Excursion into history: a motorcycle caterpillar

Recently on motosaytah there was a theme fordiscuss novelties in the field of construction of two-wheeled vehicles. A group of Chinese students developed a conceptual model of the presented technology. They submittedmotorcycle crawler, which in its construction resembled a sports bike. The miracle of technology has a standard suspension, but the movement is due to the caterpillars.

Present vehicle caused a stormdiscussions. Motorcycle enthusiasts immediately had a lot of questions about the driving qualities and capabilities of the new motorcycle. Some began to doubt the performance of the model presented. However, it should be said that the development of Chinese designers is not only a conceptual development. The history knows the real motorcycles on the caterpillar track. This motorcycle had a number of interesting features.

First Developments

Motorcycle, caterpillaris a fairly complex design. Her developments were engaged in professional and private designers as early as the beginning of the last century. The prototype of this motorcycle was a bicycle on a caterpillar year, which was developed in 1900 by Henry Steez. He even received a patent for his invention.Motorcycle, caterpillar

Further in Great Britain in 1927 was createdOne of the first motorcycles that had two rear wheels on a caterpillar track. It was named RASC Triumph. This vehicle was manufactured by order of the royal army. The model was redesigned from a similar design with a 2x1 propulsion unit. RASC Triumph received a 3x2 propeller. This motorcycle was made in one copy. When tested, its driving performance was excellent. However, the development was not further developed. The standard motorcycles, which at that time owned the royal army, received improved mobile characteristics.

RASC Triumph is now in the museum dedicated toarmy transport. It is almost impossible to restore the presented vehicle. Museum staff argue that the authentic 11-inch tires of the rear wheels of the motorcycle were lost.

Motorcycle OES

Motorcycle, caterpillardeveloped in the UK a year later (in1928), was made on the equipment of the Osborne engineering company. At the same time, the company presented two prototypes at once. The motorcycle could be used with a caterpillar that was worn on the wheels of the rear trolley, or without it.

Rear second wheel presented developmentswas reported by a toothed belt with the first wheel. Such motorcycles were created for the army and private use. They were exploited as tractors. However, new equipment did not cause much interest among buyers.Crawler Motorcycle Ural

Similar developments were conducted in Italy. The model, issued in 1931, was called a tractor. Initially, it was developed for the needs of agriculture. However, over time, it began to be exploited by fascist militiamen in Italy. Initially, the developers of the "tractor-motorcycle" planned its use for economic purposes.

The first German motorcycles

German motorcycle on crawlerwas necessary for military purposes to the government of the country. Therefore, the development of novelty vehicles here were carried out quickly and scale.Caterpillar motorcycle Wehrmacht

One of the first motorcycles on the caterpillar track was the Victoria model. It was presented to the general public in 1931. This transport place was designed for 3 seats with a 3x2 propulsion unit.

The presented model was created during 4years (from 1927 to 1931). He could reach speeds of up to 120 km / h. The engine on this motorcycle was four-stroke with a volume of 596 cm³. The power of revolutions was 18 liters. from. A sports model was also developed. It had a power of 24 rpm. from. At that time it was a high-end motorcycle, which got enough distribution among consumers.

Motorcycle BMW Schneekrad

The army needed full technical equipment. Therefore, funding was allocated for the creation of new models of equipment, transport and weapons. The most famous caterpillar motorcycle Wehrmacht was created on the basis of the car BMW R12. The new model was named BMW Speziel TR500 Schneekrad. It was presented to the general public in 1936 in a single copy.German motorcycle on crawler

To date, not a singlecopy of the presented technique. This bike had a stroller that was mounted on the ski. Its chassis was taken from an easy tank. It was completely placed inside the caterpillar.

The handling of this technique was poor. Turns were very difficult to carry out. The motorcycle developed a speed of up to 125 km / h. For civilians, 20 thousand copies were created, and for military - 10 thousand units of equipment. And the speed of motorcycles with a caterpillar Wehrmacht was less than that of civilians (up to 85 km / h). This model became a classic, but did not get much spread.

Motorcycle-Rover NSU Kettenkrad HK 101

FirstGerman caterpillar motorcycle,which went into mass production, was more like a small tank. This model was released in 1944 and was called NSU Kettenkrad HK 101.German Crawler Motorcycle

This all-terrain vehicle is called a motorcycle due to the appropriate landing of the driver and the presence of the front wheel. Braking is carried out with the help of clutch tracks. One revolution is sufficient for this.

In the postwar years, the technique presentedapplied the German Forestry Commission for their own purposes. Today the presented cars are still preserved. The restored equipment was even sold at auction in 2015. It completely restored the gearbox, differential, engine and main gear.


The motorcycle caterpillar was constantly improving. In 1980, the Italian company Pozzo di Recoaro created a new type of equipment, which was named Alpen Scooter. This motorcycle was more of a class of snowmobiles. Initially, it was used for its purposes by the Italian army for movement on snow-covered mountain ranges.

Included in the motorcycle was the front ski. To move along the ground and ice a caterpillar of a certain type was used. In the early models, a 200 cm engine3, then it was changed to a motor of 250 and 300 cm3. The presented equipment was also used to move medical personnel to patients in snowy weather.

Homemade revisions

Motorcycles with caterpillar travel had a numbershortcomings. It was problematic to stabilize them in a vertical position at high and low speeds, and also when moving over rough terrain. Therefore, private users have always been skeptical about such a technique.

However, in the sixties of the last centuryself-made caterpillar motorcycles.Their designers have created a similar technique from improvised parts. Such motorcycles were used for driving on snow and in agricultural needs.

One of the first and most famous motorcyclesof the type presented was "ANT-1". His prototype was a model of Soviet snowmobiles, which at that time were presented in the pages of the magazine "Modeler-Designer". Karelian engineer A. Koksharov developed several models of a motorcycle with caterpillar run "ANT". This technique was able to ride in the snow to a depth of 25 cm. The weight was 110 kg.

Motorcycle "Ural"

There are models of the presented equipment,which are now collected from various mopeds. For the population of our country vehicles of domestic production are more accessible. Therefore it is not surprising that he could appear, for example,crawler motorcycle "Ural".

Engineers-amateurs modify the design of their vehicle for various purposes. This makes it easy to move around in the snow, carry large enough loads.Crawler Motorcycle

When creating such a miracle technique useddetails from the combine, as well as the motor from the motorcycle "Ural". Movement in this technique is quite maneuverable. At the same time, fuel consumption is about 6 liters per 100 km. The equipment develops speed at virgin soil up to 60 km / h.

The principle of manufacturing homemade equipment

Motorcycle on caterpillar drive with own handstry to make many amateur engineers. This is a tempting idea, which rather refers to the category of constructive delights. Such a vehicle will allow you to move on a viscous surface, for example, over snow, mud or wetlands.Homemade tracked motorcycles

Speed ​​of movement for such homemade productssufficiently low. Therefore, the presented technique is not sufficiently effective. Today, there are special kits on sale. They are purchased by amateur designers to create their own caterpillar-type motorcycle models. This is a complex process. It allows you to create an off-road vehicle or a snowmobile on the basis of a finished motorcycle. Usually the caterpillar is mounted on the rear wheel. At the same time, the weight will not be distributed correctly. If the caterpillar is not properly loaded, it will not be able to cope with its task.

Disadvantages of self-made structures

Crawler Motorcycleat home, it is difficult to create. First of all, it will take a lot of welding work. Most often, an amateur engineer can not solve the problem with the correct weight distribution of equipment. In this case, he can try to move the caterpillar forward. However, this task is usually almost not feasible at home.

Therefore, engineers can compromise. Two small caterpillar belts are placed at the sides. They are less forwardly shifted forward by a maximum of a third of the length. Such a caterpillar can perform its functions fully, however, only on a flat road.

Therefore, many technologists argue that the creationa caterpillar motorcycle is not a practical necessity. Rather, it's just a design puzzle. Although today a lot of worthy copies of technology have been developed. They take into account the conditions of the terrain. The very process of creating such a technique brings fans a lot of positive emotions. This is a real challenge for any designer.

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