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The expected multiplayer game of football should appear in the very near future. "Pro Evolution Soccer 2017»Millions of game lovers of this genre are waiting to enjoy the great team game again, competing with friends. For 20 years in a row the toy pleases gamers with its realism and scale. Of course, the franchise has had its ups and downs over the entire period of its existence, but, nevertheless, its popularity among the players has not faded away.

“Pro Evolution Soccer”, or as everyone used to call it “PES”, is a competitor to “FIFA”, and in recent years, the latter has begun to lag behind in terms of the number of fans. This happened because in “PES” players noticed flaws and flaws that prevented them from fully immersed in the gameplay. However, the creators claim that in 2017 all inaccuracies will be localized and a completely new and exciting sports development will appear in front of gamers.

In addition, fans of virtual football will surely be delighted to hear that the developer company Konami is going to purchase a license for Euro 2016, which the Electronic Artc studio originally wanted to take over.This news has already spread throughout the gaming community, and now the release of “PES 2017” is expected to be even more enthusiastic.

release date

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As a rule, the exact release date can be found a few months before the release of the game. Now the creators are trying not to encourage the fans, so far only the release date of the demo version of the toy is known. This event will take place on August 18, 2017, and towards the end of the year, the developers promise to launch the full versions on X-Box, PS4 and PC. This was announced at the conference by representatives of the company-developer Robbie Ron and Andre Bronzoni.

About "Konami"

The Japanese studio specializes not only in creating computer games, but also deals with the issuance of payment cards, children's toys, shopping, gaming and entertainment machines. The studio has several large offices on different continents. In addition, in 2006 she began producing films released on famous franchises. And already in the same 2006 the picture “Silent Hill” was released.

Among the most successful computer games released by Konami include:

  • series of games "Contra"
  • Pro Evolution Soccer game series
  • "Gradius"
  • series of games "Siltnt Hill"

Game changes

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The full picture of innovations has not yet been revealed, but from the information provided by the creators, it became known that a certain rigor and drive will appear in the simulator.Judges in PES will be distinguished by increased professionalism, so unfairly appointed cards, penalties or penalties will disappear. In addition, goalkeepers will be able to catch even the most dangerous serve, for example, those who flew quite high. This will increase the chances of players to win.

Also, the creators delighted their fans that in future development they will be able to share ready-made files. If earlier PS4 owners had to conduct licensing of teams, logos, forms, etc. in an inconvenient editor, then with the release of the new part of PES, players will be able to transfer the Bundes League or the Russian Premier League to another user.

First screenshots and details made public

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Studio "Konami" continues to please the fans of "Pro Evolution Soccer" and uploaded the first screenshots by which you can evaluate the graphics and the quality of the toy. Note that the game is created based on the Fox Engine. The developers are trying to improve the gameplay to the maximum: they carefully think over the ball's behavior on the field, try to raise the level of virtual intelligence of the players, and also pay attention to the graphics.

In the process of creating “Pro Evolution Soccer” specialists are based on many technologies, among them the most significant are:

  • Real Touch - all players on the field will be able to differently control the behavior of the ball. This condition will be fulfilled based on such factors: style of play, location relative to other players, general location on the field. In addition, to determine the course of the match, players must be able to respond to unpredictable movements of the ball, and this, at times, can be very difficult.
  • Precise Pass - already in the new game, the creators gathered to significantly improve the quality of the attack and the transfer of the ball. They reviewed the main factors and were able to conclude that in the old designs, they were not completed to the end. The pass that the player has performed from the desired position and the correct time will be truly winning. But it is not always possible to achieve such a technology, so the experts gathered to change the tactics of the game somewhat and increase the number of chances for an ideal flow.
  • Natural Player Movement - this feature can “breathe” life into the footballers, make their behavior more natural. To do this, the authors will have to come up with hundreds of animations, thanks to which from the very first minutes it will become clear how the user owns the console and how good he is in the game of football.In addition, the studio "Konami" intends to pay special attention to the goalkeepers and their behavior on the field.

pes 2017 out

Also, the project promises to add improved control over the team, including defense and attack. The strategic tools will be expanded, which will make it possible to build accurate schemes of attacks, to change the individual characteristics of the players, their behavior in different situations, for example, during a corner.

They are going to improve the behavior of virtual rivals. It is already known that all of them will be endowed with adapted artificial intelligence, which will allow to determine the style of the manager and develop a specific game strategy for him.

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