Fashionable dresses for full girls and women in 2018

A beautiful dress should not only please its owner, but also have many advantages. The most important function of the dress is to shape the shape and adjust the silhouette according to the wishes of the woman.

The ideal dress should “find” and emphasize the dignity of the figure, and, as if by magic, hide any flaws and problem areas that do not want to attract attention. There are few women who are 100% satisfied with their body, but at the same time, there is not one who does not know the strengths of his figure.

Best of all with this rule are familiar full women, who often remain on the sidelines of fashion trends, but are well aware that they will give a head start to thin women thanks to a luxurious bust, seductive hips and feminine roundness.

How to turn these virtues into a weapon of beauty, fashion and style, while negating any shortcomings? Fashionable dresses for the full 2018 fully meet the needs of fashionistas in the size of plussize, giving the opportunity to look in accordance with the latest innovations and trends from the world's catwalks.

Choosing the current plussize dress, pay attention to the following styles and details:

  • dresses of medium length with a smell on the waist;
  • double dresses with a cover and a transparent top layer;
  • long chiffon dresses with large floral pattern;
  • straight dresses with flared sleeves;
  • dresses with a deep neckline;
  • trend separate dresses.

Dresses with a smell

2018 dresses for full girls

Fashionable dress with a smell - the perfect choice for girls with curvaceous. This dress is universal. Depending on the color and details, it is suitable for the formal business style, and for the street casual, and for the solemn moments of your life.

For work and business meetings, choose a dress with a smell of medium length, with a shirt collar and pockets on the chest. To look elegant in the office, you can pick up a dark shirt-dress with a belt, which is tied with a large bow.

2018 plus size dresses

The natural folds of a dress with a smell will beautifully emphasize feminine lines, while not focusing on problem areas, and a belt at the waist will help create a classic slim silhouette.

For festive moments, as well as for everyday style, choose a long shirt dress with the smell of light, light shades.Everyone knows that white is full, so do not choose dresses of pure, snow-white color. It is better to choose a dress of milky color with a large print, as well as options for any light shades of blue, green, pink. In 2018, pastel colors of cold colors are in fashion.

Dresses with a transparent top

beautiful dresses for fat women

Two-layer dresses are not only incredibly fashionable, but also a unique find for stout girls. Combinations of two actual silhouettes and two contrasting textures of fabrics, work wonders!

The most advantageous option to plussize in 2018 will be a sheath dress made of dark stretching fabric that fits tightly around the figure. On top of the dress should be sewn (or worn separately) the top cover of transparent fabric - chiffon, thin tulle and other types of mesh fabric - free cut, or a fitted A-silhouette.

fancy dresses for obese women

Thus, the lower layer of the dress highlights the spectacular areas of the body - chest, thighs, and helps to outline the waist. The top layer covers the folds on the sides, tummy and other problem areas with a thin veil. Choose a double dress is better in dark colors: black, indigo blue or deep wine shades.

Perfectly suited for magnificent beauties and chiffon dresses, tunics that can be worn over a dress-case, or with pants. The upper light layer will remove obesity and earthiness, and give the figure lightness, hide the extra volume. In addition, dresses with translucent inserts and decor look not only graceful, but also tempting.

Dresses from thin fabrics with flowers

dress styles in 2018 for obese women

Floral print is one of the brightest and most current trends in the fashion of 2018. The most popular are roses and similar flowers with many petals. It is on hand to everyone who wears the size of plussize: a large pattern hides the volume of the figure and takes attention to itself, at the same time creating a romantic and feminine image.

Full girls by the summer of 2018 must buy a few long chiffon dresses with floral patterns. Choose fitted options. The belt will highlight the waist line, and light chiffon will hide any roundness that you don’t like in yourself.

fashion evening dresses for obese women

It is better not to choose straight dresses, overalls, they will emphasize the bulkiness and even add extra pounds. Fitted dresses in any length, on the contrary, will give the necessary lightness.You can pick up a short dress with a flared skirt, or a long dress with a neat cut just above the knee.

It is important to pay attention to the sleeve of the dress. A short dress looks better with a short, or sleeve ¾, whereas a maxi dress is equally good with long sleeves, and without it at all.

Separate dress

fashionable dress 2018 for obese women photo

Fashionable in 2018, separate combinations of top and skirts are perfect for full girls. The combination makes it possible to show the strip of the body, not emphasizing the flaws, but on the contrary, making them invisible.

Choose a combination with a fluffy tulip skirt, planted on a belt, and a top with long sleeves, fitting the chest. Thus, only a narrow strip of the body opens just above the waist, at the ribs.

fashion dresses for obese women

It is very important that the belt of the skirt does not overtighten the body and does not create an ugly fold just at the bare plot, then the combination will look just great. A skirt and a top of soothing dark shades are the perfect outfit for everyday wear.

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