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Well-groomed legs are an incredibly important detail of the look of a modern girl. In addition to hygiene procedures for skin and nail care, a pedicure includes and. Unlike a manicure, a pedicure is most often a one-color dyeing. But other options are possible. In this article we will studyfashion pedicure 2017years and figure out how to make out their marigolds on their toes, to feel confident and be in trend.

As for the hygienic part, everything is quite simple. The most modern and effective type of this procedure cosmetologists call apparatus pedicure. Many people consider home pedicure using metal and abrasive tools to be insufficient and too traumatic. But here, obviously, the situation must be considered individually.

We recommend trying for yourself various types of pedicure and choose the most convenient procedure that will fully satisfy you. Now let's concentrate on the decorative component of a pedicure!

Summer pastel

pedicure rhinestones

For the warm season you can recommend light pastel shades of lacquer. You can use lacquer to match fingernails or another from a similar palette. If the manicure used two shades, toenails can be painted only in one of them.

At the same time, you can completely repeat the original pattern in a pedicure. But in this case it is worthwhile to understand that it is best to demonstrate such a pedicure in sandals as calmly as possible so that there is no discord in styles and trends.

Juicy pink

pedicure design 2017

Pink is very popular this season, including in nail polishes. You can use the pink color in a pedicure. Not only that, very juicy and bright colors are available to you, even hot pink and fuchsia.

In this case, it is not necessary to do a manicure in tone. Your fingers on your hands can be decorated with a more relaxed, muted shade of pink or a completely different color, comparable to bright pink in its perception. You can also play on the contrast by choosing a nude hue of lacquer, a dark scale or a completely “bare” surface of the nail plate for a manicure.

Deep red

fashionable pedicure summer

Red color is perceived by the human subconscious as the most erotic. At the same time, the sexuality of red is frank, even somewhat aggressive.The rich red in pedicure is heavy artillery of seduction. However, this color belongs to the classic color solutions of decorative cosmetics, so that you will not look too defiant.

If you want new acquaintances or bright notes in relations with your husband, be sure to replenish your collection of varnishes with a rich red tint. In a pedicure for romantic encounters, he is absolutely indispensable!

Mandarin mood

fashion pedicure 2017

A great way to improve your mood is to use different shades of orange in the image. This year, the mandarin color is particularly relevant: juicy and bright, but not acidic, but very natural, truly sweet and sunny.

And if in large things orange can quickly bother, tire the eyes, then small details of tangerine color are a great way to add joy to your outfit. One of these parts can be your pedicure.

To make tangerine lacquer look as elegant as possible, we recommend combining this pedicure with bright sandals or maintaining some juicy orange detail in the image: a belt, a scarf, large earrings or even a blouse (even if it is more subdued, apricot or peach).

Dark gamma

nails pedicure

Dark varnish in 2017 penetrated the cosmetics bags of all fashionistas.You can use this range for a pedicure. Black, burgundy, chocolate, blueberry - this is an incomplete list of current rich colors.

It is best to choose a fairly bright manicure. Dark toenails can be somewhat knocked out of the image, if the whole set and manicure are designed in pastel or juicy fruit scale. For hands it is better to choose another dark lacquer or some deep shade of red.

Nude base

fashionable color pedicure 2017

The absolute must-have for all times is nude shades of lacquer. Such tones can be used in a pedicure, absolutely not adapting to a manicure. And also solid or pale pink lacquer will give you more space in choosing shoes. Such a pedicure looks natural and does not impose any additional restrictions.

Green and blue

Fashionable manicure and pedicure

Green and blue lacquer - perhaps the most unusual novelties of 2017. And if in manicure some girls have already ventured to use them, then in a pedicure we are still more conservative. Well, you have a great opportunity to become a pioneer and leader of your environment. Just use blue or green nail polish on your toes!

White blue

Fashionable pedicure gel polish

Various light shades of blue, including a unique pure white and blue tone, will be an excellent addition to your summer cosmetics. This pedicure fits perfectly into the image at a time when most of your wardrobe is made up of white, gray and beige things.

A lacquer of light blue will refresh the image, add a bit of cold to it and make any bow very fashionable. Against the background of basic, not very remarkable things, he will look like a bright fashionable accent, and will instantly add points for you in the field of style. And such a pedicure will be an excellent companion to an unusual backpack, sandals without heels and fashionable futuristic glasses.


pedicure fashion trends 2017

Various metallic shades have already become the hallmark of 2017. You can choose for your pedicure gold or silver lacquer, bronze, copper, steel.

Such a pedicure can be combined with a “metallic” manicure of the same or similar shade, a combined “metallic” manicure, nude manicure, French, dark gamma, red and pink tones. In general, a fairly universal option, despite its originality!

Shining glitter

fashion pedicure photo

But not a metallic one, as they say.Another way to add style and celebration to your bow is lacquers with glitter and dry glitter in powder (it is enough to pour it on a dry varnish). Moreover, there is no need to choose here, apply at the same time - for maximum radiance! To create a harmonious image, choose elegant classic items and accessories.

If you see that it turns out too “sugar”, you can use the opposite strategy: pay attention to minimalist sandals-stockings, wide shorts, sweatshirt or t-shirt without a print and a stylish city backpack.

Neon varnish

Pedicure 2017 fashion trends photo

For summer evenings, you can choose a very unusual varnish and treat yourself to a neon pedicure (hello, 90s!). At the same time, we recommend building the youth image as much as possible and supporting this detail with other parts of the image.

For example, in a manicure, you can use a neon lacquer of a different shade, and you can withstand the whole image in white, which so characteristicly glows in the lights of nightclubs and discos. On a beach holiday, such an image is very appropriate, but in the city, of course, you need to be especially careful.

Do not be afraid to try new things, experiment, allow yourself a little more and think about conventions a little less.Modern fashion trends finally allow us to be ourselves and freely express ourselves in our images.

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