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Very often, apartment owners postpone repairs "for later." That is no money, then time ... There are many reasons, but it is worth remembering that over time the situation can get worse. That is, if you start the repair today, you will spend 100,000 rubles, if you postpone it, then in a year you may have to fork out for twice the amount. And by the way, the materials that were used for the construction of apartment buildings literally ten years ago tend to collapse in such a short period, without proper maintenance.

To prevent this from happening, the construction industry experts recommend using so-called “impregnated” materials in construction. That is, those that are treated with special chemical solutions. In the future, they will prevent corrosion of building materials, increase its resistance to weathering and mechanical damage. For houses that have already been built, it is recommended to use insulation (mounting it on the outside of the facade).In this case, the fastening of the heat-insulating plates is better to be made not by dowel-ing, but by glue (polyurethane mounting glue).

Also, for the preservation of the walls and the building itself, experts recommend not to build high foundations. The nominal height is 40 cm. This is enough to be fully protected from possible damage to the building by rodents, floods, etc.

Inside it is recommended to finish the walls with a reinforcing layer (for example, mineral wool mesh). From above it can be done plastering (Ceresit). This interior lining will greatly increase the operational life of the dwelling. So do not wait when you make money fast or you will have another vacation - start making repairs right now!

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