Fireplace portal with your own hands

Fireplace portal with your own handsThe desire to arrange a fireplace in his apartment or house has ancient roots: the fireplace gave its owners warmth, a sense of security and comfort. Until now, people associate with the fireplace the pleasant emotions of a beautiful and beloved home. Nowadays, the issue of heating the dwelling is not so acute, therefore, artificial or false-fireplaces are often installed in the apartments, which bring aesthetic pleasure to their owners first of all, and the heating function of the dwelling is in the background. These devices still occupy a central place, attracting all households to themselves. The appearance of both an artificial and a real fireplace, its decorative function largely depend on the portal - the outer, framing part of the hearth. If you are going to use an artificial electric fireplace in your interior, then surely you will be interested in this article, in which we will tell about those materials from which you can make a portal for the fireplace with your own hands.

Stone for the manufacture of the portal

For the manufacture of portals used a variety of materials: the newest, of artificial origin, and those that have long accompanied people. For example, a portal for a fireplace is made of stone for all types of fireplaces. It should be noted that portals made of natural stone or brick significantly increase the weight of the whole structure. Also, special skills of the bricklayer will be useful here. But the aesthetics of the stone in the home interior pays for all the efforts and complexity. Such a fireplace creates the impression of good quality, thoroughness and reliability.

Features of the manufacture of wooden portal

Fireplace portal with your own hands

The portal for a fireplace from a tree assumes existence of certain knowledge, skills and tools. Solid wood, for example, creates an atmosphere of solidity. However, the tree under the influence of high temperatures is deformed and cracks. To avoid such unpleasant phenomena allows the implementation of several simple techniques:

  • all wooden elements should be treated on all sides with heat-resistant acrylic varnish;
  • use wood glue that does not contain water - on a synthetic basis;
  • use only thoroughly dried bars and shields from the same wood species.

In the case of an electric fireplace, a portal for a polyurethane fireplace is very popular.The material is fireproof, non-flammable and durable. At the same time there are two methods of finishing such products - adhesive and mechanical. When installing a polyurethane portal, one should strictly follow the technological recommendations of the manufacturer of polyurethane moldings.

Making a portal of drywall

Drywall fireplace portal

One of the most common types of framing is the portal for a fireplace made of plasterboard. Therefore, about this type of design in more detail.

As with any serious business, the portal for the fireplace does the creation of a project or a plan for the future of the product. Then follow these steps:

  • choose a place for the fireplace: along the wall or in the corner;
  • determine and calculate the area for a wonderful element of the interior;
  • according to the calculations, choose an electric fireplace in the store;
  • take into account the larger size of the portal than the dimensions of the electric fireplace.

The framework for the portal is usually made of metal profiles. For example, the guide profiles 27x28, rack-mount - 60x27. The frame is recommended to attach to the wall. It is important that the frame consists of 2 elements: from the design for the podium and the element for the portal with the fireplace.

Strengthening the frame is carried out by fixing the cross-pieces from the rack profile - across the entire width and height, in increments of 15-20 cm. Particularly need to strengthen the place intended for the installation of the hearth. After that, you need to put in advance the purchased electric fire in the opening and, if necessary, “fit” the dimensions of the opening. The next step is to prepare the holes for the wiring in the inside of the portal. They are cut opposite the exhaust ducts that are in the body of the electric furnace. Then, using black self-tapping screws with black thread, the portal is sheathed with drywall. The length of the screws - 25 mm. After that, the entire plasterboard surface is impregnated with a primer. In the next step, it is necessary to putty the surface. Fragile corners should be protected with a perforated corner profile. Now it is the turn of the application of the decorative layer.

Fireplace Gypsum Portal

Portals for a fireplace made of plaster are also popular because the style and look of its decoration is limited only by the imagination and craftsmanship of the craftsman. The decor imitating a natural stone effectively and stylishly looks. Textured putty followed by dyeing looks quite “brutal”.

Fireplaces still have almost magical power of appeal. Therefore, many seek to equip the fireplace in his apartment. There are plenty of opportunities for this now. This includes the manufacture of artificial fireplaces, where the main decorative function is performed by the fireplace portal. With certain skills, knowledge and skills, it is quite possible to make a fireplace portal with your own hands.

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