Examinations in grade 9 in 2018

Examinations in grade 9 in 2018 will include a test of knowledge in two compulsory subjects and three additional, which you can choose yourself. Recall that in 2017, according to a previously approved plan, the OGE, also known as GIA-9, consists of two compulsory and two additional disciplines, the test of knowledge for which students will take on the exam in the company of like-minded people. By the year 2020, by the way, it is planned to increase the total number of exams to 6. Now everything in order.

Capital letters: OGE, USE and GIA - what is hidden inside them?

We begin, perhaps, with the fact that we learn a little more information about the abbreviations indicated in the first paragraph of the text. OGE - this is the main state exam. It is also called the GIA, in particular GIA-9, which stands for the state final certification. The number 9, in fact, indicates that ninth grade students pass this exam. This is a kind of analogue of the Unified State Exam - a unified state exam, which all students of eleventh grade pass without exception.

Student at the GIA

All exams consist of a series of tasks, which are called test and measurement materials, abbreviated KIM. Very strict requirements are put forward for their development and storage. 11 federal commissions deal with this with a large number of specialists in each subject. Therefore, it is pointless to spend time searching for ready-made tasks with answers on the Internet.

OGE, it is GIA-9

OGE is mandatory for 9th graders who in the future plan to continue their studies outside the school - in colleges or technical schools. Such control of students' knowledge, like the Unified State Examination, has been criticized by many, however, like GIA-9, still remains the main “X-ray” in the context of checking the knowledge of 9th grade students. The exception to the rules, in 2018, continue to be schools in the Crimea and Sevastopol, where the OGE is still voluntary - you can refuse and take exams according to the old rules.

Examinations at 9 classes in 2018 will, as before, include mandatory testing in two disciplines: Russian language and mathematics. In addition to the compulsory subjects, schoolchildren are also awaiting a “test” at once in three additional subjects, which, however, everyone chooses for himself.This applies both to those who are going to enter a technical school or college soon, and those who plan to continue their studies at school. The innovation is that now the grades obtained in the exams will affect the certificate.

Interestingly, there is information that in 2018 two compulsory subjects in the OGE exams will be replaced by three. They say that the third mandatory subject will be a foreign language. Someone will say that he is clearly superfluous here, but it seems to us that he is not. Still, owning several languages ​​in our time is worth a lot.

Exam for 9 classes in 2018

Examinations after grade 9 in 2018, in addition to the Russian language and mathematics, two compulsory subjects include, as we said, three additional disciplines. And if by this time the OGE will still consist of passing exams in three compulsory subjects, then there will be two additional ones, as in 2017.

Suppose that a foreign language has become mandatory. The following disciplines taught in schools can be two additional in this case: physics, chemistry, biology, geography, social studies, history, literature and computer science.

Note that knowledge tests can be carried out in such foreign languages ​​as English, German, French and Spanish.

By 2020, according to important people working for the benefit of the younger generation to grow up educated, a total of 9th grade students will be examined in six subjects. This means that the student will have to choose from the list of proposed disciplines either three or four areas in which he “swims well”.


It seems that if a foreign language in the near future still becomes mandatory, then the total number of subjects in exam GIA-9 will not exceed 6. The pupil will then just be somewhat limited in choice: instead of 4 - 3. But this seems to be enough. In any case, a foreign language is not so difficult, at least in our time.

How many exams in grade 9 will be in 2018?

Russian schoolchildren intend by this time to do everything in their power to prepare properly for the delivery of 5 subjects. Two of them will definitely be Russian and mathematics. Two more for sure. A foreign language remains in question. If he doesn’t become mandatory by that time, a person ignoring “someone else’s speech” will be able to easily choose “her” to replace something else from the list that is closer to him in spirit.

When will the exams in the 9th grade be in 2018?

The exact dates of examinations for ninth-graders will be prepared in Rosobrnadzor and published on the official website.

Based on the experience of recent years, they will be as follows.

  • Early examinations: from April 20 to May 6, 2018;
  • The main period: May 26 - June 24, 2018;
  • Additional change. September 2 - 22, 2018.

In addition, reserve days will be allocated for students in grades 9 who missed the exam for a good reason.

In conclusion, it is worth drawing your attention to such a moment as the influence of the results of the OGE on the final grade in the school certificate. By 2018 they will be interconnected. This means that the exam GIA-9 must be taken with double seriousness.

I would also like to wish all ninth-graders success in exams.

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