Fashionable fur coats fall-winter 2017-2018

Luxury fur coat at all times were an indicator of status, material well-being and good taste. Well, since in the conditions of the harsh Russian climate, warm clothing is indispensable, then our women have fur products as favorite clothing items for the cold season. What fashionable fur coats in the winter of 2017-2018 will be in trend, you need to think now.

Fashion trends fur coats

The main trend of modern fur fashion is luxury, glamor, chic. Fur coats are not only classic, but also creative models, various styles, bright colors, various patterns, changes in the texture of fur.

Fashionable chinchilla coatLuxurious chinchilla fur coatShort fur coatFur coat without collar

Designers identify three lengths of fur products, which women of fashion should pay attention to: up to the ankle, to the knee, to the hips (short fur coat). The length of the sleeve is also played up. This may be the usual classic - the sleeve to the wrist, three-quarter, short, "bat".

Short coatAnkle CoatsWhite fur coatModels of white fur coats

What fur to give preference? Of course, natural! The royal mink is still at the top of the fashion Olympus. In the trend - sable, arctic fox, fox, beaver, astrakhan, muton, as well as exotic chinchilla, lynx, weasel, llama.Unconditional masts have Seasons - a combined fur coat made from differently textured fur, and the difference should be noticeable: smooth and fluffy fur, pieces of natural and artificial fur, or blocks of different color.

Karakul Fur CoatRabbit Fur ModelsColor range of fur coatsFur coats from natural fur

If at the moment this is not at all affordable for you or contradicts the life principles of environmental protection, the designers leave you the right to choose by offering original products made of artificial fur. Today it is not inferior in quality to natural, moreover, it practically does not differ from it visually. Products have a simple design that is emphasized, and the fur, as a rule, with a long nap, is painted in bright colors, which makes the coat extravagant.

Fashionable model 2018Faux fur coatCombined fur coatDyed Fur Coats

If we talk about colors in general, then in the autumn-winter season of 2017-2018 both monochrome furs and ornaments are in fashion, while fur coats with an animal print are especially popular. Fashionable products can be as a natural shade - gray, brown, red, and bright - emerald, blue, pink, neon. The hit season is snow-white fox or mink fur coats that are present in almost the entire designer collection.Such a thing looks royally luxurious and expensive, although it cannot be said that such a fur coat is practical. However, it is not intended for everyday wear, it is a purely evening option.

Fur coats juicy shadesFur bright colorsMulti-colored fur coatsFashionable white fur coats

Fashion models of women's fur coats

Natural fur coats have always been popular with women, regardless of age and status. This season, in addition to the classic, designers recommend to pay attention to the original models, with photos of fashionable fur coats 2017-2018, you can find in our review:

  1. Without collar. Products made in the style of minimalism, allow you to create interesting images, from everyday to evening. The most winning options are fur coats from white, black or transverse mink. Such a thing can be worn with a volume scarf or silk stole. The combination of two expensive textures - fur and silk - will add a bow of elegance and charm.
  2. With sleeves ¾. An elegant fur coat with short sleeves is impractical, but very beautiful, so women of fashion precisely love this style in the style of a-a-Jacqueline Kennedy. In combination with long gloves from expensive leather this thing will make the image expensive and glamorous.
  3. With a belt. This season is very fashionable to decorate the coat strap,This accessory looks especially impressive with fitted products in medium length of sheared or smooth fur. Color is preferable to the classic, as close to natural, or soft pastel.
  4. Short Fur coat - the perfect solution for avtoledi and save money. Many girls who can’t afford a long fur coat on the floor of a raccoon, black-brown fox or mink are happy to buy short furs made from this fur, but they are mid-thigh long. The advantage of such models is that they can be worn with almost all wardrobe items. The styles are various: flared, with a smell, fitted, "cylinders".
  5. Overseas. Fur coats free cut today are at the peak of popularity. In the upcoming season are relevant models of textured fur, with wide sleeves, original collars, giving the product additional volume.
  6. With a hood. Surround hood - a cozy and practical option. In cold weather, it replaces the cap with success, in the warm one - the collar is worn in a manner.

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