Floor coverings

Besides the fact that the floors have a constructive function, they are also an important element of the interior of the room. The latter property plays a big role. Here everything matters: color, geometry, pattern, and even the reflective properties of the coating. These signs help to create the original design in any interior. Floor coverings that are available on the modern building materials market provide great opportunities for the consumer in deciding the question: what to cover the floor with?

In the past there were wooden floors, which are painted with oil paint. Monotonous and faded linoleum has undergone great changes for the better. There is a growing selection of fabric coatings. Modern parquet flooring has also expanded its choice.

What covers the floor in rooms that perform various functions? In these rooms, flooring should also be different. You can not use the same coating for the kitchen, nursery, living room and bathroom. When choosing flooring should be guided by the appointment of a particular room.

So the kitchen involves frequent wet cleaning.Bathroom and toilet room require flooring, which is highly resistant to moisture. In these rooms should be used those materials for which you can easily care. Agrob ceramic tile meets these conditions.

In the living room, a natural parquet flooring or material that imitates it is usually used. For the children's room the best solution is carpet. When choosing a carpet in the nursery, you need to remember that it should be easy to clean. Today, in the trade assortment of building materials from all types of floor coverings, wooden coatings have a wide range. Laminated floors and floor tiles are in great demand. Well bought cork coating. A large selection of carpets and linoleum.

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