Film War of the Worlds Z 2 (2017)

The company Paramount Pictures announced that the continuation of the acclaimed action movie with Brad Pit “War of the Worlds Z” will be availablefrom June 9, 2017. It is worth noting that the first film did not inspire much hope for profitability, some critics considered it a failed project at all. But, despite disappointing forecasts, the picture has earned more than 540 million dollars in the world box office.

As for Brad Pete, the work on the film has become the most profitable in his entire career. Rumors of a possible continuation already excite the imagination of film fans, who hope that the sequel will be even more exciting and tense.

About the film

The idea of ​​creating a post-apocalyptic blockbuster “War of the Worlds Z” (“World War Z”) was taken by director Marc Forster from the novel of the same name by Max Brooks. The plot seems familiar to many, because in modern cinema there are quite a few zombie films that flood large cities, and then the entire planet.

The protagonist Gerald Lane (Brad Pitt) is trying with all his forces to stop the epidemic that can destroy all life on Earth.This work of Pitt was on the verge of failure, because his constant squabbles with director Mark Forster only interfered with productive shooting. More than 190 million dollars were spent on the creation of the painting, although initially this amount was much less.

The film itself was constantly reworked - one final scene of what it was worth ... But, surprisingly, the audience and critics accepted the picture, and Brad Pitt once again showed that he is a worthy actor who can cope with any difficulties.

War of the Worlds Z

The blockbuster fans didn’t have time to “move away” from what they saw on the screens, as the creators pleased them with good news - the shooting of the continuation of the “War of Worlds Z” will start soon. It is known that the start of work will be in 2016. It is worth noting that the sequel is produced by the company Brad Pitt “Plan B”, respectively, the actor will act as a producer of this project.

Filmmakers and actors

It is known that Juan Antonio Bayona will become the director of the sequel (he became known from the films “Shelter” and “The Impossible”), the screenwriting was entrusted to Stephen Knight, who managed to work on such large-scale projects as “Lock” export".

It is also rumored that Max Brooks himself will help Stephen, because he is endowed with an incredible talent, to create truly exciting stories.

The main role in this science fiction film of 2017 is likely to go to Brad Pitt again. This actor has established itself only from the best side, especially in such projects. Full return to the shooting process, a special approach to each of your character, make his characters even more realistic and memorable.

During his entire acting career, he managed to play in more than 50 films, won such prestigious awards as “Golden Globe” and “Oscar”.


film War of the Worlds 2017It is not clear what will be in the second part of the zombie action movie. The first “War of the Worlds Z” was a unique production and was made in the pseudo-documentary genre. But the scriptwriters worked so hard on the plot that it was hard to catch the notes of Max Brooks in it. The only thing that made the book and the film the main character and several minor details.

But those lovers of such literature who read the work of Brooks should remember that it tells how the period of panic, when the “zombic” virus broke free, and the periods of struggle with it, as well as the consequences that followed wrestling.

Most likely, the writers of the second part will take as a basis a few details from the book, not previously used. In addition, Max Brooks has already managed to release a series of stories with a similar plot - they can also be used to create a script for the 2017 film “War of the Worlds Z 2”.

Perhaps the sequel will begin its story from a time when no one knew about the virus and would show the person who caused such a large-scale epidemic. It is also rumored that the film may become a completely separate story, not related to the first part.

Interesting facts and details

World War Z 2017

  • A whole team of experienced screenwriters worked on the creation of the first part - such masters as Drew Goddard (“Cabin in the Forest”) and Damon Lindeloff (“Lost”, “Prometheus”). But, despite the number of famous screenwriters, the picture still lost the original black humor and sarcasm. On the other hand, family values ​​and pathos fit perfectly in it - this is what allowed the film to acquire such an extensive audience of fans.
  • Considering that the “War of the Worlds Z” owes its popularity solely to the participation of Brad Pitt in it, it’s extremely hard to imagine that it’s the role of the protagonist of some other actor.Therefore, the creators do not even consider the option of replacing - the husband of Angelina Jolie will still play in the sequel.
  • Initially, it was planned to create a trilogy and start shooting immediately after the release of the first part of “War of the Worlds Z”, but for some reason this event was postponed. To date, it is not known whether the third part will be released or whether it will be the end of the second film.

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