End of the World in 2017: Prophecies and Predictions

Judging by the predictions of the great soothsayers and astrologers, 2017 will turn out to be not as calm as it seems at first glance. Humanity is waiting for change, both in political and social life. Many predictors even predict an earlyend of the world in 2017. From all this news it becomes a bit creepy, so we suggest to look into the upcoming events together.

This article contains interpretations of the visions of great clairvoyants, as well as predictions from Saint Matrona. You will only have to decide whether to listen to them or decide your own destiny, because much depends on our actions too.

Predictions about the destruction of the world

From ancient times, people tried to unravel the mystery of humanity, to understand where we came from. But the most burning topic was and remains the fate of the inhabitants of the planet. Everyone knows that nothing eternal does not happen, so people from time immemorial are trying to understand whether the end of the world will occur, which the mass destruction of all living things will end in or our race will never die.

comet 2017 doomsday

A vivid example of the fact that at all times there were divinators predicting the destruction of all living beings and the planet as a whole is presented below:

  • The Mayan calendar states that with the onset of the death of the Fifth Sun, planet Earth, as well as all its inhabitants, will die. The priests claimed the end of the world and even set its date - 12/21/2012. Fortunately, their predictions did not come true.
  • The predictions of Isaac Newton, a world-famous physicist, show that the end of the world will come in 2060 due to the fact that people will step over the laws of God and will behave inappropriately. He put forward his forecast based on astrological observations and data set forth in the Book of Daniel.
  • The scripture of the Zoostrians (information from the Avesta) prophesied the destruction of all life even for the year 2000. The great Zarathustra wrote that our world will be plunged into chaos. Note that many inhabitants of the planet took this forecast seriously. The media was full of bright headlines that the end of the world was not far off. People were frightened by large-scale catastrophes, falling aircraft, lack of electricity.

the end of the world Vanga 2017

  • The famous clairvoyant Vanga predicted that the Apocalypse would still set foot on our lands.The exact date of this frightening event was never known, although she said that in 2378 a huge asteroid would fall to Earth, which would provoke a global flood, and the death of all living things behind it. It’s hard not to believe the predictions of this prophetess, because many of the things she saw in her visions have already come true and continue to come true.
  • Nostradamus also repeatedly said that the end of the world was near. His legacy - poetic predictions, hard to interpret, but some of them still managed to decipher. According to the most common version, the world will plunge into darkness in the year 2250 after a decisive nuclear war. However, not everyone will die in this battle. The survivors will exist until the year 3797 - at that time the planet will collide with the space body. This event will launch the end of the world.

Many prophecies never came true, and the scheduled date for the destruction of the world passed unnoticed by the inhabitants of our planet. But there is only one prediction, which still raises serious concerns. He was made holy Matrona - the idol of millions of believers around the world.

Who is the holy Matrona?

doomsday in 2017 matron

A woman of incredibly kind and bright soul was born at the end of the 19th century, or more precisely, in 1881. A few days before giving birth, Matrona Dmitrievna’s mother saw an unusual dream in which her daughter was presented in the form of a white bird with a human face, but with closed eyes. After being born, the girl was found to be blind.

Another amazing incident occurred during the baptism of Matrona. As soon as the priest took it from the font, a thick column of light arose over the infant, exuding a pleasant aroma. The priests first encountered a similar phenomenon, so they decided that the girl would live a long life and be credited to the saints.

Already in childhood, Matron treated sick people and helped those in need. Being an adult, she was forced to leave her native land and move to Moscow, where she lived out her last years. In 1952, the soothsayer died and in 1998 she was declared a saint.

What did Matron say about the end of the world?

will there be the end of the world

Almost before her death, Matrona saw events that should happen in 2017. Her words “Without a warrior, everyone will die on earth and it will be in the distant 2017” are already beginning to catch up with waves of fear on people.Matron urges humanity to turn to God, before it's too late, do not stop praying, because the end of the world is not far off. She argued that difficult times would come, filled with grief and pain.

The great clairvoyant even called the approximate date of the Apocalypse - February 2017. According to her, everything will happen in the evening, there will be a war without war and thousands of lifeless bodies will lie just on the streets.

Indeed, her prophecy instills a chilling horror and I want to believe that Matrona was wrong after all. Of course, avid skeptics do not believe such predictions and rush to turn to science to find a reasonable explanation for clairvoyant statements. But even modern scientists cannot give an absolute guarantee that in the near future our planet will not collide with some celestial body, which will start the process of destruction of all life on Earth.

doomsday time

Despite the pessimistic attitude of the predictions of Matrona, humanity does not cease to believe in better times. After all, even the great prophetess said that after the Apocalypse, calm and peace will come. The surviving people will build new ones,happy states without aggression and hatred.

Whether the end of the world will come in 2017 is hard to predict.

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