Funny greetings Happy Engineer Mechanical Day in verse and prose

Good day! On this day, mechanical engineers of different specialties and celebrate their professional holiday. Officially, the holiday has been established since 1996, but it is considered that this day has been celebrated since 1954, when the engineering corps was created in the fleet.

As a rule, mechanical engineers are specialists with a technical education who are able to design, construct and operate technological equipment.

Experience shows that mechanical engineers are in great demand in our society, as they are the most versatile in technical terms. In Russia, this specialty is taught in sets of technical universities throughout the homeland. Students graduating in this field work in many areas of the Russian industry.

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Postcards Happy Mechanical Engineer Day

Congratulations on the Day of Mechanical Engineer in verse

Happy Engineer Day
With all my heart, I congratulate you,
Love, like freedom from a wanderer,
And good luck with luck.

Let joy, love and luck,
Works of great interest,
Make the heart richer
Will give more miracles.

I wish fire inspiration
In your difficult work,
Health, wealth, patience,
What pour into you with beauty.

Mechanical engineer, happy holiday to you!
You, loving your profession,
You devote yourself to her without reserve
Plan, organize, calculate.

Labor happy moments -
These are schemes, designs, documents.
Mastery you do not hold,
We wish you not lose grip,

Build on success and consolidate
Millions of income roll over.
Ocean vacation to spend,
Your dreams come true.

With this exactly attorney afternoon
We are very pleased to congratulate you!
Don't let everyone sparkle with fire
On the chest of the order, awards,
Everywhere your audacious work is visible,
After all, cars give us joy:
Saw, cut, planed, tinder,
Drilled, mowed, washed, boiled.
Your thought is smart and subtle,
It's easier to live with you, more fun -
You have a drawing board, a machine,
Have a computer display!
I have bread with caviar,
And we will not reveal the secret:
Your secret is mind, hands and eyes!
Glory to the homeland of our heroes!

For boys and girls - an example,
Mechanic and excellent engineer,
You know how to get information
And the data is cleverly calculated.
To the envy of all the envious, the enemies
And other dull fools,
I wish to develop and grow,
Worthy cabinet soon borrow.

Mechanical engineer, again on horseback,
I wish you a happy holiday,
To your work for the soul lay down,
And the head was light on weekdays.
If you start to hang out,
So it is time to rest,
Mechanical engineer, save knowledge,
Help young people in life.

How many crazy and wonderful efforts
Forces and desires to work put
There was a horseman, our mechanic,
As an engineer, I conquered everyone around.
And not afraid to go to perfection
I could figure out at the table
Being an engineer is not just bliss,
The best you could be among the mechanics.

Sometime the first "engineer"
I didn't reach for bananas,
But, at least in the mechanics was gray,
Taking a stick, knocked them down, oddly enough.
Then that stick like a lever
Allowed to roll stones
Turning, gave fire to the hearth
And explained, "who is in charge here!".
Humbly temper horse lasso,
And to go cart followed
I came up with ancestor wheel -
Now we are driving cars ...
Philosopher, Chemist and Botanist
To the progress of the human race led,
But more - a mechanical engineer.
So congratulate him! Praise!

In honor of you, and in honor of your work
A holiday is celebrated on this day,
Yes, you have big cares,
But you work is not too lazy!
Congratulations, mechanical engineer,
And we wish you new achievements a lot,
So that the boss was always pleased,
And your road was free!

Friend, mechanic - engineer,
For workers you are an example!
You fix everything you need
And we congratulate you together
Happy your day! We wish to live
Glorious life, do not grieve,
Do not get sick and in the form of being,
And friends do not forget!

You are subject to any mechanism.
Profession after all - a mechanical engineer!
Your perseverance, professionalism,
On high! I believe, even "Titanic"
You would fix it easily, without difficulty!
You are simply irreplaceable in your business!
So let your luck, our friend, always
We congratulate and thank!

You have golden hands
And the golden soul too!
And with you you will not die of boredom,
And in any trouble you can help!
Dear Mechanical Engineer,
Congratulations to you now,
On the day of your profession, with respect,
Congratulations accept from us!

You have no equal in your business,
You are a mechanic engineer!
Every day you are at the limit
You are an example for all of us!
Congratulations! Let work
Always brings you joy
Life is let on notes,
And the soul always sings!

Congratulations on Inener's Day

Schemes and drawings since the institute have become for you a simple and familiar affair. Cars, engineering vehicles and tractors - it is easy for you to find a malfunction in any mechanism. Let your “golden hands” be appreciated by family and friends, and there will be harmony and mutual understanding in your family.

Around we see a bright world, rapidly developing, surrendered to man ... To whom should we say thank you for it? For those who are moving forward! Congratulations on the Engineer Day! Thank you for directing your talent in the right direction of the life river that brings us to a brighter future! We sincerely wish you to be a man not only satisfied with your work, but simply very happy!

And there was a time, people were scared by the engine ... Today we want new products, and more! On the Engineer's Day, please accept our congratulations, best wishes and instructions for helping every day of your labors to ripen the fruits of scientific and technological progress!

To a talented engineer who is ready to design and modernize with his eyes closed, on his professional holiday we wish more victories and awards, calculated not only by letters, but also by crisp dollars! Let inspiration in your nature is always combined with a strict, scientific mentality of thinking and never sad!

Our engineer is just gold! To whom? if not him, to entrust the improvement of the instruments and to ensure that their use is safe and according to the instructions? But on his holiday, on the Day of the Engineer, we will not load with affairs ... Instead, we will persistently offer to rest and dream about what a good, without fail, will bring tomorrow!

A good engineer has a sharp mind, he has a thorough knowledge of many disciplines ... but without imagination in his business - nowhere! So let your development be bold, be always ready to change tomorrow for the better - in scientific and personal plans! Happy Engineer's Day!

The engineer will boldly tell us about the future development of science ... And we will take everything on faith, because progress is already knocking on our door with his hands! On Engineer's Day - congratulations! Serve science rightand let her muse will answer you in return! Do not forget about yourself, live, sometimes, only for your own pleasure, and this will be not selfishness, but a fair reward for long hours at your desk and in difficult production conditions!

You invent and construct mechanical wonders that make life easier for all of humanity! Thank you for your hard work, for the sleepless nights spent on the drawings, for the callused hands in the grease and engine oil! Let your dreams and hopes come true to your holiday!

On a wonderful holiday dedicated to all mechanical engineers, let all your dreams come true and wishes come true! Thank you for the immense contribution to the present and future of our country! I wish you good health, success in work and family well-being!

Not everyone can even assemble a mechanism from a children's designer, but God gave you golden hands and a rare mind to lay down the miracle of technology from a pile of metal and thousands of parts! You are the dignity and precious treasure of our state, dear mechanical engineers! Happy holiday!

You keep up with progress, using the latest technology and hardworking hands to create ultramodern cars! We wish you successful work practice, great achievements and worthy awards for your work! With professional holiday you!

Let everyone who has the professional skills of a mechanical engineer today gloriously award bosses, let the toasts and greetings today be just for him! We wish happiness to the great inventor on his holiday - the Day of the mechanical engineer!

We wish the mechanical engineers in their professional holiday the ocean of new modern ideas! Let no progress lead you, and you tell him the way! May, besides the great inventions, your life be filled with happiness, goodness and peace!

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Funny greetings Happy Engineer Mechanical Day in verse and prose 84

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