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why dream of a bird

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What do you dream about a bird?

A bird in a dream is a great symbol, but only if it has a good plumage and a healthy appearance. Such a dream is a sign of early prosperity and successful completion of affairs. But the wounded birds - a symbol of deep sadness because of the indecent behavior of some of your loved ones.

Birds have a dream - Fear of disaster, bankruptcy or natural disaster, if in a dream you accidentally or deliberately killed a bird. A flock high in the sky is telling you to soon receive significant news, good or bad, depending on the circumstances of life.

Psychological interpreter

What did the Bird dream according to Gestalt psychology:

With all the variety of species of cruise on the planet, we perceive them as a psychological sign of receiving some kind of news. Did you see a bird in your dream? You subconsciously expect a new person to appear in your life and you are already ready for this moral.If in a dream you saw a non-existent, rare or exotic bird, your guest will be a foreigner or a person not from your social circle. It is also important to pay attention to the dream in which you see a parrot. He spells unpleasant news, mockery of you and your principles.

Romantic dream book

If you had a dream about Bird, what does this mean for you:

If a woman sees in a dream a beautiful bird with a healthy plumage, she will soon be happily married. Perhaps this is a sign of new love, which will replace the old and unhappy. Wounded and sick feathery in a dream does not foreshadow a happy family life. On the contrary, it is a reason to look more closely at the behavior of your partner and understand whether he loves you or your money. White and beautiful birds - a harbinger of loyalty to the spouse. You have correctly chosen a life partner and can rely on him fully both in grief and in joy.

Ukrainian dream book

What dreams the bird according to popular beliefs:

As a bird sits on his head - a dead man. If you dream of a feathered friend - the separation of a man and a woman. As there are a lot of them, then there will be some kind of war or something. before the war, I used to dream everything that the birds had hidden the field.The bird fought out the window - good news - give birth to a child. To see bird eggs or to eat them is a great nuisance; it is an interpretation of what this dream is about.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

What dreams a bird in a dream:

To see birds in the dreams of dreams - to all good, success, profits, sometimes - to gossip. A lot of little chicks to see - a sign that you are waiting for a small profit. Feed throw - to the anguish, the search for new acquaintances, a new society. Talking to birds is fun. A dream foreshadows a real danger from your opponents. If you dream of scaring off the birds before they attack and hurt you, your business will be successful.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T.Smirnova)

dream about the bird

Sleep value by author:

A multi-valued symbol of the soul of a sleeper, various emotional states, human desires, aspirations and achievements, longing for the unrealizable, creative ideas and deeds, spiritual growth, marital status, happiness, intuition, images of other people and other people's influences; marriage proposal from a man (for a woman). Flocks of birds - human, collective energies, influences, processes.

What does it mean when a Chick dreams - Successful business, creative endeavors, plans.

Dream Vanga

What do you dream about a bird in a dream?

If some duck-type poultry flew into the house, through the window of the house, the chicken was a negative sign, such a dream spells the death of someone close to you. The feathery in the window is knocking - the news will come to you that will turn your world upside down. A bird in the house - for those women who want to have a child - this auspicious dream, because he means you will get pregnant.

Symbolic dream book

What dreams a bird in a dream

  • With all the diversity of the world of birds on earth, in a dream it usually appears as a message (in ancient times pigeon or falcon mail worked). Either the bird symbolizes a new person (guest) surrounded by a dreamer.
  • Unusual, original, exotic species can be loaded with additional or own private meanings:
  • “Rare foreign bird” - a foreign guest or an original message, unusual or from afar, from abroad.
  • “Parrot” - mockery, deception, disappointment; "Turkey", "peacock" - the importance, pride, arrogance;
  • "Phoenix", "blue bird" - the famous symbols of happiness, resurrection, spiritual rebirth.
  • "Stork" - the birth of a child, family happiness,
  • “Crow” - trouble; swan - loyalty, etc.
  • However, all predatory birds, especially large birds of prey, may appear in the future for the dreamer as a real serious danger or a serious illness (if they are even carried away and pecked).

Dream Dream Prince Zhou-Gong

why dream of a bird

To see a bird in a dream, why dream?

  • Heralds the death of his wife.
  • Flying bird climbs you in the bosom. - Heralds happiness.
  • Catch on the fly. - Heralds a letter from afar.
  • The swallow arrives. - A guest will arrive from afar.
  • Feathered stalk snake. - You will receive a recommendation from some person.

Psychotherapeutic Dream

What dreams the Bird:

  • Birds - Imagination: flights of fantasy or thoughts, ideas.
  • Feathered in a cage. Imagination, distorted circumstances, hard work.
  • Clipped wings. Deterrence, humility, perhaps wild and bizarre, but outdated concepts and evaluations. In alchemy is a monster, an earth dragon (meaning primary matter) that transforms into an eagle or rooster.
  • Little birds Women.
  • Bird in the dreams of men. Sex. Anima.
  • Feathered in dreams women. Sex. The self.
  • White / Black. Two aspects of Anima or Self, where the black bird denotes the dark or dark side, Anima, Self. Freedom: free as winged.
  • Favorite bird.The general idea, modified statements and emotions. Fantasies in childhood.
  • Plumage. Social environment or person appearance.
  • Golden-winged bird. May have the same meaning as a fire.
  • Birds soaring high, or living on the upper floors of the building. Raising to heights through the conscious. Cognition of the unconscious aspect of Super Self
  • Chicken is not capable of flight, and, therefore, the imagination with a utilitarian function. If the chicken is kept for the production of eggs, then one can hope for potential growth, unlike the case when it is held for meat.
  • Black chicken Conductor into the deep unconscious.
  • Someone turning into a chicken. The beliefs of the unconscious that someone, perhaps the individual himself, is a coward.
  • Cock. Lust, behaves like a rooster.
  • Crow (raven). The priest, because he wears black clothes and takes part in the funeral, and thus death.
  • Dove. Anima.
  • Playing and kissing pigeons. Children. Combining Anima and Animus.
  • Eagle. Perception and attention, eagle eye. Consciousness. High flight of mind and spirit. Male spirit of enthusiasm. Dominance Identification with an eagle, similar to an eagle. Desire to dominate.In the case when a given dream is combined with fear, then this dominance can become threatening for someone. A threat emanates from a man like an eagle. Someone will dominate the individual.
  • Owl. Separated from the body of the soul of the deceased, represented by the ghostly appearance of a bird and a terrible cry. Also wisdom or anima.
  • Owl. Premonition of death, depression. Symbolism of madness.
  • Peacock. Full realization of integrity due to the appearance of all the flowers in the shape of a circle, fanned by a tail. Also rebirth. In alchemy, has a similar meaning to the Phoenix, who was resurrected from the ashes. Plays an important role in Gnosticism. Men's beauty. Some handsome man. In connection with the contrast between the beauty of the peacock and its unpleasant cry - false truths or insincerity.
  • Phoenix. Revival
  • Raven Shaman. The devil, who is also black and winged. The image of the father. Shadow.
  • Wild goose. Able to move on land, water and air. The self.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

dream about birds

What dreams the Bird on the dream book:

  • Auspicious sleep, if you see birds with beautiful plumage.
  • If a woman sees this dream, she should expect a quick and happy marriage or a new love.
  • Seeing a wounded bird is a deep sadness caused by the behavior of a reckless offspring.
  • To see flying birds is a sign of prosperity for one who sees this dream. All undesirable circumstances will disappear in the stream of future good.
  • Catching a bird is a good dream.
  • Hearing the birds “talking to each other” is the forerunner of your inability to solve a problem that requires tremendous clarity of perception.
  • Kill a bird with a gun - a dream that heralds a catastrophe, crop failure, natural disaster.

Dream interpretation E.Avadyayeva

If a bird is dreaming, is this what?

If you dreamed of a singing bird - it reflects the romantic moments of life. If a goldfinch in a dream is silent - then this is a warning about failure.

If you dreamed of fluttering birds - then you will have festive events in life. Feed in a dream - you will experience the satisfaction of recognizing your merits.

If you saw in your dream that you are catching a chick flying around the room - this is to happy and joyful news.

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether a night vision is fulfilled depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day the dream has occurred.

In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand.A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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I dreamed of two very beautiful birds, the size of a pigeon, red in color, and on their heads were tufts that opened up into a beautiful fan. Birds sat outside the window on a branch.
A comment

I had 3 birds under my bed. I was forty or forty, an owl and a wood-grouse very young. I take the crow and let it out, then I release the owl, and I take the wood grouse on my hands, stroke and carry it to the cage where the hens are sitting. quietly, without sounds, the birds are calm, silent. I rejoice the grouse, I stroke it, What it all means.
A comment

tonight I dreamed of a bright parrot, beautiful, whom I caught or flew myself, but in the afternoon I found out that I was already pregnant for 3 months, and up to 10 years it didn’t work, you don’t believe Hosh!
A comment

I dreamed that a bird or a bird, I don’t remember exactly, it seems to be one, it clenched my hands into deep wounds. I don’t remember further, but the end was in general that the wounds healed and I coped with the bird!
A comment

I dreamed that a bird on its wings carried its nestling and asked for help in a human voice. I did not notice how she was at my house, my mother let her go, but did not render any help.
A comment

I dreamed of a little black and blue color bird that flew into my kitchen from nowhere. I caught it and showed it to the whole family, so I opened the door and released it, but it was very dark outside and she flew away. Why dream of such a dream?
A comment

I dreamed that at home I had cast out the window, and there on the tree some bright bird was jumping, more like a parrot. My wife and I opened the window (for some reason with difficulty), a wasp flew through the window and we were scared that it was stung, but this bird flew and grabbed the wasp, then there was a struggle between the parrot and the wasp, the bird won out like that and then I woke up
A comment

I dreamed of a small bird, the hall of the body in the window, I did not catch it, it got tangled in my hair and I tried to pull it out

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