flower composition

Posted by01.05.2017

Flowers (artificial, real, or paper crafts) decorate any home. A homemade flower arrangement is a great festive decor option. Especially they love to make children. If you have a child in your home, be sure to attract him to this activity - together you will definitely create a real masterpiece.

paper flowers
We will make an elegant holiday decoration - a flower composition with our own hands. As a basis (petals of our colors), you can take cardboard, felt, neoprene, colored paper or any other material from which it will be easy to cut out the details. We also need various beads, rhinestones, ribbons, rivets - any jewelry that is on hand.

Carefully read the instructions and proceed to implementation.

paper flowers

paper flowers

paper flowers

Make several colors at once, and then fasten them together, making a bright composition out of them. You can attach a wire to them, and then stick a bouquet in a foam ball, or simply twist it together. Such a bouquet of homemade flowers will look great if you hang it from the ceiling. No less elegant, he looks in a flower pot.

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