Festive table for the New Year of 2019 Pigs

So, the 2019th is almost on the threshold ... Therefore, we are all puzzled by the mass of the most important things associated with the preparation for his meeting. Not the last point of which, of course, is to resolve the issue with the banquet.

Besides the fact that the New Year is one of the few holidays in the year, the scope and richness of which is capable of impressing the imagination, the mass will also be associated with it. As common, well-established - always relevant, and those that are peculiar to a particular year.

Recall, according to the Chinese horoscope, the Year of the Pig is waiting for us - a rather picky animal, but prone to sybaritism and very fond of everything aesthetic.

About the New Year's table "in general"

What should be on the table in the New Year 2019?

So, among the first and well-known will take, for example, such that during the preparation of New Year's dishes with the whole family in the kitchen, if you want to quarrel (well, it happens that it is bursting with the desire to make someone comment, "let off steam"), Absolutely not worth it.

It is said that if this is not done, all the negative will move to the next year, and it will be held in permanent squabbles.But after the battle of the chiming clock, you have to be the most docile in the world paw - it will attract balance and complacency in the relationship.

Even on the table you should definitely put something new out of the dishes. Ideally, it has never been used at all, or at least, something that has not happened in the past New Year evenings. Let it be a dish or a set of glasses - it does not matter. The main thing is that it promises good news in the coming year. And, of course, do not put anything with chinks, cracks - this is a quarrel!

Food in general should be abundant (besides, the mistress of the year will support you in this with all hoofs!). Therefore, it is better to leave prim dinners with a portion layout of changes, like in elite restaurants, on St. Valentine's Day or another holiday - now is the time, like real pigs, to be decorated with numerous “troughs” with all sorts of foods and indulge in quiet gourmet joys, spitting on a figure and Feelings 1 January!

New Year's treat

Prepare for several days at once - in the fridges and on our frosty balconies, all this is well worth it. In addition, immediately perishable things you can not fill - salads, dishes with sauces, each time pouring a little in a salad bowl, and eating exactly as much as prepared.

The rest do not forget everything to tighten the film - so as not to wind.If there is only enough food for one New Year's Eve, then, according to you, and you will eat tasty food a year only once. So, look ...

Also be sure to use in the decoration of dishes "coins" made from cheese, pineapple slices, biscuits - anything. Or just shelter with them a mini-vase somewhere in the table setting - this is how you will attract wealth to your home next year. Free smart idea: zakorite some of the salads under the carcass of a pig and stick her in the back of a coin of some products - you get a kind of piggy bank. And respect the symbol of the year, and attract money to the family budget.

Some put bills under the tablecloth. Even for prosperity put on the table a vase with grain. It is believed that pigs love barley, oats, maize and peas the most - that’s one of those things you can use. By the way, this little thing is well presented in the form of a desktop serving composition in the New Year's style, additionally decorating it with sprigs of needles, cones, toys, beautiful decorative berries and other things.

Gilt recommends!

country style table for the New Year 2019

Ideally, dishes, tableware, and home decor should be in a rural style - “country”, “Provence”, grandmother’s vintage, eco ... Something in this spirit.Feel free to use natural wood on the table and in decorative compositions, hand-embroidered tablecloths and napkins. It is very good to use dried flowers for decoration, just live flowers, greenery - create such a “landscape” in which the mistress of the coming year will feel like fish in water.

As for filling the menu, looking at our lovely sow, we understand that the dishes should be hearty, but not too fancy - her simple soul will not appreciate this.

Meat, for obvious reasons, should not be pork. From bacon, bacon and ham with pork, too, will have to be abandoned. Although, problems, I think, it will not make any, because now many of its other varieties are available (beef, lamb, poultry and rabbit, even game is easy to get), fish, seafood, as well as sausages and other types of slicing.

So, in a squirrel, I think, you will not have a shortage. For other products, Pig, as you know, very much honors various vegetables, especially potatoes (be sure to have more salads with it!), But do not refuse fruit or bread (sandwiches, tartlets, all kinds of pastries and pies - our !)And, of course, in favor of decoration, as well as the inclusion in the recipe products such as oranges, mushrooms and all sorts of nuts.


It is also worth remembering that the Pig is earthen here, therefore, preference should be given to products grown in and on the ground. Remember the tale of "Tops and Root"? That's the same ... And the products to be mostly yellow, brown, gold, green and black colors - this will attract good luck to you and the favor of the sign. Or, in this palette at least try to carry out the decoration of dishes.

Regarding drinking, please note that the phrase “get drunk as a pig” is as far from reality as we are from Aldebaran! Zoologists claim that pigs have an extremely sensitive nose - comparable to that of a dog. They are even used in many countries as police assistants in the search for drugs and other prohibited items.

So, like dogs, they can’t stand drunkards! Undoubtedly, few people manage without alcohol on New Year's Eve, but everything should be moderately and not put up too many species - something light is desirable. But in a soft drink no one limits - the more and different it is, the better!

Well, I want to believe that our advice and ideas will help you to meet this New Year, as it should be.

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