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What is the dream of a gun in a dream?

Pistol - If you had a dream in which you are the owner of a pistol - in reality a vile and vain side of your nature can appear in full force. To shoot a pistol is to envy some ingenious person. If you had a dream in which you hear a conversation about a gun, it means that you will be able to frustrate someone’s plans against you. Pistol - How to dream a gun - you have an enemy; feud; to bad deed.

why dream a gun

The dream to see about you dreamed of a Pistol - to be frightened, to scare. Shoot a pistol - to offend someone, they shoot at you - they will offend you. Hear a shot - find out someone else's plans against you. Buy or buy a gun - scare the other. What does it mean in a dream Pistol - You have a secret trump card with which you will defeat all enemies. Imagine that you are walking down the street with a pistol in a holster on a belt. All give way to you.

The dream of psychologist Z. Freud

What a dream Pistol, dream analysis:

Gun - To see a gun in a dream - this means that in real life you often incline your partner to sexual intercourse by force. It is impossible, of course, to say that you are acting against the rules, just at that moment when you want love, you force the person to obey your desire, even if he is not at all inclined to sex at the moment.

Pistol shooting - a dream means that very soon you will have to take decisive action to maintain an alliance with a dear person. And even if the decisiveness of actions is not typical for you, you will have to do everything possible so that a close person does not give up on you, this is an interpretation of what you dreamed at night. Pistol - shoot from it - convey important information. If you were shot at - you are trying to convey something.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

What is the dream dreaming pistol:

Pistol - Pistol in a dream - an unlucky sign. If we are talking about your own gun - it means that in your life your low and vain nature will prevail over you.If you had a dream in which you heard a conversation about a gun, then it means. You will be able to upset someone's plans against you. Why dream that you shoot from your pistol means that you envy some kind of ingenuous soul and achieve a lot in order to avenge the alleged evil.

Gun - See - scare, shoot - a quarrel in the family, they shoot at you - to the insult. Pistol - See - dislike and anger; to shoot from it is a good result. Pistol, revolver - Confidence, strength, ability to achieve something; for women - a male sexual symbol, the potential of a man. Shoot - to achieve the goal. Pistol - self-defense; fear. Being shot with a pistol - criticism from the side.

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Dreamed a Pistol - what does it mean?

Pistol - Using a pistol indoors does not require much effort: fall into any part of the body, and you will cause serious damage if not death. The pistol is a male sexual symbol because of its size and action. If you are a woman and are usually non-aggressive, wearing or using a pistol in a dream may indicate a desire to be more aggressive, more manly.

Weapons can also embody a sexual threat: just like bullets are life threatening, sperm brings consequences that affect pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases. Why dream: you protected yourself? If so, then from what? Is there anyone or something that threatens you in real life so much so that your subconscious offers violent and harsh actions to resolve the situation?

Or do you feel that you are looking at the circumstances at work or at home? Perhaps you are faced with downsizing, but no other work is foreseen, or you have discovered a disease in your life that has a serious impact on life circumstances. Did you see a way out of the situation in your dream?

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

Dreamed a pistol, to what:

A pistol - you see a pistol in a dream - misfortune will happen to you. You dream of a gun, and you know that it belongs to you - you will act not according to reason, but according to feeling; It is possible that this will be some kind of base feeling. You hear the gun talk — you’ll actually find out that someone is plotting against you. It’s as if you’re talking to someone about a pistol — you’ll be able to break the intruder’s plans.

Sonic birthday

Given the date of birth Pistol what dreams:

If you were born in the spring, what is the dream of the muzzle of a pistol or other weapon - to fear.

If you were born in the summer, what was the dream of the barrel of a pistol set at you - to the threat.

If you were born in the fall, what was the dream of the gun barrel set on you - to the robbery?

If you were born in winter, what if you dream of shooting a pistol - you will risk it in real life, but the risk will be justified: you will repay the attacker what you deserve.

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether a night vision is fulfilled depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day the dream has occurred.

In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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I got a gorgeous shiny gun. Immediately there were enemies and I shot them all defending myself. Cartridges are over. But the danger has passed
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The school dreamed of, on a wood platform, a man of Dagestan appearance shot at me twice at close range, one bullet hit lower than life and a little to the left, then I was drained into the school canteen and I died from blood loss.
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I saw a pistol in a dream, he just flew on the floor, but I could not move (lay in the bed), at the beginning I shot in a room nearby, towards my mother. Then I flew into my room (I was not scared, I even wanted he would have shot me) and started shooting from the rear to the left side (it was chiselled) two times.
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I dreamed that I was escorting a guy from home, I was going to close the door, and she was stopped. I went out to the man who did this, while shouting the name of her boyfriend to come, but he did not hear. After an unknown man gave me the gun in his hands and ran away. It seems to me that it was a setup in a dream.
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I shot the whole house with the men, they all wanted to shoot me, I snatched a gun from one person and shot at everyone without looking, was scared, then I watch them running again and again and I hid in the basement with someone, and woke up
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In a dream, they threatened an absolutely stranger with a pistol, I neatly persuaded me to give the pistol to me. Put in the back pocket of jeans. Then other people persuaded me to give up the gun and threatened them. But they stood up for me, and I ran away
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In the dream, my husband gave me a gun,
purple with blue, beautiful as lacquered! I shot him at someone (I don’t remember), as if traumatic, but sparks flew when shooting. I killed someone or not I don’t remember.

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