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Ukrainian dream book

What dreams Food according to popular beliefs:

Food - Food dreams - a big fight, there is - it is a fight from some kind of trouble. Dreams, there is something - necessarily a quarrel. Sweet is - joy, there is with appetite - health, without appetite - hunger; there is sweetness - you will experience troubles.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Why dream Food in a dream:

Food - If you want to eat in a dreaming dream and you do not satisfy your desire, then in reality your food leaves much to be desired. To see in the slumber the person who takes writing - to the illness of this person, and the more so, the more he ate with great appetite. If in a dream food is taken away from you, it means that you are waiting for separation from loved ones, treason, betrayal. Food cut to eat - to success in business. Food in a dream to bite in large pieces - to the loss of carelessness, something disgusting to bite off - to waste in vain. Biting iron, stone and breaking teeth is a sign that your business will be unsuccessful.Biting off iron or stone is a sign that you can overcome resistance. Swallowing something big in a dream - to secret joy. Lick something - to good hope, you will be able to achieve victory by flattery, patience will bring you success. Sucking something is a sign that you have children, respect, well-being. Different unusual delicacies in a dream are symbols of desires that will not be fulfilled. There is an inedible dream - to slander. Cooking jelly in a dream and pouring it into forms means that you have to complete a lot of bureaucratic formalities before you can start doing the work itself. There is a delicious borscht in your dream, which you like very much - it means that soon you will receive joyful news, which in the end will turn out to be fake or just a hoax. Cook in a dream soup - to the loss of freedom and independence, there is them, to the fulfillment of desire. There are cheesecakes in a dream - it means that in reality you will get a new job or position, to treat someone to them - it means to be deceived, to take the cottage cheese out of them - to a quarrel. There are waffles in a dream - it means that in reality we are waiting for pleasure, rather sensual than moral.There is dessert in a dream - a sign that you will get rid of small but unpleasant debts. To see a table with desserts is a sign that you will get rid of someone else's addiction. In a dream, there is a lamb's head - to profit, pork - to the road. Doing galushki in your sleep is a sign that you can get some debt, there is - to a throat illness, to give a dumpling - to recovery. There is a vinaigrette in a dream - it means that in the near future the pace of your life will accelerate sharply, there will be a commotion in which it will be difficult for you to restore order. A dream in which you are eating an appetizing roast predicts that some of the self-doubt inherent in you lately will disappear soon. Feast, holiday dinner - a dream to joy, good mood, road.

The dream of psychologist D.Lofa

What dreams the dreamer Food, psychological analysis:

Food - Food has a dream, like the process of its absorption, in dreams it is a powerful symbol. It can be both a simple addition to the main plot of the dream, and its central element. And for the interpretation of sleep, it is important to determine who prepared it. For example, you dream of a plate of potato salad, which Aunt Sally liked to cook, and she has already died two years ago.Then it may well be that the key to understanding the essence of a dream is hidden in your aunt's personality or its influence on you. The abundance of food symbolizes fertility, excess or wealth. (How did the dream turn out to be so much food, and how did people react to such abundance?) Perhaps your concept of excess and excessiveness is at odds with other people's opinions on the same subject. Security and prosperity always go hand in hand: probably in a dream you require more food - this means that you have additional responsibilities. You acquired products simply because it allowed the funds, then it predicts wealth or someone else’s location (depending on how you ordered the acquisition). Fresh food - a sign of renewal - can dream in the following contexts: you would like to have dinner with someone (compare with the traditional Sunday dinner in the family circle); it is directly about the process of absorbing food (carrying a sense of renewal) or about harvesting (symbolizing unity with nature or pride in the work done). Defective products symbolize waste, excessiveness, greed, or inability to dispose of funds.These dreams usually cause feelings of dissatisfaction associated with the loss, order or appearance of spoiled food. Have you ever fought with overweight, food abuse, or any eating disorder, such as bulimia or loss of appetite? Did you find yourself in an awkward position due to the fact that you were forced to eat unloved dishes and, moreover, in large quantities? Does the emergence of any food cause you to associate with specific people?

dream food

Psychological dream book

Food dreams - how to understand the image:

Food - A common symbol of love and power. The vision of food in a dream can talk about a sense of security, sometimes about sexual desire.

Sensible dream book

Why dream Food in dreams?

I had a dream about buying food - Poor - well-being; rich - loss.

Islamic Dreambook

Why dream Food in a dream?

Food - who in a dream will carry it, being a traveler, this is a sign of his fear of God.

What dreams of food?

Distributing Food in a dream is a good sign.

Psychotherapeutic Dream

What dreams of food:

Food Dreamed - Assimilation of absorbed power, a symbolic meaning that can be understood in connection with oral eroticism and cannibalism. Participating in food with others.Others may embody similar archetypes, that is, in a joint meal, personality integration may be demonstrated; if they are real people, then this may indicate a close relationship, often marriage. This relationship goes back to the evolutionary origin of a kiss from a nursing kiss, observed when mother and child communicate, and also from food exchange and cross feeding in wedding rituals, common in different cultures. Nevertheless, eating something can be considered as a primitive (oral) method of destruction.

To be food, eaten, swallowed, including fish (whale). Jaws of death, which can be a symbolic extinction of consciousness and death by me. The imperative of ego liberation. Temporary ripening period. The motive of rebirth and renewal. Dreamed of drinking - Early form of nutrition. It may be a desire to return to childhood (especially if you drink from a bottle neck). Alcohol. Dissolving the restrictions that can trigger sex drive. Excitement, intoxication, ecstasy. People also drink from the desire to feel younger and freer. Update. Water of life; return to early life, before infancy.Red wine. Blood. White wine. Amniotic fluid. Urine and urethral regression. Pour red wine. Spill blood, kill. Alcohol. Spirit. Milk. Seed.

Food - Complete satisfaction. Cake and pastries. A prostitute; lust. Free manifestation of erotica. Meat. The flesh, the sensual and sexy side of life. Death: a framework without a living spirit. Hidden cannibalism. Beef. Strong, fleshy. Bones. Penis, erection. Chick. Cowardly. The lanyard Thighs. Sweet. Beloved, this is the interpretation of what this dream is about.

Slavic dream book

Dreamed Food in a dream, what is it:

Food - to take it, to the burdening and disease.

Dreaming housewives

Dreamed Food in a dream, interpretation:

Food - needs, both spiritual and material. The abundance of food is fertility; financial stability; wealth; to buy food in advance and to have money for it - wealth; someone's location; require someone to put on the table any other dishes - to have additional responsibilities; spoiled food - inability to dispose of funds; greed; disease.

Creative dream book

What does it mean if in a dream Food had a dream:

You dreamed about Food - see.also Food and Nutrition 1. Food means satisfying one's needs, no matter physical, mental or spiritual. This is what we must accept or accept into ourselves. Frequent dreams about the process of eating suggest a “great hunger,” that is, a great lack of something. 2. Our need - or the enjoyment of food - meets specific psychological needs. The following are the meanings of various foods: Bread — we look at our experience and our basic needs; Cake means sensual enjoyment; Fruits - we imagine in dreams the forms of the fruit of our experiences or efforts and the potential for prosperity. Color can also matter (see Colors). Canned food - our need for preservation is presented using canned food. Depending on whether we eat alone or in a group, food can mean acceptance and sociability. Physical worldly satisfaction or needs are often represented in dreams in the form of meat. Raw meat supposedly means looming failures. Milk - as the main food, will always mean the need of children and self-sacrifice. Onions - various layers of personality are shown as onions (seealso with the letter “L”). Sweets denote sensual pleasure. Vegetables represent our basic need and material satisfaction. They also suggest the good we can receive from the earth and the situations around us. The color of vegetables can also be extremely important (see Colors). 3. Spiritual food.

The value of sleep by day of the week

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In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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