Flying cars in 2019: the first production concepts

"Black Lightning", "Flying Car", "Flying Fortress" - all these fantastic films are united by one idea: the creation of a reliable flying machine. People of the whole world have been dreaming about it for a long time.

Making flight simple, like a regular public transport trip to the office, has become a fix idea for most inventors.

First came the first flying balloons, then the airships. These types of air transport was slow and uncomfortable. After the rounded units, the world saw mechanical structures driven by propellers.

As time went on, the mechanisms became more complicated. Some became freight carriers, others turned into huge passenger liners. But the dream is still not fully embodied in reality.

The real embodiment of the human dream of the sky can be considered personal transport, which can take the driver to the sky. Until now, this has been too fantastic an idea.But time does not stand still, so the day is close when the world will see a real flying machine available for controlling an average person.

Who is working on the creation of serial flying cars

The creation of such a transport was engaged in several world-famous automotive companies:

  • Japanese auto giant Toyota (Cartivator project);
  • Slovak company AeroMobil;
  • US company Terrafugia;
  • Russian AvtoVAZ and Hoversurf;
  • PAL-V and their Liberty.

The gunsmiths are also working on the creation of this type of transport. For example, the Kalashnikov concern has already presented to the world its own single-seat development of air transport with vertical takeoff.

The advantages and disadvantages of flying cars

serial flying car in 2019

It became known that in Russia, the 2019 year will be marked by the sale of flying cars. Apparently, the Russians will be represented by multikopter with an electric motor. The prototype of this unit has already been presented to the public by PassengerDrone.

We can tell a lot about the possible advantages of this type of technology. Its main advantages are:

  • maneuverability, which allows you to move in almost any direction, changing the height of the flight;
  • compactness, since its dimensions can be attributed to very small;
  • convenient start, which can occur both horizontally and vertically. Now it will not be scary to get stuck in a traffic jam or be trapped in a parking lot.

first flying car

However, these machines have their drawbacks:

  • they are very "thermophilic." In winter, a flying car may freeze and refuse to work.
  • they can be used exclusively on the territory of large settlements. This feature is caused by the need for special chargers that can be placed within the city.

Prospects for the use of such transport

Not long until the moment when flying cars appear on our streets. Wishing to buy them very much, now buyers are lining up, waiting for the first deliveries.

flying car of the future

As we all know, prototypes and starting models of any new items are the first to fall into the hands of the richest. In our case - the golden youth.

It’s hard not to imagine how the situation on the roads will look like in the near future, if we recall the number of accidents and other problems created by representatives of this group of people even without road traffic.Their frequent violations of traffic rules have become one of the most popular topics for anecdotes for good reason. What will happen if they buy a flying car?

In any case, the first years for air motorists will be the most dangerous. The main risks are the absence of air traffic regulations for this type of transport.

Due to its positive qualities, flying cars will eventually become quite common and accessible to all.

flying car photo 2019

One of the main advantages of flying cars, in light of the limited global reserves of hydrocarbon fuel, is the use of rechargeable batteries and electrical energy.

Already, electric vehicles are gaining popularity all over the world. Outwardly, he practically does not differ from the usual gasoline machines. It will take a little time, and parents will be able to quickly and comfortably bring their children to school on a flying car.

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