Fashion boots fall-winter 2017-2018 year

Today, this type of footwear, like boots, has long ceased to perform the function of solely warming. This is a stylish accessory that allows each girl to show individuality, add an image of charisma and expressiveness. And although it is still far from the cool season, it will be interesting to many girls to find out which fashionable boots of the fall-winter 2017-2018 season are in trend.

Stylish women's bootsHigh heeled bootsElegant women's bootsPlatform boots

Fashion trends

The key trend of the season will be comfort, so the most popular type of footwear will be boots on a stable platform or wedge.

Wedge BootsHigh Platform BootsBoots on the platform 2018Boots on a comfortable platform

The hairpin is still relevant, over which, however, eminent designers worked thoroughly, offering sophisticated fashion-mongers sophisticated stylish models with a heel slightly shifted to the side of the foot, which visually creates a heel hanging effect. Despite a grotesque of similar products, modern women of fashion assure that boots are very comfortable to wear.

High heel boots

By the way, an extraordinary heel is one of the brightest trends of the season. For example, boots with a transparent heel will not leave indifferent any of the girls who want to be in trend.

Boots with a transparent heel

In 2017-2018, unusual stylistic decisions in terms of the design of the toe - rounded, sharp or even a rectangular toe attract attention.

As for the materials used, the designers work not only with genuine leather and suede, but also with unconventional textures, for example, with luxurious velvet. A couple of years ago it was impossible to imagine that velvet boots would gain such popularity. And, nevertheless, in the fall of 2017 they will become a hot hit of the season. The thing is not very practical, but fashionable and elegant.

Velvet bootsLuxurious velvet shoesVelvet bootsVelvet stockings

It should be noted, and boots made of latex, vinyl and flexible plastic - the choice of creative girls. Of course, such shoes are not suitable for the harsh Russian winter, but for the fall - quite.

Boots stockings 2018

In the trend - respectable spectacular textures, among which there is no equal embossing, imitating the skin of reptiles or crocodiles. This is still the most popular type of dressing.

Reptile Leather Boots

If we talk about the color scheme, the fashionable boots of the winter season of 2017-2018 can be made from the texture of one color completely, including the sole and heels, but models made from contrasting materials are very effective.Trendy shades include:

  • white;
  • burgundy;
  • Marsala;
  • burgundi;
  • Gray;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • brown;
  • redhead

Fashionable women's boots are unthinkable without the original decor elements - fringes, buckles, chains, bright prints, geometric patterns, lacing. Palm is occupied by suede boots with a fur edge on a thin elegant heel.

Boots with furBoots with embroiderySuede SypsBoots stockings

Fashion models of women's boots

Among the fashionable autumn and winter shoes, boots wear an honorable first place. In the coming season, they are represented by the highest possible models, the upper edge of which is hidden under the hem of the skirt, so they can be fully called stockings. Among the trend models of boots, it is impossible not to note the boots with knee-highs, in which the back of the shaft is lower than the front. Such shoes can be worn as with a dress, and wide jeans of free cut, tucked inside. Another spectacular model - high boots, pipes, with the tops, extending from the ankle. Heel can be any, the advantage of the boots on the low run.

Treads 2018High heeled bootsBoots-pipesElegant boots 2018

Treads - elegant stylish shoes, but they should be worn with care so that the image does not turn out to be vulgar.For example, an ultrashort skirt, a boldly low-cut top and tights in a net are far from the most successful combination with jackboots.

Half ankle boots are very popular, which are represented in the autumn-winter collections in a wide variety. Season offers unlimited choice, but when choosing fashionable short boots, designers advise to give preference to models with large decorative buckles. You should be careful with half boots: stylists do not recommend wearing them with flesh-colored tights and a knee-length skirt, since such an ensemble makes the figure squat, diminishing growth.

2018 stylish half bootsElegant bootiesClassic bootiesBlack leather booties

In 2017-2018, classic knee-length boots are relevant. Women simply adore this model, after all elegant boots ideally fit into any image, from daily to evening, and are combined practically with all things from capsular clothes - a skirt pencil, jeans, a dress case.

Fashion knee high bootsBeautiful boots to the kneeStylish boots autumn-winter 2018Boots with knee pads

Well, for girls who prefer an active lifestyle, there is nothing better than stylish dutik boots with fur. Such models look great with sports jackets or down jackets and jeans.

Dutico boots 2018

Uggs remain in demand, today they are a little reminiscent of the first modest models. In the upcoming season, they are richly decorated with buckles, lacing, zippers and even embroidery.

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