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Family numerology

Many of you will remember how worried you were before a wedding: “Do we match each other, do we not make a mistake? Will our marriage be strong and happy? ”Someone ordered an astrological forecast for compatibility with a partner, someone ran for fortune-tellers and fortune-tellers ... And meanwhile, numerology not only gives exact answers to the most tricky questions, but also can tell rectify the situation.

If you want to understand the future marriage of your friends or acquaintances (or check your own), first of all, count the personal codes of the names of both spouses. To do this, determine in the table the numerical value of each letter in the name, patronymic, and the surname of the husband and wife (for women, the personal code is always determined by the maiden name), add the resulting numbers and simplify them to a single digit.

For example: Name of spouse Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, wife - Anna Mikhailovna Ernst
Determine the personal code name of the spouse:
Ivanov = 1 3 1 6 7 3 = 21
Ivan = 1 3 1 6 = 11
Ivanovich = 1 3 1 6 7 3 1 7 = 29
The personal code of the name Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov: 21 11 29 = 61 = 6 1 = 7.
Determine the personal code name of the spouse:
Anna = 1 6 6 1 = 14
Mikhailovna = 5 1 5 1 2 4 7 3 6 1 = 35
Ernst = 4 9 6 1 2 = 22
The personal code of the name Anna Mikhailovna Ernst: 14 35 22 = 71 = 7 1 = 8.
Now we calculate the general family code, adding the personal codes of the spouses' names: 7 8 = 15. Simplify this number to a single digit = 1 5 = 6.
In this example, the general family code is six, but you can get a completely different figure, especially if the spouses live with their parents or children: then when calculating the family code, you should add the personal codes of each family member.

And now the most important thing remains: to find out what influence the energy of names has on your relationship:

Unit: will help each family member successfully earn and spend money. There will be no over-work and scrappage in your home - decisions on financial matters will be made to everyone’s satisfaction during a friendly family dinner. Children in such families are well aware of the price of a penny, are not afraid of difficulties and are well-versed in the modern world.

Two: the energy of this number always provokes "storms in a glass of water", clashes between households erupt like gunpowder, and the bad mood of one can ruin the day for everyone else.It is about such families that “the sun shines brightly after a storm!” Is sung: after a loud argument, peace and quiet reign for a few days.

Three: a surprisingly positive number, it gives the family the energy of love and creativity. The hearth like a magnet attracts people of the gifted, there are many guests in the house, and the children are actively developing in a creative setting and quickly realize their vocation. Conflicts arise only on ideological grounds.

Four: your house is always full of people - cousins ​​from Saratov, uncles from Kiev and other relatives perceive hospitable shelter as an excellent alternative to a hotel or boarding house, and friends and acquaintances from other cities know for sure that they will not be denied a shelter. You are always noisy and fun, and if problems occur, they are solved confidentially and together. The older and younger generations have similar hobbies: most often, tourism, fishing or sports.

Five: it is difficult to call such a model of relations even a family, as all its members revel in their own freedom and independence. Cats living on their own are quite difficult to establish strong relationships with each other, so usually for a long-term maintenance of the marital relationship very strong mutual feelings are required - or the intervention of third parties.

Six: this union exists only as long as there are relatives or friends who are ready to reconcile or support the spouses. Although husbands have sincere feelings for their wives, but going beyond the limits of their own home, both are capable of unworthy deeds. Deceptions and mutual treason have a bad effect on children, for whom it is very difficult to understand from the behavior of parents “what is good and what is bad.”

Seven: in such a family love, friendship and mutual respect reign, and there are no scandals at all - even if in rare cases such a union breaks up, the spouses disagree without mutual claims and offenses. Raising children and caring for parents are at the top of the list of the most important tasks, in third place are issues of education and self-development.

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