The film "Swiadek" (Witness) 2019

The Polish drama with Michalina Olshansk in the leading role was fully ready in 2014. But the full-length film “Witness” (Swiadek) in 2019 is coming out. Why it took so long to work on the release is still unknown. It is possible that the creators of the drama will answer this question later, when the full-scale advertising promotion begins. In the meantime, they only reported when the "Witness" will be released in Poland.


A country: Poland
Genre: drama
Producer: Miguel Gaudencio
Release date: March 11, 2019 (in Poland)

Production of the film "Witness"

The first video for the feature film was released back in 2016. They became a trailer that demonstrated quite frank scenes with actress Mikhalina Olshanska (known for the scandalous historical drama "Matilda"). Since then, nothing was heard about the project. In addition to the conditional release time - the exit was already scheduled for 2019.

The film "Swiadek" (Witness) 2019

In January 2018, the second trailer was released in Russian. In this video, no provocative scenes have been demonstrated. He became the exact opposite of the second trailer. Contemplative, reflective, even philosophical.The video did not reveal any details about the drama, did not give plot tips. It is designed to intrigue and demonstrate the contrast with the first.

In April 2018, the creators of the "Witness" announced when the film will be released. The premiere in Poland is scheduled for March 11, 2019. When the drama will go to conquer the world and Russian cinemas, while it is not exactly clear. In Russia, it is likely to be released in limited rentals, not in all cinema networks. But after renting, you can easily watch a new movie online, in professional dubbing and excellent quality.

The plot of the new Polish drama "Swiadek"

The summary of the "Witness" is kept by the filmmakers in secret. You have to build your guesses on the trailers already provided by the film crew. In them we see a young girl Naomi, clearly immersed in herself. She may have witnessed something terrible — a crime or a catastrophe. And now she is seeking within herself the answers to the vital questions that have appeared to her.

The plot of the film will be twisted around this heroine, her inner throwing. Even the film’s slogan hints at that. In translation, it says "when you stop asking questions, you stop looking for answers."The drama will be filled with philosophical meaning, will become a measured film, which you will have to think about when leaving the cinema. Perhaps, after watching everyone will determine for himself what the film is about. Find answers to your own questions.


The roles in the film "Witness" are performed by the following actors:

  • Michalina Olshanska ("Matilda", "I, Olga Gepnarova").
  • Daniel Olbrychski ("Flood", "Turkish Gambit").
  • Jan Englert (“Katyn”, “Liberation”).
  • Alexey Komorowski (“SuperBob”, “Hello, I love you!”).
  • Izabela Kuna (“Volyn”, “Run, boy, run”).
  • Michal Mikolajchak ("City 44", "Justice of Agatha").
  • Dorota Lilhental ("Pianist", "City 44", "In the Dark").
  • Joanna Kupinska ("In the rhythm of the heart", "Vulture", "Justice of Agatha").
  • Zbigniew Stry ("Road Patrol").
  • Dagmara Brodziak.

The film "Swiadek" (Witness) 2019. Release date, actor, trailer

The cast will be primarily familiar to fans of Polish films and TV shows, because the performers play mostly in their homeland. But for the Russian audience, the names of Polish actors may seem familiar. So the name of Michalina Olshanska thundered throughout Russia because of scandals associated with the film “Matilda”, based on the historical connection of the Russian tsar with the dancer (which the actress played).

Over the film “Swiadek” worked

The film crew working on the drama film "Witness":

  • Director: Miguel Gaudencio.
  • Production staff: Pavel Sroka, Michalina Olshansk, Anna Anosovich.
  • Screenwriters: Tommy Draper, Miguel Gaudencio.
  • Composer: Nuno Malu.
  • Editor: Sebastian Mucha.

It is not yet clear which distributor will undertake to duplicate and present the two-hour “Witness” in Russian. But the format of this drama clearly does not imply wide distribution. The film is art-house, not every ordinary viewer will want to watch it. But in any case, we will find out how much “Swiadek” will shoot in the environment of the author's cinema, in the spring of 2019.

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