Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person

Who would have imagined that the talentedfraudster with a good sense of humor will become a leading specialist in document security? It's about a man famous for the impudence of his adventures - Frank Abigneyle, Jr., who became the prototype of the hero Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "Catch Me If You Can."

Frank Abingale

Childhood and the beginning of activity

Abignale Sr. and his wife Paulette wereparents of four children, of whom Frank Jr. was the third child. The father of the family was engaged in business, had many affairs with people of different social statuses and was constantly aware of political events. When the youngest Frank turned sixteen, his parents divorced, and by decision of the court he remained in the care of his father, who, according to Frank himself, was not particularly happy about it. Difficultly experiencing the divorce of his parents, Abignale long tried to reconcile them, but without success - in 1974 his father died.

Ironically, it was the father who became his first"Victim". Entering the age when they are already interested in the opposite sex, young Frank, communicating with the girls, more and more needed the means. Under the pretext of refueling the car (which his father gave him), Frank William Abigney the Jr. asked his parent for a credit card. And this, as they say, was just the beginning. Having conspired with the workers of petrol stations, Frank carried out purchases of auto parts and fuel, punching through the credit card large sums. And the rest of the real price difference he shared with his accomplices. As a result, the credit account grew to 3400 dollars. And to somehow make sure, Abignale-ml. destroyed payment checks that came by mail. And if it were not for personal communication with a tax official who came to their home, his father would not have learned anything. There was no punishment after this, everything was limited to verbal punishment. However, after this, Frank decided to switch his "activities" to others.

Frank Abingale

Conquering Airlines

For unimpeded movement across the countryFrank Abigneyle had a little "re-qualified": having resorted to cunning, he got hold of the airline pilot's uniform. He also forged documents. Thanks to this scam, he flew around the world for free. Under the general rules, the company-employer covered all expenses related to flights, hotels and meals.

Also Frank Abignail, being a "pilot"cashed in for future "wages" fake checks, similar to those that the company gives out to its employees. So he flew over a million miles. In its arsenal - more than 25 flights. He visited at least 26 countries. At the same time, Abigneyl never managed to sit at the helm of the plane, arguing that he had "drunk a little before".


Federal agents day and night, but without successtried to catch an elusive "pilot", forging bank checks. And, sensing this, Frank Abigneyl decided to temporarily go into the shadows. However, this does not mean that he abandoned his adventures. On the contrary, he "retrained". Once again forging documents, he "became" a medical doctor, and then an assistant prosecutor. In the latter case, he had to learn, and then pass a certification examination.

Frank abigail photo

From prisoners to consultants

Despite his resourcefulness and his luck,Frank Abignale (photo can be seen below) was still caught. He served six months in French and Swedish prisons. Then he was extradited to the United States and sentenced to imprisonment for 12 years.

Frank was on the account and escapes. And he carried out the first one before his term was served. During the extradition, when the plane just landed at the US airport, Frank managed to leave the plane through a niche under the toilet. Soon he was caught. After some time, he again fled - and again unsuccessfully. But, even given this "exemplary" behavior, Abignale was released four years later. And the initiators were people who occupy prominent positions in the FBI. Frank Abigneyle was released on condition that he becomes a consultant in capturing scammers.

Frank William Abigail Jr.

Honest life

When he became a law-abiding citizen,Frank had problems with employment - employers, after learning about the criminal record, did not want to take it. But the cheerful Abignale Jr. did not drop his hands and turned to the bank with an unexpected proposal: he, like a former adventurer with an extensive track record, tells the bank's employees how they can be deceived. In return, they pay him a fee of five hundred dollars and give recommendations to other banks. And if his advice is not useful, then he leaves with nothing. After that, Frank became the most respected adviser on security matters in the field of checks and documentation.

"Catch me…"

And in the end it is necessary to note the brilliantthe film adaptation of the book "Catch Me If You Can", written by Frank Abygnale (the first-person biography is co-authored with Stan Redding). Her production was done by Steven Spielberg himself, and the main roles were performed by some of the most talented actors of our time - Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. By the way, Frank was very pleased with how Leo played it in his youth. In the process of working on the picture, Abignale Jr. (he was a consultant, and also played the episodic role of the policeman who arrested Abigneyl-jr.) Communicated a lot with the actors and not only on the set. More than once he later noted that DiCaprio is a very communicative and hospitable host, and Tom Hanks can never be seen without a mood, and it was very pleasant to communicate and work with him.

Frank Abigail Biography

Needless to say, such a talented tandemunder the leadership of no less talented director firmly established himself in the hearts of the fans? After all, in this story (with the exception of some details, not unlike the original biography) there is a place for comedies, drama, and simple human feelings, and even morals. It's never too late to start your life again, you just need to.

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Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person Frank Abygneil, Jr. Two lives of one person