Evening dresses for 2019

Dress - the basis of women's wardrobe. If in everyday life, many girls find the pants more practical and comfortable, then for elegant and luxurious evening bows fashionable women invariably choose feminine and sophisticated models of evening dresses.

Spectacular and elegant, emphasizing all the advantages of a chiseled figure and hiding minor flaws, dresses for a special occasion are widely represented in the collections of the pret-a-porte and cuture segments. The most magnificent design ideas successful and famous women of fashion aspire to choose on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York or London. We will tell you what trends the evening fashion of 2019 dictates and what the most eminent fashion designers surprised their fans with.

Fashionable evening dresses in 2019

TOP collections of winter 2018-2019

Of course, models worthy of decorating a successful business woman or a socialite are present in many collections, but there are a number of brands that consistently occupy leading positions in the ratings of evening dresses — these are:

  1. Elie saab
  2. Zuhair murad
  3. Valentino
  4. Roberto cavalli
  5. Naeem Khan
  6. Giorgio armani

Elie saab

In the fall-winter season of 2018-2019, Ellie Saab offers the widest range of luxurious dresses combining the highest quality of fabrics, elegance of cut, elegant prints and a wide variety of decorative elements.

This winter, fashionable women will get a choice between noble velvet, delicate and flowing transparent fabrics and lace lace. Unconditional trend of the season –deck from elite types of fur and feathers. We offer a detailed look at the photos from Elie Saab and evaluate how spectacular and elegant evening dresses with such an unusually original decoration can be.

Dress with feathers Ellie Saab autumn-winter 2018-2019Collection Ellie Saab Fall-Winter 2018-2019Evening dress Ellie Saab autumn-winter 2018-2019

Prefer things more practical, but no less sophisticated - look for your perfect evening dress among the models of Ellie Saab 2019. In a huge assortment presents a variety of design ideas, among which you can find a fashionable model for every taste.

The collection of one of the most fashionable manufacturers of evening dresses dictates the following trends:

  • a combination of heavy velvet and lightweight lace;
  • flickering fabrics;
  • large floral print;
  • sexual transparency;
  • narrow waist is emphasized;
  • an abundance of ruches and frills;
  • fringe.
Elie Saab evening dresses winter 2018-2019Elie Saab evening dresses winter 2018-2019
Elie Saab beautiful evening dresses fall-winter 2018-2019Elie Saab beautiful evening dresses fall-winter 2018-2019
Dresses Elie Saab winter 2018-2019Dresses Elie Saab winter 2018-2019
Black dress Elie Saab winter 2018-2019Black dress Elie Saab winter 2018-2019

Zuhair murad

Zuhair Murad is a Lebanese designer whose evening and wedding dresses are known and appreciated in all countries of the world. A distinctive feature of luxury dresses brand Zuhair Murad were and remain:

  • feminine silhouettes;
  • elite fabrics;
  • exclusive embroidery;
  • complex cut.
Fashionable evening dresses Zuhair Murad for 2019Fashionable evening dresses Zuhair Murad for 2019
Evening images of the collection Zuhair Murad winter 2018-2019Evening images of the collection Zuhair Murad winter 2018-2019
Evening dresses Zuhair Murad winter 2018-2019Evening dresses Zuhair Murad winter 2018-2019
Zuhair Murad Fall-Winter 2018-2019Zuhair Murad Fall-Winter 2018-2019


Valentino is a fashion house that annually creates magnificent evening looks, worthy of a queen, to the joy of fashionistas. In Valentino dresses, practicality, comfortable fit and sophisticated femininity are very well combined. Spectacular and at the same time sophisticated, these outfits are designed for confident, successful and well-versed women in fashion.

Creating exclusive models of evening dresses for the winter of 2018-2019, the couturiers of the brand did not forget about such fashionable trends as:

  • deep v-neckline;
  • transparent fabrics;
  • layering;
  • evening total bow;
  • ruffles and fringe.
Evening dress Valentino winter 2018-2019Evening dress Valentino winter 2018-2019
Valentino dresses of the fall-winter 2018-2019 seasonValentino dresses of the fall-winter 2018-2019 season
Evening dresses Valentino collection autumn-winter 2018-2019Evening dresses Valentino collection autumn-winter 2018-2019
Evening dresses Valentino winter 2018-2019Evening dresses Valentino winter 2018-2019

Valentino's evening gowns, presented in the photo, will get incredible popularity, and already in 2019 we will repeatedly notice these luxurious big flowers on the red carpet of the loudest social events.

Roberto cavalli

The new Roberto Cavalli collection presented women with many vivid images, but evening images in the “femme fatale” style deserve special attention, in which sexuality and grace are complemented by some aggressive note.

In the models of 2019, Roberto Cavalli embodied such trends of the new season:

  • skirt with extremely high slits;
  • deep cleavage;
  • abundance of shuttlecocks;
  • skirts, corrugation;
  • extreme transparency.
Evening dress Roberto Cavalli winter 2018-2019Evening dress Roberto Cavalli winter 2018-2019
Evening dresses Roberto Cavalli collection autumn-winter 2018-2019Evening dresses Roberto Cavalli collection autumn-winter 2018-2019
Roberto Cavalli Dresses Fall / Winter 2018-2019Roberto Cavalli Dresses Fall / Winter 2018-2019
Evening dresses Roberto Cavalli winter 2018-2019Evening dresses Roberto Cavalli winter 2018-2019

Naeem Khan

Born in India, Naim Khan achieved incredible success in America, creating his fashionable empire. The peculiarity of the images created by this eminent couturier in an unusual combination of Western and Eastern culture. Each dress of the brand Naeem Khan is an exclusive, which the most famous women of the world strive to possess. Stars Naim Khan's clients include Beyonce, Brooke Shields, Taylor Swift and Eva Longoria.

Very beautiful evening dresses by Naeem Khan, presented in the photo of the fashion show autumn-winter 2018-2019, emphasize the relevance of such trends as:

  • a combination of classic black velvet and fabrics with bright ethnic prints;
  • transparent fabrics with volumetric shiny uroz;
  • hoods, giving the image a note of mystery;
  • fashionable capes and capes that effectively complement any evening dress;
  • elegant corsages combined with lush skirts.
Naeem Khan puffy dresses of fall-winter collection 2018-2019Naeem Khan puffy dresses of fall-winter collection 2018-2019
Dresses of the Naeem Khan collection fall-winter 2018-2019Dresses of the Naeem Khan collection fall-winter 2018-2019
Evening dress Naeem Khan autumn-winter 2018-2019Evening dress Naeem Khan autumn-winter 2018-2019
Naeem Khan Fall-Winter 2018-2019Naeem Khan Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Giorgio armani

Giorgio Armani - one of the largest fashion companies that stood at the origins of fashion of the XX century. Today Armani is synonymous with success, because these exquisite dresses, combining the elegance of neoclassicism and the most current fashion trends, are designed to make its owner truly irresistible.

What plans to surprise fashion house Armani? In fashionable models, it will be possible to meet trend trends, such as the use of velvet in deep dark shades, and exclusive design ideas, including:

  • volumetric decor;
  • deep cleavage;
  • wrap skirt as an alternative to the trendy cut.
Velvet fashion models of Armani dresses for 2019Velvet fashion models of Armani dresses for 2019
Brilliant dress from Armani winter 2018-2019Brilliant dress from Armani winter 2018-2019
Fashionable dresses Giorgio Armani autumn-winter 2018-2019Fashionable dresses Giorgio Armani autumn-winter 2018-2019
Velvet dress Giorgio Armani autumn-winter 2018-2019Velvet dress Giorgio Armani autumn-winter 2018-2019

Fashion ideas for 2019

Of course, not everyone can afford to buy a branded dress. But this is no reason to get upset, because numerous ateliers and factories today are ready to offer equally beautiful models at more affordable prices.

Especially popular in the coming season will enjoy:

  • classic A-silhouette;
  • long models with a high slit, beautiful neckline or open back;
  • shortened dress with a train;
  • multilayer varinaty.

Fashionable dresses for 2019

Turning an existing dress into a spectacular evening outfit is also not difficult. It is enough just to add fur trim to it or to complement the image with a fashionable boa this season. As an alternative, you can also consider a warm short fur coat made of natural fur.

Evening dress and fur coatevening dress in fur trimEvening dress and fur cap

If you have a universal black dress, it can also be easily turned into a spectacular evening dress.This year, the laconic black color must be diluted with bright patches. These can be elements of yellow, red, blue or turquoise. The simplest option is a bright contrasting belt, which will help to emphasize harmony, as well as become a bright and juicy highlight of your image.

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