Educational games for babies 10 months

How to play with a baby at 10 months

How to play with a baby in 10 months? At this age, the crumbs expand opportunities, and the desire to get acquainted with the surrounding space increases. Now the baby creeps confidently and begins to walk. During his movements, the baby not only easily remembers the location of objects in space, but also solves such important tasks as assessing the distance between things, choosing a sequence of actions (crawling, lifting, taking). Now the crumbly diligently imitates you, repeats the actions that you do with objects. This is what should be used.

New actions with familiar toys

More recently, the child reacted to all toys and things almost the same. Scarce grabbed them, dragged them into his mouth, shook them and threw them on the floor. It is time to expand his knowledge of famous subjects.

  1. Ball games.Take a ball with a diameter of 20 cm and just roll it to each other. This game develops movement coordination. If space allows, show how to throw the ball against the wall and catch it with your hands, tap the ball with your hand, as basketball players do and show the child how it jumps.
  2. Rattles and a bucket.Rattle is the first toy of the kid. But now he is a little older and he is no longer interested in just shaking her. It's time to move to a new level. Give the baby a basket or bucket and show how to fold the rattles inside. When this becomes easy, show how to put a handkerchief or a small towel in a small bucket.
  3. Cars.At this age, they are equally loved by boys and girls. Educational games for a 10-month-old baby with cars can be done in different ways. To begin, show how to roll the machine on the floor, while uttering the sound "dr-r" and occasionally bibikaya "bi-bi". After show how to roll a toy bunny or a bear on it. If you have a big truck, tie a rope to it and load it with toys and go. Show how the machine is going if you pull it by the rope, just like turning over the handles to pull it towards you.
  4. The boxes.These toys like many children. Take not big boxes from under shoes, caskets and give them to your baby, show how to remove and put on the cover. Inside, put the bright toys. This game develops the coordination of movement and observation of the plays

We study new

It's time to start learning something new, not only with toys, but also with safe items. During the games, tell the child in detail what you are doing and why.


Get the simplest pyramid of 4-5 colored rings. Show your baby how to disassemble and assemble it. Scraps at first will only remove the ring. But after a couple of months, learn how to wear them back into discord. It will take a little more time and now all the rings are dressed in the correct order.educational games for children 10 months


One of the favorite toys of kids. In appearance, they are very simple, but how much space there is for them in creativity and educational games. At this age, instead of wooden cubes, it is better to take crumbs, the baby will not get hurt with them.

  • Buildturret3-4 cubes and offer the baby to destroy it. Do not worry, at this age children are in a destructive phase of their development. For now, they just like to break everything and watch the building scatter into details. Build a baby will learn later.
  • Chairs.Take a few cubes and place at some distance from each other. Tell your child that these are chairs and start seating toys on them (for this game, take small plastic toys).Accompany your actions with the story: “This chair is for Educational games for a 10-month-old baby Educational games for a 10-month-old baby Misha, you sit down a bear. This one is for Bunny ... ” Of course, the kid will knock them down and break the buildings, but first he will observe and remember your actions.
  • PyramidsFold a pyramid of cubes. Below there will be three dice, two above, one above. Take a toy and walk it up and down these steps, say “top-top”. And this building will also be destroyed, but the child will remember your actions and very soon will walk on them with a small plastic bunny or a bear, and only then tear them down.

best educational toys for a child in 10 months


Have your child clean up with you. Give your baby a beautiful cloth and show how you wash the dust from objects. Your child will try to repeat your movements. These will be his first housekeeping skills.

We study animals

Review and read books. Ask the baby: “Where is the pussy?” And answer yourself: “here she is” and show it in the picture. Now ask: “How does the pussy say?” And answer “Meow-meow.” Very soon, the baby will join the game and show the animals and respond by itself.This exercise is important for understanding and developing speech.the most interesting educational games for kids

The human body

Children in 10 months actively learn about the world and themselves. The kid already understands that he has hands and legs and has learned to use them, but he doesn’t know what they are called. When dressing a child, always say “dressing on one leg, on the other,” washing my pens, “washing one handle, second handle,” etc. Now he is very interested in the mouth, eyes, nose. Usually, children in the hands of adults actively touch these parts of the face. Accompany the actions with words, and also ask the baby: “where are the cheeks?” And kiss or touch the small cheeks. A few such lessons and a crumb will show the answers to your questions.

Find differences

Begin to acquaint the child with different properties of objects. Pay attention to what items are big (spread your hands to the sides and say big) and small (squeeze two fingers and show “small”) which are soft and which are firm, which are smooth and which are not.

Musical pause

Start to develop the musical ear of the child. Include him children's songs and classical music, sing it yourself. Buy a small toy piano, a for the development of hearing in children

Listen to the sounds around.Hear how the plane is buzzing? Pay attention to this sound baby and say "plane". Neighbors make repairs? Well, you have to get acquainted with this sound. Draw a drill with your fingers and drill the wall “JW”, it will be useful for your child to find out where these sounds come from, so he will soon cease to be frightened.

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