;
  • nice pleasant little things for the car (flavoring, keychain, radio, car mug);
  • T-shirt or shorts to workout in the gym;
  • convenient organizer (for office desk);
  • original passport cover;
  • table air conditioner.

What not to give

A gift should carry a meaning, therefore, in order to really please the other half, you need to imagine in advance what impression the gift will make on him or her. Do not give your favorite socks, shaving accessories, lotions, shower gels. It may be nice, but too banal for such a bright and romantic holiday. But if you give an expensive good perfume, he will be pleased.

It is not necessary to give a watch, as, incidentally, slippers. It is believed that the clock counts the time of the couple in the opposite direction, and slippers in general are reminiscent of death. Girls are unlikely to be delighted with anti-cellulite cream or dandruff shampoo.The list of "forbidden" presents also includes epilators, slimming products, and things that help to manage the household.

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