Effective antipyretic tablets

Fever, or fever,is an important symptom of various diseases. In addition, this condition brings discomfort, often accompanied by weakness. Of course, in most cases, the temperature should be brought down, but antipyretic drugs, which are often and uncontrolled, can only harm, leading to unpredictable consequences. Before you fight this disease, you need to know a few important rules.

If an adult does not have any chronicdiseases and normally tolerates temperature, to knock down it is not recommended, the exception may be to increase it above 39 degrees. When a patient has a history of severe lung or cardiovascular disease, then antipyretic tablets should be taken already at 38 degrees.

Very carefully it is necessary to treat childrenduring a fever. In most cases, it is not recommended to lower the temperature if it does not exceed 38.5 degrees. However, if the baby complains of headaches or there may be seizures, then fever and lower figures are lost.

First of all, it is necessary to apply forqualified medical assistance. In the event that it will have to wait for a while, it is necessary to resort to physical means of lowering the temperature: compresses, wiping, abundant warm drink. Only if this does not help, and also after consulting a doctor, you can resort to antipyretics.

These medicines are produced invarious forms - capsules, syrups, candles. For example, for babies the last options are much preferable, adults can resort to tablets that are more familiar and convenient to store. In difficult cases, it is possible to make antipyretic injections, which act faster and last longer. However, before this, always consult a doctor.

It should be noted that almost all medicinalthe drugs have side effects, therefore they are taken only as a symptomatic aid, with no more than 5 days. Antipyretic tablets should be used strictly in the dosage indicated in the instructions or recommended by the doctor.

Thus, paracetamol and agents, the basis for whichthis active substance (preparations "Panadol", "Koldact", "Efferalgan" etc.) acts, at excess of norm or rate can lead to development at adult hepatic insufficiency. This result can occur with the simultaneous use of alcohol. In this case, paracetamol-based drugs are considered to be among the safest and are most often prescribed for the treatment of febrile syndrome in toddlers.

Antipyretic tablets "Analgin" (metamizole) are notrecommended for children, but they may well come up to adults. It should be remembered that they have a fairly large number of side effects and contraindications. Aspirin is also not given to children under 15 years of age. In adults, this drug is not used for viral infections, including influenza. The dosage of these medicines is individual, as is the frequency of application. It is important to remember that you can not use them for a long time as an antipyretic or analgesic.

Very often doctors recommend antipyretic drugstablets "Nurofen", the active substance in which ibuprofen. This medicine is relatively safe compared to others. At the same time, many people note a quick effect after taking it, which, moreover, lasts long enough (in comparison, for example, with paracetamol). One form of this drug is effervescent tablets for dissolution in water. It is necessary to know that they are recommended to children not earlier than 6 years and weighing not less than 20 kg (for children special syrups are produced). For adults, there are also contraindications, so you need to carefully study the annotation or consult a doctor.

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