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Five levels of executives

One of the most important reasons for the success of companies, a well-known marketing researcher and visionary, Jim Collins, considers the talent of its leader.
In the book “From Good to Great,” which has already become a cult, he identifies five main types of leaders, divided into levels:
Level 1 - a highly professional employee who actively uses his abilities, knowledge, experience and skills.
Level 2 - a valuable team member - contributes to the achievement of goals and effectively interacts with other team members.
Level 3 is a competent manager who is able to organize people and rationally allocates resources.
Level 4 - an effective leader, capable? to form a vision of the future and to ensure that the company is moving along the intended path.
Level 5 - allows you to achieve exceptional results and has outstanding personal qualities.

Each next level of manager includes the qualities of all previous levels.
A characteristic feature of managers of the fifth level is the main thing in their life - this is the success of companies, and only then the desire for their own well-being and fame.

They want to see the company even more successful in the future, not paying attention to the fact that maybe not everyone will know whose efforts were the basis of success. As one fifth-level manager said: “I would like, once sitting on my veranda, to see one of the greatest companies in the world and say:“ I worked there ”.”
In this case, the leaders of the fifth level are incredible modesty.

They write off successes and victories on random factors, over which they have no power, and failures and mistakes boldly “take” themselves - Collins calls this model of behavior the Mirror Effect.

It is not difficult to assume that ordinary managers act with the exact opposite.

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