Game Hunt: Showdown 2019

The motto of the game is very eloquent: “Hunt together. Die alone. " The developer decided to remind gamers all over the world how important it is to have a loyal companion next to them who will always cover their backs.

She will be the logical successor of the Darkstriders series, the acclaimed Vigil Games pen in its time, which ran out of gas in 2013.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - action / shooter
  • Setting - Alternative Wild West
  • DeveloperCrytek
  • Publisher / Localizer— Crytek
  • date of releasethe beginning of 2019

The potentially profitable idea was bought up, like by many former employees who implemented it, and they decided to invest all the vast resources of Crytek in it. What came of it? Let's try to evaluate objectively.

Story line

Someone fights for the sake of glory, someone for the sake of wealth. Someone important to protect others, and someone is willing to betray for a fraction of the force.

To go through all the trials of the infinitely cruel and dark world and get the main reward, or to disappear without a trace in hell, losing everything - that’s actually the whole principle of this game.

The plot, as such, it does not have, unless, of course, does not consider the plot of the concept of a cooperative des-match.

Game world

The world of the game is gloomy up to impossible. Everywhere await terribly hungry, strong and very resourceful creatures, ready to cling to your living flesh at the first opportunity.

hunt showdown game 2019

Here everything is against the player - even the land itself seems to take the side of evil and does everything so that you do not live to see the next round. According to the creators, they created the world not for sports entertainment, but for tests, the price of which is not only life, but also the very soul of the combatants.

In general, the setting was more successful than them - endless, as if descended from the frames of bad horror films, forests, swampy swamps, remnants of human settlements, stupefied to unprecedented diseases ...

The design of the environment is made in dark colors with a very interesting and unusual styling of drawing, but at the same time fascinating with its naturalism.

At the same time, pictures of the Wild West and the cowboy-ranger freemen of the 19th century seem to be quite familiar from the good old westerns, but apparently in some kind of parallel world in which bloodthirsty monsters have become long-time true rulers of the land.

hunt showdown 2019 release date

The bestiary here is quite diverse, but the usual cute little animals should not be expected from the game - every single monster here is overcookedunknown diseases, or are completely half-dead, but very cheerful zombies, and even simply some unidentified demonic entities.

Gameplay Hunt: Showdown 2019

Multiplayer shooter, in fact, united in itself and PvE, and PvP content, giving everyone to try their hand at matches, during which you will need to destroy competitors, while fighting with monsters for valuable prey.

In total, up to ten people can participate in one battle, and at the same time there is an opportunity to fight for one each, or to unite in a party of two.

hunt showdown 2019 beta test

The beginning of the battle sends the competitors into a special zone, where you must first find the monster and defeat it.

By the way, you can take a drop obtained from a mob yourself, including by beating the opponent who has beckoned him and clearing his pockets.

This strategy gives a wide field for rampant gaming fantasy. Why, for example, to run after the monster yourself, if you can wait in the bushes for a good time before he patches his vis-a-vis and then cracks him?

The idea, of course, is not new - there are quite a few different projects in this style, but the reception of mini-cooperatives is interesting, because in many games the mass wall-to-wall battles have already become boring.

In addition, it is not so easy to knock down five-ten or more people in a party, but at least one proven experienced comrade in a pair will always be there.

hunt showdown 2019 review

The choice of tactics will be mass, considering that the weapon is available is different (by the way, pseudo-historical must be given due ideally - even markings on the trunks): cold and firearms of all types and types, there are even crossbows and grenades, as well as a specific type of bomb.

Yes, and the behavior in the clashes from team to team can vary greatly, which will add intrigue and interest to the battles.

At the beginning of the match you will be able to choose your hero with a number of unique abilities, and then pack up the necessary equipment, the choice of which, as already noted, is just as impressive.

After that, you decide on a mission, each of which is focused on a specific map, time of day or night and goal, and then you make your way to the final point by kicking monsters and other players along with a friend along the way.

Graphics and music

hunt showdown alpha test

From Hunt: Showdown, everyone is waiting for the graphics and musical accompaniment of the level of Crysis and Assassin’s Creed, and, of course, not in vain, because the studio, which is not currently occupied by any other important projects, has thrown all its strength on its development.

It turned out really very beautiful, that even ardent haters of ideas noted. If the fog is natural, if the lighting is dynamic, then what about the drawing of battles and advances in semi-dark ruined houses ...

True, as a result, at the alpha stage, testers suffer from permanent crashes, but the developers are now fixing this in a hurry. So, by the release of the game there are hopes for a successful optimization of the engine.

System Requirements and Platforms

hunt showdown graphics

Cross-platform shooter should be a real test for the relevance of gaming machine configs.

And although at first the announcement of the system requirements looked more than modest - only the sixth generation of current proces, 12 gigs of operatives and a video card of the level of the 970th GeForce, the current tests showed that her appetites are much larger.

At the moment, the alpha testing of the project has started, and when it gets to beta, and even more so, before the official release is not clear.

Most likely, it is clearly not worthwhile to hope for its output before 2019.

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