Fixed formwork

Fixed formwork: existing technologies are not standing still and construction is no exception. Applied modern materials have high performance and meet all international standards. In addition, the main focus is on the speed of construction. One of these materials isfixed formworkor blocks of expanded polystyrene, foam concrete and aerated concrete. This material has many advantages and greatly accelerates the construction of the building.

Blocks of this material are hollow cubes of various shapes and having sides on each side (top and bottom). In appearance, they are a bit like a designer. As for the construction technologyfixed formworkthen it also resembles the build process of the constructor. The teeth give a great grip and eliminate the gaps between the blocks. They are hollow for pouring inside the solution. Although the blocks themselves are quite strong, they are not carriers. Cavities inside such blocks are reinforced and filled with a special solution.The very same block is a good surface for finishing insulation and sometimes lining. This material is absolutely fireproof, waterproof and water resistant, and also keeps heat well and is a kind of sound insulator. The speed of construction of a building from such material is reduced to one season. However, this material has certain disadvantages. The main ones are the cost and requirements for having a high level of employee skills. If you look from the point of view of savings on the introduction of such material, then this drawback fades. Also, the disadvantage can be considered the difficulty in conducting communications. The hollow structure slightly complicates the installation of pipes and wires. A significant drawback is the need for forced ventilation. Almost complete tightness creates the need to create such ventilation, which is not a positive thing either in terms of money or for health. Also worth noting is the need for mandatory grounding.

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