Door Lock Installation

May 24, 2011

Door Lock InstallationThe installation of the door lock should begin with the instruction manual of the product. Door locks can be of different types: mortise and overhead, with handles or with latches. The main thing when installing to determine the correct height of the installation, usually the locks are placed at a level of 90-110 cm from the floor. Often there is a need to open the door if the keys are lost or broken. On the site you will be offered the service of opening doors without damaging the box and at optimal rates.

Overhead locks are often installed on the doors and fasten them on the inside of the door and box. To begin with, a hole is prepared for the lock rod with a chisel and a drill. The lock is tried on to the marked place, it is marked with its front plate on the end of the door leaf and is made under it a nest with the same chisel. The lock is once again applied and marked with a pencil mark for fasteners. It should be noted that the plank should not extend beyond the end of the door. Screwing the screws and securing the lock, the door is closed and mark the location of the lock box.It is also attached to the box with screws.

Mortise locks have a handle with a hole for the key and are called like that because they cut into the end surface of the door trim. In the panel doors, the lock must be bumped above or below the middle bar, since the opening may shatter the thorny joint of the doors. The installation also begins with marking the location of the lock: the outline of the lock is outlined with a simple pencil and an awl mark the keyhole. Then it is necessary to note the location of the lock on the side of the door trim and mark the thickness of the selected lock along its centerline. At the end of the door, along the contour, a hole is drilled with a depth equal to the length of the lock, and a chisel is formed along the contour of the product using a chisel. Then the lock is once again applied to the door, encircling its contours and deepening the hole so that the lock is flush with the frame.
To install the lock strips, the door is closed, make a mark under the bar and cut out the recess for the latch. To mark the indentation, you can rub the end of the latch with chalk and carefully turn the key. You can also smear the door jamb opposite the lock bolt with a layer of soft clay and pull out the bolt.Its imprint will mark the place under the recess. Sometimes a sheet of paper is used for this purpose: they cut out a rectangle by the size of the end of the bolt, moisten it with water and attach it to the bolt, smear the other side with glue. Then the door closes, the key turns and the bolt presses against the door jamb. A piece of paper is glued to the door frame and indicates the place of the recess.

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