Easter cake - the most delicious recipe for Easter 2018

Greetings to all readers and guests of the blog. Very soon the Bright Holiday will come - Easter, and we are already preparing for it with you. And today it is no coincidence that I want to devote an entire article to one recipe, because it will be a matter of Easter cake.

Easter cake is a must-have on the holiday table, along with painted eggs and cottage cheese Easter.

In fact, the cake is the bread symbol of Easter, one must be able not only to bake it properly, but also to consecrate it in the church. In form, this analogue of church bread resembles the church itself with a dome, and the top is often decorated with an image of a cross.

It is interesting!! When Jesus was crucified, his companions during the meal left his place free, and put bread there. Such a ceremony symbolized the resurrection of Christ, his invisible presence and participation.

And in ancient times, our ancestors of the Slavs were tied with Easter bread not only by Christian rites.So, the Slavs laid out pieces of cake in the field, calling for the harvest. They also guessed on it, determining how successful the year would be, and if a cracked crust was obtained is a bad sign, if on the contrary, a lush and smooth cake came out, it means prosperity in the future.

Of course, every housewife has her own recipe for the most delicious cake, but a person who bakes such a product for the first time may have difficulties and questions.

And I just want to warn you if you are going to go to the Easter service, then for the cake you need to calculate its preparation time in advance. The so-called Easter bread, at the time of leaving the house, should cool down completely, and the frosting should harden. And bake a cake made on a Saturday morning, and light on a Saturday evening, or early on a Sunday morning. But eggs are usually painted on Pure Thursday.

The most delicious and simple Easter cake recipe with step by step description

There are recipes for which the preparation of kulikov takes more or less time. I have prepared for you a relatively not complicated, but not so easy option. Read everything carefully, and if anything, ask questions.

And most importantly, remember, the dough on the cake does not like haste and careless handling.

And yes, according to this recipe, our dearest easter prepares for 3-4 hours.


For the test:

  • Milk - 2 tbsp .;
  • Dry yeast - 1.5 tbsp. L .;
  • Wheat flour of the highest grade - 6 st .;
  • Eggs - 6 pcs .;
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp .;
  • Butter - 200 gr .;
  • Raisin - 150 gr .;
  • Vanilla extract - 2 tsp. (optional);
  • Salt is a pinch.

Cooking method:

Before starting the cooking process, bring the kitchen and thoughts in order, you should not be disturbed and distracted, you should arrive in a good mood.

1. Heat the milk and combine with dry, fast-acting yeast. Add two glasses of sifted flour. Mix everything well until smooth and cover with a clean kitchen towel. Leave alone in a warm place for half an hour.

Important!! Milk should be warm, not hot.

Before cooking, remove all products from the refrigerator, they should be at room temperature.

2. While the dough will rise, separate the whites from the yolks. Mince the yolks with a glass of sugar until a thick and smooth mass. But beat the yolks with a pinch of salt until a thick foam appears.

Use fresh eggs.

3. When 30 minutes have passed, the prop should have a good fit. Add the grated yolks with sugar to it.

Cooking sponge is a very important step !!

4. Now melt the butter in a water bath or in a microwave, let it cool slightly. Then pour it to the total weight and mix. Add vanilla extract.

5. Next, gently add the whipped proteins to the dough, mixing them with a silicone spatula from top to bottom.

Do not hurry!! The lightness of baking depends on the preservation of the consistency of proteins.

6. Came the turn of flour. It is necessary to pour in small portions during operation of the mixer. So, the dough will be homogeneous. Then knead it with your hands, it should be thick and elastic. Send the finished dough to heat for an hour.

Flour should be used top grade and moderately lay down. Be sure to sift the flour, it is best to double it so that its particles are well dispersed in the dough.

Remember that dough can fall from drafts and sharp shocks.

The dough can be poorly suited if someone constantly enters the room and bangs the door.

7. At this time, rinse and steam the raisins in boiling water for 5 minutes.Drain, remove all twigs and pat dry. Pour the raisins into the dough and mix again.

You can use not only raisins, but also other dried fruits and candied fruits. Just pre-cut them finely.

To distribute raisins or other additives in the dough evenly, pre-mix them with a small amount of flour.

8. When the dough rises, turn on the oven, and the baking tins should be greased with butter and lined with parchment paper. Fill out the form with dough at 1/3 and leave for half an hour to climb.

Use a baking sheet made of thin metal.

9. After, bake Easter bread in the oven for 40-50 minutes at a temperature of 160 degrees.

Glaze recipe for cakes, which is not showered

In the meantime, our kulichiki or big cake is baked, we will do the preparation of Easter glaze, which will not stick, but it will be good to freeze and not crumble.

Cooking we will be protein glaze. This is a fairly simple method of cooking, which does not take you much time, but the result will please. The taste will be amazing, the texture is smooth and well distributed over the baking surface.

I recommend reading the preparation steps first, and only then getting down to business. Since it is possible that you change the course of cooking a little, and first of all you will beat the whites, and then boil the sugar syrup. In general, read.


For the glaze:

  • Sugar - 250 gr .;
  • Protein - 2 pcs .;
  • Water - 120 ml;
  • Juice - 1/4 of lemon.

Cooking method:

1. Pour sugar in a small saucepan or stewpan.

2. Add water and mix well. Squeeze the juice of quarters of lemon, mix.

If you do not have fresh lemon, then its juice can be replaced with citric acid.

3. Turn on the heat and boil the syrup over medium heat until boiling. Then reduce the fire and continue to stir the liquid until it thickens.

4. Now separate the whites from the yolks. Send the proteins to the mixer bowl, add a pinch of salt. First, beat the whites at low speed, gradually increase it to medium. You need to achieve a thick and fluffy mass.

5. When your syrup thickens and begins to change color, it will need to be removed from the heat and immediately, gently, in a thin stream, pour into the whipped protein mass. At the same time, continue to beat the whites at low speed.

6When all the syrup is poured into the protein mass, continue to beat the mixture until it thickens and increases in volume. The finished glaze should have a dense consistency, it should perfectly keep its shape.

7. Decorate Easter cakes with the finished glaze. The glaze itself has a glossy shade and well captures any powder.

I really love this recipe for making sweet glaze and use it not only for apiaries, but also for cakes.

And my mother gave me the method of cooking, this is her crown cream.

Remove the finished cakes from the oven and cool, cover with cooked icing and decorate as you like.

Your Easter bread is ready !! By the way, it is very interesting that Easter cakes prepared for Easter do not get stale and do not grow moldy.

Well, my dear chefs, I tried to paint everything for you in detail, I chose the most delicious and not very complicated recipe for making an Easter cake. I hope you will like this option too and you will bake such pasochka every year.

And in the end, I want to put together alladviceon baking Easter cakes:

  • This product must be baked on the eve of Easter.
  • Before cooking, clean up the kitchen and in your head.
  • Be in good spirits, do not shout and do not swear, and most importantly do not hurry anywhere.
  • Remember that the dough loves heat, and does not tolerate cold and drafts.
  • A preheat oven for baking in advance.
  • Also prepare in advance all the products, taking them out of the refrigerator. They should be at room temperature.
  • Use fresh yeast. If you use live, they must be wet.
  • Before dough, be sure to sift flour.

  • In order for the opara to rise well, you can put it in a container with warm (not hot) water.
  • Knead the dough with your hands, and do it for a long time, so that it eventually lags well behind the cutting table.

  • Eggs are best used rustic and of course fresh.
  • To make a golden kulichik, you can add a little turmeric to the dough.
  • Vanillin is usually added to the flavor.
  • In addition to raisins, dried apricots, citrus peel, candied fruits, nuts can be added to the dough.

  • Forms must be oiled and cover with baking paper.
  • In the center of each raw cake can be stuck in a long wooden skewer. So baking will rise smoothly, and then it will be easier for you to find out if it has been baked or not.

  • In the lower part of the oven you can put a bowl with water, so the product will be more tender.
  • During baking, it is better not to open the oven door, otherwise the dough may fall and will not rise again.
  • If the top begins to burn, and the middle is damp, then cover the kulichiki with an oiled foil.
  • If you have different sized cakes, then first bake large ones separately, then small ones.
  • Wait until the cakes are completely cooled and only then iced over them so that it will not crack.
  • It is possible to decorate not only protein glaze, but also patterns of melted chocolate.

  • And in order to get multi-colored pastries, pour a couple of tablespoons of beetroot, carrot juice or juice, squeezed from parsley into white glaze.
  • Cool the finished cakes completely at room temperature and then carefully wrap in baking paper.

By following these simple recommendations, I am sure you will succeed the first time !!

And in conclusion, I would like to share with you an excellent recipe for making an Easter cake using live yeast, sour cream and cognac. The author of the story holds a super master class, look, you can choose his method of cooking.

Video on how to cook Easter cake

Well, today I have everything. Write comments, really want to hear your feedback. And wait for the new recipes for Easter cakes, as there are still a lot of them. We will sort together all on the shelves.

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