Fretwork and decor in our time

January 3, 2018
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The versatility and diversity in the current decor can be achieved primarily with stucco. Whatever direction the style prevailed even in ancient antiquity. Always, being very fashionable, stucco is always very much appreciated. Even now, in modern and classic interior design, the stucco decor occupies an honorable place.

In addition, at present, the technology of decorating and decorating facades of houses with the help of facade moldings of various assortments and purposes has become widely used. The architectural decor actively conquers new fans and serves to improve the appearance of buildings, giving them a finished appearance.

Fretwork and decor in our time

Stucco for centuries made of gypsum. The material is natural, durable, environmentally friendly, very resistant to temperature changes. It is resistant to mold and fungi, and also does not create a favorable environment for microorganisms. But the manufacture of such products from gypsum is very time consuming, because all the work is done manually. But on the other hand, such decor is made individual and “alive”. Another big plus stucco - is durability.Virtually the only drawback of this material is moisture. You should not do stucco in the bathroom or other areas where there is high humidity.

Fretwork and decor in our time

But modern technology is running forward. They did not bypass the stucco made of plaster. Now there is a budget version of this material, made of expanded polystyrene. It is very light, moisture resistant, easy to install. But there are downsides - it is short-lived and fragile. A stucco made of polyurethane foam will last longer and will look more aesthetic. This is a very durable and moisture-resistant material, complemented by excellent texture and a huge variety of ready-made decorative elements.

Fretwork constantly enjoys the same success, without giving up their positions. The fact is that the demand for it will never fall. Newly designed décor forms are created by masters, and designers harmoniously fit into their own projects and products. The luxurious component of the decor is not only a profitable purchase, but also an important part of home comfort. Even, one might say, is a mirror of the taste of the owner’s exclusiveness of the house. After all, the facade or interior, organically decorated using luxurious and high-quality decor, will always delight visitors of the home. And the owners themselves, too.

Fretwork and decor in our time

Summing up, it is fitting to say that the price of plaster decor will be affordable for the majority of consumers. And do not think that it is so expensive, because in former times, the manufacture of gypsum stucco made by hand. Thus, the price threshold was high. Today, innovative processing technologies are used that make it possible to produce very beautiful products with minimal costs.

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