Dresses for the New Year 2018

Meeting the main night of the year, I want to be a little brighter and happier. And, as you know, women's mood can not depend on the outfit. The abundance of glitter and rich decor will not only emphasize the solemn character of the dress for the New Year 2018, but also help to create that “incendiary” mood. Do not like shine, even if it is more popular from year to year? Not scary. There are other fashionable design tricks in order to stand out and feel special in the company of friends or colleagues.

Dresses for the New Year 2018


Dresses for the New Year 2018

Perfect color solution

By tradition, before choosing a dress interested in "colors of the year." The year 2018 takes place under the sign of the Yellow Earth Dog, and all variations of shades, as well as color blocks of these two colors, are welcome. Surely, many people will like to combine a yellow dress with a dark tone of shoes, clothes, accessories (in the photo). Do not be afraid of contrasts, the dog expects from you courage, enthusiasm and energy.

It is acceptable to oppose each other or use separately other shades popular this year:

  • blue (ultramarine, azure, electrician);
  • green (olive, mint, malachite);
  • brown (brick, marsala).

Dresses for the New Year 2018

And also black and white. Yes, and red, despite the fact that the Year of the Rooster is running out, still does not give up their positions. In some ways, red is already the same classic for girls who follow fashion as black / white, without which no season can do.

What to wear: new winter season

What to dress up depends on where and in what team the event is planned. A trip to a democratic restaurant or a bowling club with colleagues after work (that is, the option “from ship to ball”) does not imply pathos.

Quite another is the planned corporate party for the top management of the state corporation. Here it is important to show to the society not only external chic, but also a quite recognizable brand: the Versace brand that stands out in color, the famous Dolce & Gabbana prints, or Fendi and Gucci, which attract the attention with style and color.

There are options that are completely different from the usual celebration formats: New Year in some warm country. Then it would be more appropriate to look at a dress or even a sundress where you can bare your shoulders and your back as much as possible (of course, if this is admissible by the canons of aesthetics and does not contradict the rules of the host country).

Choose the right outfit for stylists from the following current trends of the year:

Retro style Fashionable concepts of the second half of the century (70s, 80s, 90s) are “reanimated” and presented in a slightly new way. Take a closer look at the characteristic textures and "antique" prints, to the colorful patterns of boho, knitwear.
Trendiness For those who pursue a unique novelty, they invented: a stylish square bottom, asymmetry, a corset combined with the original drapery, an unusual combination of colors, as well as East-Western motifs embodied in dress pants.
Fur, fringe, feathers They decorate the edges, create intricate patterns on the fabric, complement in the form of inserts.
Transparent, laced outfits From guipure, chiffon, patterned lace, organza created intriguing and, sometimes frank outfits. Unchained girls are happy! But, the highly moral lady should not be upset, as the stylists fully admit making sets with warm clothes: balero, fur capes, sheepskin coats, cardigans.
Appliques and patterns on dresses Geometry, flowers, animal prints, cosmos, abstraction - all this there is a place on the dresses from modern designer collections.You can choose just patterns, and you can volumetric applications of beads, pebbles, pieces of leather and differently textured fabrics.
Metallic luster Now it is not only gold and silver, which, by the way, must be thought out to match skin tone, but also other ebb. Take a closer look at the blue, greenish, burgundy tone.

Dresses for full ladies

A big mistake, experts in the creation of the image consider the attempts of "skater" women to hide under a shapeless robe. In the arsenal of stylists is full of simple visual techniques that allow ladies with appetizing forms to look in a festive dress luxurious. For example, the notorious horizontal (but not wide!) Strip, visually pulling silhouette. Or the sides, contrasting with the middle of the dress. With rare exceptions, pyshnotely young ladies will not do: flashy prints, horizontal stripes, thin material “in the shape”, unisex things.


  1. Sheath dress, due to the stiffness of the lining, easily hides the imperfections of the figure.
  2. Hide the tummy, lengthen the legs will help flared skirt to the floor ("Empire" style).
  3. A-silhouette is recommended for the type of figure "pear".For example, an hourglass, as well as women with wide shoulders, will suit a dress with an open top, strapless or with a fashionable deep neckline neckline.
  4. If the flaw in the figure is a full waist, then it is better to stop the choice on models of a straight or semi-adjacent silhouette.

Features of the New Year's wardrobe for girls

On New Year's Eve, little girls will gladly put on beautiful dresses that will turn them into real princesses. Brilliant glossy satin and puffy skirts look amazing!

Dresses for the New Year 2018. Photos, news

As always, a key place in children's fashion is reserved for dresses of a trapezoidal cut. The sleeveless model is combined with a fur vest, or the dress itself may have a fur trim. Under the outfit of such a cut, a child can wear tights to match.

Dresses in the "doll" style of gray-blue, berry and beige tones are sewn from thin cotton and chiffon to give lightness. Decorate the material can inconspicuous small flowers.

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