Fujifilm X30 digital camera: reviews, instructions, sample photos

A large range of digital cameras onmarket, which have an external similarity, the same value and differ only in brand logos, is pretty boring for potential buyers. After all, there is nothing to choose from. Enthusiasts who look after a compact device want something special. Apparently, to the same thought came and technology company Fujifilm, who presented the world with a digital camera X30, made in retrostyle. For a long time in the market there was nothing like this, so the novelty immediately interested enthusiasts.

Fujifilm X30

The focus of this article is a compact deviceFujifilm X30, represented in the segment of advanced digital cameras for leisure and creativity. Technical characteristics, reviews, instructions, sample photos and functional review will allow the reader to get acquainted with the novelty closer.

First meeting

Taking the camera for the first time, the userwill find 100% similarity of a gadget with a film technique - practically the same weight and size. The weightiness of the device gives the magnesium case, made in retro style, which forces the buyer to pay attention to the digital camera Fujifilm X30. Reviews of owners, however, on the body contain and negative notes. Users noticed one drawback - the technique has no protection against moisture and dust.

reviews about the camera Fujifilm X30

On the side of the gadget resembles a small copymirror camera - the same finish, the location of controls and interfaces. The manufacturer tried to convey in retrostyle and the color of the digital device. There are two modifications on the market: black and steel. In the steel version, the model is more like a film camera FED, rather than a high-tech technique.

Camera for creativity

It is clear that any review of the device followsbegin with a study of technical specifications, but the Fujifilm X30 digital camera here is an exception. After all, unlike its competitors, it has a semi-professional lens that has not been used in compact cameras before. With a range of focal lengths of 28-112 mm (equivalent to 35 mm), the camera provides a lot of opportunities for creativity.

Fujifilm X30 user guide

A luminous lens is a dream of any beginnerphotographer, because with a maximum aperture of 2.0-2.8 you can shoot in a room with poor lighting without increasing the sensitivity of the matrix (ISO). Naturally, the noise in the final image can simply be forgotten.

Confuses only the diameter of the thread on the lens for installing filters. The size is not quite standard for optics, therefore, finding the right component on the domestic market will not be so easy.

Working with the object

The exposure can be selected by twoways - using a digital viewfinder, as well as using a Fujifilm X30 liquid crystal display. Examples of photos, just before shooting, are available in preview mode, which can be activated by any customizable button on the digital device's housing.

Fujifilm X30 digital camera

As for the screen in a compact camera,it may not like all users. The fact is that the 3-inch display is not a touchscreen. This is a serious defect in the manufacturer. The second drawback, which all owners report in their reviews, is the ability to rotate the screen. It is realized at a low level - the display moves only in the horizontal plane.


It can not be said that the CMOS matrix 2/3 "" isthe best solution for the Fujifilm X30. Yes, compared with the soapboxes, the size is impressive, but for creativity, an APS-C matrix is ​​needed. All potential buyers will agree with this. As for the speed of work, here the digital device has full order - a powerful processor EXR Processor II demonstrates high performance. The owner will not notice any braking, even during the serial shooting with the preservation of photos in RAW format.

But the ISO range initially raises doubtspotential buyers (100-3200 with software expansion up to 12800 units). It looks somehow poor even against the background of compact cameras. However, in the process of operation, the owner will understand that there will be no lack of lighting - a high-speed lens is able to pull out any exposure.

Remote Control

Based on user reviews, praiseThe Fujifilm X30 also deserves its convenience. The instructions supplied with the gadget detail not only the functionality of the camera, but also give many examples of settings that the user can immediately make to the camera. Management is really convenient and there are no questions to it. Even the lack of touch input has gone unnoticed by many users.

digital camera Fujifilm X30 reviews

As in mirror devices, the camera is equipped with arotary wheel, allowing you to select the shooting mode. Here everything is simple: aperture priority, shutter speed, manual mode or automatic, and also there is a possibility to create your own settings and apply effects. The button for controlling the video recording is taken separately and is located near the descent. Initially, such a manufacturer's decision seems absurd, but in the process of exploitation the negative disappears, since random button presses are excluded.


Comments about Fujifilm X30 are wearing morepositive character, but without negativity it did not. Users did not like the implementation of the built-in flash in the camera. Its size and efficiency leave much to be desired. The benefit of the manufacturer has equipped a digital device with a shoe for connecting an external device, otherwise there would be no chance of staying on the market with a camera.

The presence of a wireless Wi-Fi module was initiallymet with skepticism, however, having understood the settings, users were delighted. Quick transfer of pictures to the smartphone and remote control of the camera from a mobile device (Android or iOS) - this is the best that the manufacturer could have done with the Fujifilm X30.

Fujifilm X30 examples of photos

But with video shooting, the camera has problems. Yes, video is written in FullHD format at a speed of 60 frames per second, but manual settings are not available to the user, and the automatic focus constantly misses.


Compact Fujifilm X30 camera uniquelywill interest users who want to buy a decent device with great functionality at an affordable price. After all, the main features of this camera are compactness, convenience and quality of shooting. To the symbiosis of a mirror device and a "soap box" is also worth adding retro style, which is able to attract the attention of others to the camera.

But for beginners who want to buy a camerafor creativity, this camera will not work. The problem is that it focuses more on manual control, requiring knowledge in the field of photography. It is possible to use the automatic mode, but this is not the camera, which is interesting to shoot everything in the "Auto" mode.

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