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Since the release of the game called Farming Simulator 10 years have passed, but every year the new version becomes even more popular. The first part of the game was released in April 2008, having received a wide vocation among gamers, fans of simulators of unusual subjects. Since then, almost every year the company Giants Software has released updates of its offspring. As soon as the series of games received the vocation of the public, manufacturers began to release it for various platforms. In 2019, it is planned to release the next version of Farming Simulator, in which there will be some updates.

What is a simulator game

Pharming SimulatorWho has not yet experienced their knowledge and strength in the game Pharming Simulator, you must inform that you should still try. The game begins with the fact that the player acts as a farmer. At the same time, a young and inexperienced farmer has only a small fleet of outdated equipment, a small amount of land and seed capital.

The task of the player is based on the correct processing of the field, while receiving a good harvest. The basis of field processing includes the following actions:

  • plowing;
  • cultivation;
  • sowing;
  • fertilizer;
  • harvesting.

After harvesting, it should be sold, while earning money. Earned capital is spent on the purchase of new equipment, the purchase of additional space, as well as the purchase of animals for their breeding. In the future, the player will have the opportunity to buy wood to additionally receive money for logging.

The game is so realistic that after harvesting the young farmer does not have to sell the crop immediately. If you wait, keeping the harvest on your farms, then later the cost will rise, which will allow you to increase profits. In the game there are different tasks for which the player receives a reward. The game passes quickly enough, so it takes about three real days to ripen the sown crop. In addition, time can be accelerated if necessary. The game is always summer, as the harvest is collected only in summer. To get a good harvest, you need rain, which also occasionally comes.

The essence of the game is that the player does not just go on agricultural machinery, but ponders and makes the right decisions on how to cultivate the land, what to sow on it for maximum profit, and when to harvest, with the maximum revenue.

The presence of flaws in the game

FS 17As in any game, Farming Simulator has some flaws that manufacturers can’t fix in any way for 10 years. A significant drawback of the simulator is the lack of development.

The manufacturer releases new versions, making changes only in the modernization of graphics and additional modifications. However, the development of the inner world of the game remains in place. Playing in the first and in the fifth part of the simulator, it will not be difficult to notice their similarity. The player who plays the simulator, expects from the next version, something new, interesting and exciting. This is certainly not an action and not fiction, but still with each new version I want to see development.

The second drawback of the simulator is the presence of a large number of bugs, as well as weak feedback from the developers. Particularly clearly manifest bugs in the latest release of the simulator Farming Simulator 17. New patches, released to the series of games Farming Simulator, carry the next bugs. However, despite the shortcomings, the 2016 series was recognized as one of the best simulators in the world.

What are the possibilities of the game?

Game Farmer SimulatorSo that the novice does not make mistakes in the first days of his farming career,The simulator has clear instructions that are important to follow. If you follow the instructions, you can get the status of an experienced farmer. However, it is not necessary to comply with the instructions. You can hope for your intuition, and in the end get a good profit, or else become bankrupt.

What to do in the simulator? It all depends on what type of agricultural work you prefer. This may be the cultivation of crops such as wheat, barley, sunflower, buckwheat, etc. If you prefer vegetable crops, then you can grow potatoes, cabbage, carrots and other vegetables. There is also the opportunity to engage in the cultivation of fruits and berries. If a player wants to try himself as a lumberjack, then you can engage in logging. Growing animals in conjunction with agricultural crops allows you to make a profit of three times the amount, but this takes some time.

To make the game more realistic, the developers have thought through such subtleties as the presence of diseases in animals. If the farmer does not engage in prevention and treatment, it is natural for animals to die, and the player will incur heavy losses.Logging is one of the most challenging activities. Such work is also interesting, as well as the processing of fields on a tractor, only a bit complicated, but also ultimately highly paid. If you are a good farmer, you should continue to improve. You should definitely try yourself as a logger.

When will the next version of Farming Simulator 19

FS 2019The company Focus Home Interactive, together with Giants Software, presented the output of the next trailer of the simulator Pharming Simulator 19. This trailer is short enough to understand what innovations await us in the new part. However, the developers also announced that the new part will include the following types of updates:

  1. The choice of one of the three areas for agricultural activities.
  2. The increased range of new technology, which can also be obtained by acquiring for virtual money.
  3. New cultures, animals, etc.

The next part will receive the maximum number of updates, not only graphics, but also the history of the game. The release of the simulator is scheduled for the end of 2018. To be more precise, its release is scheduled for the end of October 2018, like the previous series.And it will be the next update for platforms such as the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Manufacturers also shared with the public that the next version of the simulator will be released on a completely redesigned engine, which means that the number of bugs can be reduced. Visual effects will give the most vivid and exciting impressions. Consider all the details that affect the next part of the simulator FS 19.

In the new game there will be horses

HorseIn ten previous versions of the FS game there was no possibility of raising horses. After all, this is America, where horses are honored and very loved. The developers decided to fix this flaw, so in the next part it will be possible to do breeding horses.

However, it remains a secret how it will be possible to raise horses. It will be animals that will be raised for meat, for riding or transporting goods, is not yet known. It is likely that users will find out about this several months before the release, and maybe during the game. Horses feed on oats, so one more will definitely be added to all types of crops. Even if the horses in the next version can not be used for riding, then in the next part of this deficiency will be exactly fixed.

Photorealistic graphics in the game

Shot from the trailer of the game FS 2019At one of the exhibitions in Germany, the developers stated that the game will receive not only a new engine, but also an update of the graphics before receiving a photo-realistic picture. So far, it is impossible to evaluate photorealistic graphics without gameplay videos, but I want to believe that the next version of the simulator will surpass all previous parts.

New technology

Among the stated extensive list of cars, in the next part of the simulator, the new combine Fendt Deal 9T will be presented. This is the latest version of the combine having the 9th class of power. The length of the header is 12.2 meters, and the capacity of the hopper is 17,100 liters. Experienced players understand that with such a combine, which was also presented in reality by Fendt, it will be possible to harvest not only quickly, but also efficiently.

What types of technology will be added to the game is not yet known. However, it is known that this will be the newest tractors, cars and other agricultural machines that were released in reality.

Game map

The game Farmer Simulator 19 will be presented with 3 cards that can be used to develop and expand the farm, both alone and with friends.In addition to the two new maps, the Estancia Lapacho area of ​​South America will be added.

System requirements

PCNow we will consider the system requirements for the next part of the FS 19 simulator. This is important, since before the release of the new part, half a year remains, during which you need to update your hardware to plunge into the game in full.

System Requirements for Windows:

  1. Processor: AMD dual-core 3 GHz processor.
  2. RAM: 3-4 GB.
  3. Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 Series or AMD Radeon HD 6770. The amount of memory should not be less than 1 GB.
  4. OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
  5. Availability: 6 GB.

To play online, you need an Internet connection with a speed of 10 MB / sec.

System Requirements for Mac OS:

  1. Operating systems: Mac OS X 10.9.1, 10.10.1, 10.11.1, 10.12.1.
  2. RAM: 2 GB.
  3. Graphics: similar for Windows.

The above settings mean that you can play the game at low settings. If your computer is more powerful, you can play on medium or high settings, feeling the graphics of the simulator fully. It remains to wait for the release of the new version of the game, to feel the changes, and to evaluate the simulator in a positive or negative direction.

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