Envelope for money

Posted by28.03.2017

Most people prefer not to rack their brains over what they can give to their loved ones. As practice shows, they give the hero of the occasion some money. Of course, this is the easiest version of the gift, but it also needs to be presented beautifully.

money envelope
How many times before going to a holiday at the last moment did you find that you do not have an envelope for money? How to be in this situation? Do not give them just like that. We will tell you how to make an envelope for money with your own hands in just a couple of minutes.

We will need only a piece of nice cardboard of a small size or some kind of thick paper (even a scrap of wallpaper will do, then give free rein to your imagination), as well as a ribbon or a beautiful cord. Take a look at the template shown in the photo below.

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