Dorodango: anti-stress balls

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Many masters are able and like to relax in the process of creating certain crafts. Did you know that some creative techniques were designed specifically for this? Among them, the creation of beautiful glossy balls-anti-stress with their own hands. We will tell you how to make a pre-dango - a perfect ball of earth, which was invented in Japan.

To make such anti-stress balls is really interesting. The Japanese mastered this art many years ago, and today almost every inhabitant of the land of the rising sun is familiar with Dorodango. Especially often pupils of elementary school are involved in this creative process, since this teaches their perseverance and develops fine motor skills of hands. Try it and you master this craft with the children!

Why is this useful? Proved that working with hands can reduce stress. The interaction with natural materials also has a positive effect on humans. Psychologists say that tactile sensations are very important, and the process of working with the earth can really relax.Japanese people believe that the process of creating perfect things is meditative. Dorodango itself is not anti-stress, the relaxation process occurs only during its creation.

balls predango

At the exit, you will have a cute, but, in fact, not too useful glossy Dordango ball, which can serve only for decorative purposes. In a word, the whole point is in the works and techniques of making this relaxant.

What do we need?

  • any soil
  • water
  • plastic bag with clasp
  • soft cloth
  • paints and varnish (optional)

Please note that you can use any soil, but you should not choose clay and sand - you will not be able to work with them.

How to make predango?

First you need to clean your soil from impurities. Put your hands in it, find all the twigs, pebbles and other unnecessary details. The anti-stress ball should be made glossy and perfectly smooth, so there shouldn't be anything extra in it.


We spread part of the soil into any form, then fill it with water so that the mass is plastic and suitable for modeling, but not too wet.

Next, gradually form a smooth ball.Top pour some soil. Smooth the ball anti-stress for 15-20 minutes. Fill up with some more soil - again smooth out a few minutes.

ball of earth

The process must be repeated until you form a ball of ideal shape, which will no longer be wet, but rather solid. It may take you just over an hour.

Put the ball in the bag and leave it alone for about half an hour.

earth balls

We take out the pre-dango - it is again wet and requires new soil. Repeat the process. After this, we again remove our anti-stress ball from the ground into the bag. Again, repeat the process with a sprinkle of soil. This is the last stage.

When the anti-stress ball becomes dry, proceed to polishing it. To do this, we take a cloth and gently align the surface. It is necessary to rub dorodango so as to make it glossy.

ball of earth

That's all! In order not to throw out the ball-anti-stress, you can further decorate it. To do this, use paint and brush. A finished product can be coated with varnish to make it as durable as possible.

balls predango

Just keep in mind that it is better to start painting dorodango in 3-4 days so that your earthen ball will dry out.

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