Full moon in december 2018

This phase of the moon is not only the most energetically saturated, but it can also have a negative impact on human health and life. To find out when the full moon is in December 2018, you need to look at the lunar calendar and plan things out taking into account the dangerous period.


Phases of the Moon in December

A feature of this month will be that it will begin and end with the Moon, which will decrease.

On December 1, the satellite will be in the constellation Virgo. It will be 23-24 lunar days. This position of the moon will largely determine the nature of this day. He will be very successful for financial transactions, as well as in order to engage in work that requires attention and a serious attitude. On this day, you can buy or sell real estate. Not bad to do and mediation. Definitely, this is a good time to study or improve your skills. In general, you can do any self-improvement.

Full moon in december 2018

The waning nature of the satellite leaves its mark on this period.12/01/18 will become a relatively passive day. On this day, it is better to abandon new cases. It's time to complete the projects started earlier and take stock.

The waning moon is characterized by slowness, lethargy of all processes. During this period, it is good to engage in the prevention of your health or treatment.

The fourth lunar phase will cause a decrease in the energy potential of people, so it is not recommended yet to overload your body, both physically and psychologically.

Astrologers advise to avoid quarrels and conflicts, because at this time there is a high probability of parting.

On the 23-24 day of the lunar calendar, people are very sensitive and can be offended on trifles. Therefore not recommended:

  • New acquaintances;
  • business meeting;
  • conclusion of transactions, etc.

Saturday Day says that Saturn will control everything. This planet has a strong and heavy energy. On Saturday, it’s better to end up with accumulated problems and start planning your life for a new week. According to experts, plans drawn up on Saturday are most often carried out. They also recommend holding business meetings on this day.

How the lunar cycle will look like in December can be seen from this table:

Decreasing Moon: 12/01/18 - 12/06/18 and 12/23/18 - 12/31/18
New moon: 07.12.18
Rising Moon: 08.12.18 – 23.12.18
Full moon: 22.12.18

Different phases of the moon act differently on the human condition. The moon and the Sun interact intensively during the New Moon, the Full Moon, and during the first and fourth quarters of the satellite’s development. These are the worst days. The satellite has a positive effect when the aspect between the Moon and the daylight is 120 or 60 degrees.

During the month the moon goes through four phases of its development. It includes 29-30 lunar days. All of them are not of equal duration. This is due to the fact that the moon goes through a full cycle in 29.5 ordinary days. The lunar month originates from the New Moon and continues until the next New Moon. Lunar days continue from sunrise to sunrise of the month. They are longer than sunny days. Every next day of the moon begins later. The moon can rise, both at night and in the daytime.

Full moon in december 2018

The influence of the moon on a person depends on:

  • lunar day;
  • satellite phases;
  • day of the week.

When will the Full Moon Moscow time

The full moon in December 2018 will come on December 22 at noon.It will be the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar. The satellite will take its position in the constellation Gemini. Any work at this time should be done quickly and energetically. Show special attention and a lot of time is not necessary. This period is also characterized by increased intellectual activity. It contributes to the search for new information, the development of new skills, learning and making instant decisions in a difficult situation.

It is useful to engage in investments, working with securities, as well as the protection of diplomas, theses or the search for information to them.

At this time, you should not engage in hard work, as you will constantly want to start a new job.

The fifteenth lunar day is considered a period of temptation. The result of your actions will depend entirely on your choice. What path you choose, this result and get. At this time, possible complications with relatives. Keep this in mind so as not to quarrel with loved ones.

In the period of Full Moon, the satellite has the maximum effect on humans. At this time, chronic diseases may increase, psychological instability may increase, and bleeding may appear.All this is due to an excess of energy.

Also this period is characterized by an increase in fertility. Obstetricians know this and are preparing for this moment in advance.

Full Moon makes people more irritable and nervous. Negative thinking increases and, as a result, alcohol consumption increases.

In the morning, the satellite will be in the constellation of Gemini, which will cause greater mobility and interest in new information. You may be interested in a new acquaintance or inspire a fresh idea.

During this period, there are also all sorts of intrigues that may affect you not in the best way. Be prepared for different gossip about you.

Also, one should not relax, because at that time fraudsters and swindlers are activating their activities.

At 16:00, the moon enters the constellation of Cancer. This can complicate a state of health. This, first of all, is about the chest, stomach, gallbladder and liver.

Full moon in December 2018. Moon phases, Moscow time

Watermark can affect the emotional state of people. It will be hard for them to hold back their emotions. It is necessary not to succumb to different wiles and unflattering words in relation to you. Only balanced and calm behavior can keep you on track.

At the same time, this is an excellent time for creative work.

Thus, we can summarize.At Full Moon it is recommended:

  • solve everyday problems;
  • finish previously started cases;
  • plan new classes;
  • engage in the prevention of health and hair dye, as well as change the image, etc.

Under Full Moon, astrologers do not recommend:

  • start any new business;
  • negotiate;
  • make financial transactions;
  • change the scope of activities;
  • make travels;
  • go on business trips;
  • make cosmetic and other operations;
  • overeat.

When to make a wish

Astrologers believe that during the Full Moon you can make wishes. This is due to the fact that human energy is at its peak. At this time, you can turn to the Universe with your deepest desires. It is important to choose the right time and form of treatment. The most suitable time for this occupation is time, when the code of the daytime star is still in the sky, and the night light is only rising. The presence of the Sun and the Moon at the same time can make your desire a reality.

Experts pay attention to the fact that the desire is better to write on paper and to specify it as much as possible. The request should not be ambiguous.Also important is the sensation. You must imagine that your dream has already come true, and you are completely satisfied with its implementation.

For owls, the most opportune moment to make a wish is midnight. At this time, you should put a sheet with a desire to moonlight and imagine that it has already been fulfilled.

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