Elena Gagarina, daughter of Yuri Gagarin: biography, personal life

This now adult woman has always known abouthe, the man who first conquered outer space, is much more than the rest of the world. She is very like him: the same kind eyes, the same open smile. The same calm and endurance. And this is not accidental, because she is his eldest daughter. So, get acquainted: Elena Gagarina, daughter of Yuri Gagarin - the first man to fly into space.


Little Lenochka was Yuri's first daughterAlekseevich and Valentina Ivanovna Gagarins. She was born in 1959. According to the memoirs of the niece of Yuri Gagarin, Tamara Dmitrievna, the girl was very painful, and alarmed parents even decided to christen her. Perhaps, if the authorities found out about this, the first cosmonaut could be someone else.

Elena Gagarina

Being older, Elena Gagarinaoften fell under the hail of questions about hisfamous father. She was constantly asked about the first flight, about how she first learned about it. How did my father tell her everything, did she share any impressions and feelings? But that very day Gagarin Elena Yurievna was still too young, she was only two years old, so, naturally, she did not remember anything of the great events of that day. But this has always been a part of her life, from her childhood. She grew up with it. For the daughter, Yuri Gagarin has always been not only a beloved and loving dad, but also the first cosmonaut. Her whole life was connected with the cosmos and the exploration of outer space. "Before and after" for it never existed.

Daddy's memories

Elena Gagarina recalled that her famousHe hardly spoke to her for about 108 minutes. Perhaps, because with a huge number of people he had to discuss this topic, and he was humanly tired. But he talked a lot about his childhood, about how he grew up in the Smolensk region, how the war came there. All his family (two adults and four children) were thrown out of the Germans into the street, and they lived for three years in a dug out in the garden.

It was very difficult, there was no food, the children weredeprived of the opportunity to learn. In 1941 (little Jure was 7 years old), he went to first grade, but when the Germans occupied their area, the school was closed for three years. The study was resumed only in 1944, after the liberation of the region by the Soviet Army.

Gagarin was always interested in history andliterature. He read poems for his daughters about the battle in Borodino, drove to this place. He studied the history of Samara, St. Petersburg, Moscow - the cities where he had studied. And when Gagarin was in Moscow, he attended lectures on art in the Pushkin Museum. He belonged to that generation, which (historically) had very few opportunities. That's why after the war, such people were greedily interested in absolutely everything.

Getting to know your parents

Yuri and Valentina met in Orenburg, whenGagarin entered the Chkalov Flight School. There, at the dance, he met his future wife. At first sight he did not like Valentine - his ears stick out, on his head - a hedgehog of hair, and his head is somehow big. But after the evening he said goodbye to the next Sunday, inviting her to ski. In her youth, Valentina was a real beauty: a chiseled figure, huge eyes. When she disbanded her thick braid, her hair literally flew across the floor.

Gagarina Elena Yurevna

They were married only four years later. After receiving the diploma of the school, Yuri went to serve in the North, and Valentina stayed in the city to finish the medical school. At Chkalovskaya station, the young family moved only a year later. It was not far from Stellar, which at that time only began to build. It was there that the Gagarins first became parents.

Happy childhood

Despite the fact that Gagarin often committedfascinating trips with their daughters - the elder Elena and the younger Galina - he had a lot of friends. Almost every weekend he came up with something interesting. Gagarina Elena often remembered how her father and friends (and all of them were great athletes) organized games - volleyball, football, hockey ... Wives cooked food, and then all together, with the children, went for a whole day in the woods to rest. So they spent their weekend: women, children and a company of sports men.

daughter of Gagarin

In one of the interviews Elena Gagarina, biographywhich is of interest to people who still remember her father's feat with trepidation and respect, shared with her journalists her childhood memories. Dad was a real family man. He liked to create a festive atmosphere at home, welcoming guests. Everything was very good and fun. Elena remembers perfectly that their house was always full of different people who came with Dad.

Life in the Star City

Elena Gagarina completely does not remember the apartment, whereThe family lived before her dad's flight into space. And it's not surprising: the girl was quite a baby. But she knows that the apartment was in Moscow. But after April 12, the family moved to a small town, located near a military airfield, - Chkalovsk. There the Gagarins lived for four years. And in the Star City, which was intended for cosmonauts and other people involved in outer space, they moved after the construction was completed in 1966.

valentine gagarin

Little Lenochka and Galinka liked their newhousing. It was a wonderful place. When the family moved there, there were several houses, and the town itself was in the middle of the forest. Almost the whole summer you could go for mushrooms and berries. Parents did not worry about the children, because it was a closed military zone. The people living there worked very hard, sometimes it seemed that they came home only to sleep off. But when there was even a little free time, men were engaged in a variety of sports - all the conditions for this were there.


When Yuri Gagarin flew into Earth's orbit, heimmediately became a world celebrity. But the price was due to the fact that at home he began to visit very rarely. When he had any free time, he was very fond of spending time with his wife and daughters. Daughters of Gagarinwere his greatest happiness in life, andno awards associated with the flight into space, even the most significant, could not compare with this. Elena (yes, in fact, like Galina's younger daughter Gagarin) was very fond of these evenings with her father, who wanted his children to study well.

Poetry for Daughters

The girls talked with Dad about books andliterature, my father read them poetry. Yuri Alekseevich loved poetry, knew a lot of poems by heart and read them with great pleasure to his daughters. To make a small gift for the father, Lena and Galya also memorized these verses, and then read them.

Elena Gagarina biography

Lena, like Dad, read the lines with pleasurePushkin, Isakovsky and Tvardovsky. It was poetry connected with war. At first, the girl just wanted her dad to be happy with her introduction to the masters of poetry, but then she herself became seriously taken in by her. As a child, she often heard her sister and her sister read aloud to Saint-Exupery and Lermontov aloud. Girls then it was difficult to understand, but just listen to my father's voice liked.

Elena Gagarina's family was very happy. Here always one understood the other, was able to hear and listen, care and empathize.

Letters from afar ...

Very often Elena Gagarin was asked about the experiences in the family during the Pope's flight. She said that his father really prepared his wife for the fact that he could not return, because the flight was extremely dangerous.

Valentina Gagarina received a letter from her husband beforethe first flight. But then, when it was over, and so triumphantly, he really did not want the lines to be read by Valya. After all, Gagarin wrote as if the misfortune was almost there. And he asked for his Valya, that in any case she did not remain alone. Elena Yurievna found out its contents many years later. Despite the fact that the great astronaut asked to discard the letter, Valentina Gagarina did not do this. She kept it, like many other letters they wrote to each other at the beginning of their family life. These letters are few, and almost all of them refer to the time when Gagarin was a pilot in the Far North, and his wife studied. Valentina could not come to him then, so they exchanged touching messages. Elena always kindly envied such a tender and caring relationship of her parents.

Life path of Gagarin's eldest daughter

After graduation Elena Gagarina becamestudent of the historical faculty of the Moscow State University (Department of Fine Arts). She studied very well and often remembered the pope, who dreamed that his girls had a decent education. After receiving a diploma from Moscow State University, Elena Yurievna got a job in the Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin. Fifteen years ago, in 2001, just on the day of the fortieth anniversary of a huge global event - the first manned space flight, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin congratulated her on assuming the post of director of the Moscow Kremlin Museum-Reserve.

 Elena Gagarin's husband

Naturally, this appointment caused a lotdiscussions, gossip and reflection. It was said that the high post was received by Elena Yurievna not without the "intervention" of the famous family name. Gagarin did not pay attention to these words and has been quite successful in this position so far. Once ubiquitous journalists asked her what her father would say if she saw her eldest daughter in this workplace with such a significant position? Elena Yurievna replied very briefly that her father would have sympathized with her.

Progenitors of the genus

Both Gagarin's daughters - both Elena and Galina - are candidates of science.

I really wanted to wear dad's name Elena Gagarina. Husbandsupported her decision to leave her maiden name after marriage. So she wanted to keep the memory of her father. I wanted her to always have a part of it.

Personal life of Elena Gagarinahas developed quite well. She married, gave birth to a daughter Catherine, who bears the surname of her father - Karavaev. Katya too, like her mother, studied at Moscow State University. Now she came to work under the arches of the same museum-preserve "The Moscow Kremlin".

Responsible general director

The new post for Elena Gagarina fell asnot by the way: she had long wanted to leave the Pushkin Museum and was looking for a job. Therefore, when she was offered to go to the Kremlin Museums, she agreed without hesitation. For Gagarin it's just another job. She somehow realized in an instant that Pushkinsky had already developed her entire resource, did everything she could. She liked this place, but she realized that it was time for her to leave. So, now Elena Gagarina is the general director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. She really likes to work in these walls, because they are full of history.

the family of St. Gagarin

Sometimes it is very difficult for her, becausepeople working with her in the same team, conservative thinking. For many years they received quite a modest salary and were forced to work simultaneously in several places. But Elena Y. tries to use all available opportunities to provide employees with a decent pay for their work.

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