Fashion for obese women spring-summer 2018

In the light of the campaign against anorexia unfolded in the world, many designers were forced to accept the fact that female beauty is not measured in centimeters, and the parameters of the majority of the fair sex exceed 90 × 60 × 90. The appearance of branded plus-size collections has become a real revolution in the world of modern fashion.

To be stylish, fashionable, beautiful and desirable, to wear spectacular things from famous brands and to feel incredibly attractive is the right of every woman. Today we bring to your attention a review of the most fashionable designer collections for women with magnificent forms.

Fashion for women with curvy shapes 2018Display plus-size spring 2018Clothes for donuts in 2018Plus-size swimwear 2018

Colors in fashion plus-size 2018

For quite a long time a stereotype was imposed on us that the main color of fat women was black. In the upcoming season, the designers tried their best to dispel this terrible delusion and show how bright, stylish and beautiful a girl with shapes in clothes of bright colors can be.

The trend of the upcoming warm season will be white. And do not be afraid! It is white, according to many fashion designers, that will allow to emphasize the splendor of female forms and give the image of the lush beauty some zest.

Also in the trend are bright spring hues: green, yellow, lemon, lilac, pearl gray, and warm and soft nude shades of beige.

Panton colors spring-summer 2018

TOP-5 designers creating plus-size models

Today, fashion for obese women is rapidly developing, as the hotel direction of the fashion industry and plus-size models today can be found in the collections of spring-summer 2018 European, American and domestic brands, and photo models with forms are in fashion magazines. Not all designers are ready to present individual size + size clothing lines, but to supplement the classic range with several spectacular models of dresses or pants for donuts has already become a good tone in the fashion world.

So, we suggest to get fresh ideas for stylish images in the collections of such couturiers:

Christian siriano

Christian Vincent Siriano is a young American designer whose collections are very successful at New York Fashion Week and have been very popular for years.In the spring-summer 2018 season, along with elegant images for girls “in the format 90 × 60 × 90”, Christian Siriano offered such trends for obese women as:

  • elegant black dress length midi or maxi;
  • bright cheerful shades;
  • effective neckline, emphasizing the beauty of the breast;
  • high slits on skirts;
  • fashion frills and ruffles.
Christian Siriano Dress Plus Size 2018Fashionable dresses for the full spring 2018 Christian SirianoTrendy colors for girls with shapes for 2018Beautiful Christian Siriano dresses for puffs spring-summer 2018

Anastasiya Kuchugova

Anastasia Kuchugova - domestic designer. Her collections always enjoy success at the Moscow Fashion Week, because they combine the most current trends in European fashion and exclusive design. Among Anastasia's clients there are quite a few stars, as well as famous and influential women of Russia.

In the new READY-TO-WEAR collection spring-summer 2018, the couturier offers a large selection of spectacular images for obese women and offers to pay attention to such fashionable trends as:

  • classic loose coat with fur decor;
  • summer dresses in white;
  • noble silk, lace and lace;
  • fringe as decor;
  • soft nude shades in classic looks.
Anastasiya Kuchugova Lace DressDress for full nude tonesBlack dress with fringe fashion 2018
Light plateau spring 2018Beige Coat 2018 Anastasiya KuchugovaBeautiful image for a full woman for 2018
White dress for full Anastasiya KuchugovaAnastasiya Kuchugova Polka Dot Coat Fashion 2018Coat 2018 with fur cuffs

Andre Tan

The popular Ukrainian designer, who annually presents women's, men's and, more recently, children's clothes, decided to simultaneously surprise and delight fans of her work with fashion models of plus-size.

In the framework of the Ukrainian Fashion Week, Andre Tan presented a new women's collection spring-summer 2018, which includes elegant and luxurious evening dresses for larger women, in whose design you can trace the main fashion trends of the coming season. According to fashion designers, girls with forms should pay attention to such fashion trends:

  • noble velvet;
  • short dresses with abstract prints;
  • a contrasting combination of shiny silver and black elements in clothing.
The Plus-Plus by Andre Tan Spring 2018Fashionable plus-size images by Andre TanAndre Tan spring 2018 dresses for fullShow plus-size fashion 2018

Prabal gurung

A Neapolitan by descent, Prabal Gurung is the creative director and chief designer of one of the most famous fashion houses in the USA. and deep cleavage.

Plus-size dress from Prabal Gurung 2018Green dress from Prabal GurungFashionable Prabal Gurung dress summer of 2018

Other brands offering plus-size models

If things from the collection of the most famous fashion houses are not your price category, you should not be upset. Today, many brands that produce beautiful and high-quality collections in an affordable price range offer a huge selection of fashionable and stylish things.So, fashionable and at the same time inexpensive clothing for obese women in the upcoming spring-summer 2018 season will definitely be presented in the catalogs:

  • Parabita;
  • Fashion to Figure4
  • Junarose;
  • H & M;
  • Quelle;
  • Aurora;
  • Taillissime;
  • Violeta by MANGO;
  • Chic & Curvy;
  • Bodycon;
  • Ulla Popken;
  • Carmakoma;
  • Lane bryant;
  • Asos Curve.

You can buy raincoats, coats, sweaters, dresses, pants, skirts, tunics, boozes or swimsuits of these brands in online stores or fashion boutiques in Russia.

Fashion 2018 for girls size +Bright dress for obese womenSummer dress 2018 for a magnificent girlBeautiful images for the full in 2018

Antitrands of spring and summer of 2018 for the full

The main problem with most plus-size girls is the lack of balance between the top and bottom. Properly chosen wardrobe allows you to hide all the flaws and at the same time emphasize the dignity of the female figure.

In the coming year, stylists strongly recommend lush beauties to abandon such things as:

  • fur vests (they will make you even more and make the image heavier);
  • silk dresses (although they are in trend, the owners of the problem figures like clothes are shown only with high-quality underwear);
  • tight pants and jeans (they highlight the weakness of the hips);
  • closed swimsuits (in the 2018 season, even for donuts are relevant bikini);
  • shapeless things overseas (in the new season a beautiful figure is in fashion and the presence of a waist, which should be emphasized with a stylish belt).

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