The film "Legion of Ghosts" 2018

Ghosts - a very fertile topic for filmmakers and writers. At the same time, they are frightening, often vicious and offended at the living aliens from the dead world, on the other hand, they also give hope for the possibility of continuing to exist at the end of the earthly path. So filmmakers exploit the restless souls willingly, sometimes with a fair imagination. How good it will come from the team that makes the film "Legion of Ghosts" 2018 time will tell.

The film "Legion of Ghosts" 2018


There are a lot of films about casting, and in various genres, from mystical melodramas to horror films of the “skin-cold” level. Few even managed to take places in the Top 250 best paintings:

Name Place in the ranking Rating
The Ghost (1990) 140 8.17
The Sixth Sense (1999) 79 8.17
Spirited Away (2001) 46 8.67
"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" (2003) 35 8.34

In the case of the “Legion of Ghosts”, it seems that it’s not worth counting on getting into the lists of masterpieces. So far there is very little data (the main indicator - the size of the budget of the picture is not known), but even the available ones are enough to make a rough idea.The tape is declared as a fantasy action movie, but the list of those who had a hand in its creation does not inspire confidence at all: they won’t be given much money, and one can’t dream of epicity and scope.

Three studios were already "shooting" for the shooting:

  • IMAGEN Films Inc,
  • Pennlyn Productions,
  • and speculative,

In the asset which are five shorts for the whole trinity. The personality of director Marty Martin, who wrote the scripts and edited all his films, is quite remarkable! But most likely it is not a surplus of talent, but a banal lack of funding. This time he decided to give the chair of screenwriter Michael Gozard, who wrote the screenplay for the film “Pride” (2007), which has a rather high IMDb rating. The truth is mostly due to the theme of the struggle for racial equality raised in the picture, to which the Western public treats with more trepidation than the high artistic value of the tape.

When will the movie

The film "Legion of Ghosts" 2018

The official release date is still a mystery. With a picture of a lot of ambiguities, when the tape comes out will be exactly known in 2018.


The film "Legion of Ghosts" 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

While this is the biggest mystery. The cast is not approved, but it is unlikely that it will be famous and recognizable actors. Maximum - familiar faces from TV shows and cheap thrash horror movies.

What is the movie about

But the plot is interesting. At least his backstory.It is based on the recent historical discovery of the military clash between Roman legionaries and the troops of the Chinese empire that took place. Over 3000 kilometers from the borders of Rome, his soldiers were after the defeat of the Parthians of the Crassian legions. At first as prisoners, then as mercenaries, when the eastern rulers saw in the disciplined and trained aliens a powerful military force. In one of the Chinese villages on the border of the Gobi desert, descendants of the Crassus warriors still live: strange tall, fair-haired Chinese with blue eyes.

The writer decided to kill them all and make them bloodthirsty, restless spirits, dormant for the time being in unmarked graves in a foreign land. What will wake them up is not specified, but as a result, the dead legion will rise from the ground and begin to take out the anger accumulated for more than two thousand years against innocent local residents. Naturally, the evil undead will need to rein in, what is likely and will some (the options):

  • skeptic professor with a bunch of blunt students;
  • a ghost hunter with a team of same crazy followers;
  • an archaeologist who accidentally arouse an ancient evil;
  • group of the coolest special forces;
  • other options.

The idea is not bad, but the implementation of such a project rests on the budget, which is unlikely to be substantial. The name itself implies the presence of ghosts, and accordingly - special effects. And the word "legion" in it indicates a whole army of spirits, that is, large-scale special effects. However, the current viewer cannot be surprised by a mob of transparent ones after mounting extras in cardboard armor, cheap computer graphics, a student of the faculty of design, stuck together on his knee, too.

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